My Little Pony and Friends

(ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Nightmare (2)
      The Nightmare (2)
      Episode 16
    • The Nightmare (1)
      The Nightmare (1)
      Episode 15
    • Zodies on the Loose
    • Whimzee Come Home
      Whimzee Come Home
      Episode 13
    • Dreamland Express
      Dreamland Express
      Episode 12
    • Bucky's Comet
      Bucky's Comet
      Episode 11
    • The Dreamnapping
      The Dreamnapping
      Episode 10
    • Stuck on Bucky
      Stuck on Bucky
      Episode 9
    • Igon the Terrible
      Igon is sent to the Frightful Forest as punishment for wrecking Professor Grimace's Anti-Moondreamer Beamer. He saves a giant Gundar named Peable from a volcano - the grateful monster returns the favor by forcing Scowlene to abdicate the throne to Igon. Meanwhile, the Moondreamers are preparing for another invasion from Monstrous Middle but are caught completely by surprise when the bad guys teleport in using the Professor's repaired invention. Scowlene reluctantly tells her enemies to bow before Igon the Terrible. Bucky tries to challenge Igon, but then Peable appears and grabs Bucky and Crystal Starr. All of a sudden, Peable's parents fly overhead and scold him for messing with other space creatures. They apologize to the Moondreamers by returning Igon and the others to their domain; without Peable, Igon is once again reduced to a minion.moreless
    • Minor Problems
      Minor Problems
      Episode 7
    • The Dreamkin
      The Dreamkin
      Episode 6
    • The Poobah of Pontoon
      The Poobah of Pontoon returns to Monstrous Middle to claim his rightful place as ruler. His attack on Starry Up is thwarted by Roary (who grows a massive ego as a result). Scowlene decides to get rid of both her older brother and Roary in one fell swoop. Will Roary’s pride blind him to the trap that’s being set for him?moreless
    • The Star of Stars
      Scowlene disrupts the Dream Machine’s broadcast to Earth by destroying Starry Up’s supply of Positron Power. A new power source is needed if the Moondreamers are going to send any more dreams down to sleeping children. The Star of Stars could give them the power they need, but first Crystal Starr and the others have to find it.moreless
    • All In a Night's Sleep
      Two brothers are having a hard time sleeping because of a Sleep Creep device called the Disruption Machine. This device is doing all the Sleep Creeps’ dirty work for them – now the Sleep Creeps have plenty of time to fool around. Somehow, the Moondreamers have to stop this crazy contraption or the brothers will never sleep soundly again.moreless
    • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Child (2)
    • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Child (1)
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