My Little Pony and Friends

Episode 2

Rescue at Midnight Castle

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 1984 on
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Rescue at Midnight Castle
The Little Ponies are enjoying a beautiful afternoon when they are attacked by Scorpan, whose Stratadons abduct Moondancer and Cotton Candy. Firefly flies to Earth to find help and meets a young girl named Megan on her ranch. Despite Megan's protests that she can be of little help, Firefly convinces her to come to Dream Valley and try. Can Megan and the Little Ponies save their friends from Scorpan's master Tirek in time?moreless

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    Tony Randall

    Tony Randall

    the Moochick (My Little Pony)

    Melanie Gaffin

    Melanie Gaffin

    Ursa Minor (Moondreamers)

    David Mendenhall

    David Mendenhall

    Additional Voices (Potato Head Kids)

    Mona Marshall

    Mona Marshall

    Scuttle Bug (Glo Friends)

    Susan Blu

    Susan Blu

    Paradise, Lofty, Pluma (My Little Pony)

    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Gusty (My Little Pony)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In order to wink out, Twilight says "I wish, I wish" several times. She's the only unicorn we see in this special, and this is shown to be her special power. But every other unicorn we'll see can wink in and out easily and has a special magic power in addition to that.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • "Dancing on Air" - sung by Firefly and Megan

        F: They'll be dancing on air when they meet you
        Dancing on air with glee!
        M: I doubt they'll be celebrating
        When they see it's only me

        F: They'll do cartwheels in air when they see you
        Their hopes will start to rise!
        M: From what they're anticipating,
        They're in for a big surprise!

        F: They'll be floating lighter than a cloud
        M: They'll be floating - laughing right out loud
        F: The sight of you will send spirits flying
        M: One or two may burst out crying

        F: (spoken) Why can't you believe? You're gonna be great!
        M: (spoken) But, Firefly -
        F: (spoken) Trust me!

        F:Megan, you're a dream come true
        That, my friends all think so too
        You're the answer to our every prayer
        M: Time will tell if I'll come through
        But just imagine if I do...
        F: They'll be dancing...
        M: Prancing...
        Both: Dancing on air!

      • "Call Upon the Sea Ponies" - sung by the Sea Ponies


        Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress,
        Helpful as can be ponies - simply signal SOS.
        If you find you're past the drift and haven't got an oar (oar),
        Count upon the Sea Ponies - they'll see you to shore!


        Are you sinking fast?
        Had some nasty shocks?
        Feeling like all hope is gone,
        And washed up on the rocks?
        Washed up on the rocks!


        Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress,
        Helpful as can be ponies - simply signal SOS.
        If your rudder runs aground or seewead holds a grip (kelp)
        Count upon the Sea Ponies - they'll see you get help!

        Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies
        Simply signal SOS, simply signal SOS
        Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies
        Simply signal SOS, simply signal SOS
        Oh, yes!

      • "A Little Piece of Rainbow" - sung by the Moochick, Megan, Twilight, Bow Tie, and Firefly

        Mo: Somewhere there's a little piece of rainbow
        I saved it for a rainy day
        It's either underneath the rug
        Or in the cupboard - ug, a bug!
        But, have no fear, I'll find it right away

        Wait until you see this piece of rainbow
        It's brighter than a peacock's plume
        It's ocean blue and sunrise pink
        I left it by the sink I think
        Or was it in the closet with the broom?
        (Perhaps we ought to try the other room)

        That piece of rainbow must be hiding some place
        Search every nook and cranny high and low
        M: You'd think that with a rainbow there's be some trace
        T: But not a gleam
        B: Not a glimmer
        F: Not a glow!

        Mo: Oh, where's I put that little piece of rainbow?
        I ran across just last week
        It might be in the flower pot
        My goodness gracious, no it's not
        That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek

        I'm sorry but it seems...
        I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek

        M: (spoken) You're not giving up, are you?
        Mo: (spoken) Might as well; looked every place; absolutely no place else we could -

        Mo: Wait a moment! Beg your pardon!
        Silly me - come and see - it's in the garden!

        This is where I put that piece of rainbow
        It's buried here beneath the ground
        I left it in the flowerbed
        It's how I am - I plan ahead
        I knew that here I'd find it safe and sound

        A lesson for you all
        When hope seems past recall
        The piece of rainbow always can be found!

    • NOTES (4)

      • Featured songs: "Dancing on Air," "Call Upon the Sea Ponies," and "A Little Piece of Rainbow."

      • This special is also known as "Firefly's Adventure."

      • The three Sea Ponies introduced in this special look exactly like three of the Little Ponies. Seawinkle looks like Bow Tie, Wavedancer like Firefly, and Sealight like Cotton Candy.

      • This special was divided in half so that it could air as part of My Little Pony 'n Friends. The break comes just when the shell closes on Megan and Applejack when they fall in the river. "A Little Piece of Rainbow" had to be cut for time constraints.

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