My Little Pony and Friends

Season 3 Episode 13

Make No Mistake, It's Magic

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Episode Recap

It looks like it's going to be a rainy day in Glo Land; this suits Bed Bug just fine, he wanted to sleep in anyway. But the sun suddenly comes out and he's woken up so he can go berry picking with his friends. On the way, Glo Butterfly tries to turn an ordinary rain puddle into Moon Drops using her wand, but it doesn't work since it isn't really magical. The berry patch has loads of goodies for the Glo Friends – they have to be careful though since they are in Moligan territory.

Bed Bug is determined to get a particular berry; his efforts cause it to catapult through the air. At the same time, Glo Butterfly attempts to summon berries out of thin air with her wand and the flying berry hits her head. She's now convinced that her wand really is magical. Suddenly, Starnose and Nails walk by, spot the Glo Friends in their berry patch, and charge at them. Glo Butterfly uses her wand and they fly up in the air. Everyone is now convinced her wand is magical, but actually the Moligans had fallen into a trap set by Glo Spider and Shuttle Bug. They don't say anything though since it means so much to her.

The Glo Friends leave Starnose and Nails hanging in a tree - Rook flies by soon after and lets them down. The two Moligans then head after the Glo Friends and get dangerously close to Glo Land. The alert is sounded to camouflage the houses and cover up Glo Moon Drop Pond, but unfortunately the wooden rollers moving the stone over the pond break. Glo Spider and Shuttle Bug begin to panic when Glo Butterfly insists her magic can save the day. To their surprise, she manages to inspire the other Glo Friends to rig up a solution to the problem using the power of positive thinking. The pond is covered and the Glo Friends are all out of sight, so the Moligans pass by oblivious to their presence. It seems Glo Butterfly doesn't need a wand in order to work magic.
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