My Little Pony and Friends

Season 3 Episode 13

Make No Mistake, It's Magic

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    • "Like Magic" - sung by Glo Butterfly and the Glo Friends

      B: Like magic, miracles occur
      When everybody pitches in,
      Like magic, hope begins to stir
      And every frown becomes a grin!

      If all of us pull as one, anything can be done,
      Though the situation may be tragic
      We can turn it all around like magic!

      All: Like magic, troubles melt away
      When everybody gets involved,
      Like magic, it's a brighter day
      And suddenly the problem's solved!

      B: As long as we all believe, there's nothing we can't achieve!
      We can turn it all around
      If a tangle's on the mound
      All: Like magic, like magic, like magic!!

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