My Little Pony and Friends - Season 1

(ended 1990)


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  • Through the Door (2)
  • Through the Door (1)
  • The Revolt of Paradise Estate (2)
  • The Revolt of Paradise Estate (1)
  • Crunch the Rockdog (2)
    Buttons and Truly lash out at Wind Whistler when she insists they leave Gusty behind. But Megan convinces them that they can't help Gusty without finding His Elevated Eminence, the one being who knows how to defeat Crunch the Rockdog. His Eminence reveals Crunch's origins and gives the group access to the magic Heart Stone that can stop the beast. Unfortunately, Crunch catches up to them and receives some unexpected support from Wind Whistler.moreless
  • Crunch the Rockdog (1)
    Buttons and Gusty accuse Wind Whistler of having no feelings when she overanalyzes a romantic story. Megan and Danny go to comfort her and are interrupted by a Bushwoolie running away from Crunch the Rockdog. This giant stone mutt is on a rampage, turning valleys into rocky plains and anything soft and nice (like Bushwoolies) into stone with a touch of his paw. To save Ponyland from meeting the same fate, Megan, Danny, Wind Whistler, Gusty, Buttons, and Truly go in search of information on how to stop Crunch.moreless
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (2)
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (1)
  • Would-Be Dragon Slayer
  • Fugitive Flowers (2)
    The Flories intend on sucking all of Ponyland of it's soil nutrients after dealing with the Crabnasties. Whizzer frees Masquerade and they go find Megan, Posey, and Cherries Jubilee. Posey can't believe that such beautiful flowers could be so wicked, but Megan and Cherries Jubilee remind her that appearances can be deceiving. The Little Ponies find the Crabnasties and enlist their help in defeating the Flories. Once the Flories are in custody, the Crabnasties help fix Posey's garden, and she realizes that they really are beautiful creatures after all.moreless
  • Fugitive Flowers (1)
    Whizzer and Masquerade spot the giant Crabnasties knocking down trees in search of the Flories. The beautiful little flowers the crabs are chasing run to Posey's garden and beg for rich soil and fresh water. The Little Ponies protect the Flories from their pursuers and lock the Crabnasties in a cave. Masquerade, though, is unsettled by something Captain Crabnasty said and decides to spy on the Flories that night. She sees them suck Posey's garden dry and grow into huge monsters before she is captured by them.moreless
  • Woe Is Me (2)
    Woe Is Me (2)
    Episode 37
  • Woe Is Me (1)
    Woe Is Me (1)
    Episode 36
  • Mish Mash Melee
    Mish Mash Melee
    Episode 35
  • The Magic Coins (4)
    The Magic Coins (4)
    Episode 34
  • The Magic Coins (3)
    The Magic Coins (3)
    Episode 33
  • The Magic Coins (2)
    The Magic Coins (2)
    Episode 32
  • The Magic Coins (1)
    The Magic Coins (1)
    Episode 31
  • Little Piece of Magic
  • The Return of Tambelon (4)
    With all of his enemies locked in the dungeon, Grogar is free to begin the spell that will banish them to the Realm of Darkness. That gives the Little Ponies and their friends until midnight to escape from Tambelon. Forget-Me-Not makes this possible by discovering a crack in the dungeon that Fizzy and Buttons make bigger using their magic and bad prison food. Now all everyone has to do is get past Grogar and his magic bell before time runs out...moreless
  • The Return of Tambelon (3)
    Based on Peach Blossom's description of the escape attempt, Danny and the others figure out that Grogar's bell is his power source. They devise a clever plan to steal the bell but underestimate Grogar's stength. Things start to look up when a Troggle named Drog, who claims to have defected from Tambelon, arrives with a plan to enter the city. The group will have to take a chance and trust him if they want to save their friends, for if Drog is telling the truth then they're running out of time!moreless
  • The Return of Tambelon (2)
    Most of the Little Ponies and their friends are captured in the initial assault led by Bray. The few that are left attempt to penetrate the Troggles' defenses and reach the prisoners, but only Megan and Lofty manage to get past Grogar's army. Meanwhile, the prisoners (led by Magic Star) find a secret passage in their cell and try to use it to find a way out of Tambelon. Can these escape attempts succeed before Bray and the Troggles discover them and warn Grogar?moreless
  • The Return of Tambelon (1)
    Baby Ribbon cheats during Hide and Seek by repeatedly winking out during the game. She fails to reappear at one point; Ribbon winks out to look for her but also doesn't return. One by one, all the other unicorns mysteriously disappear after they wink out. The Little Ponies receive a clue on where their friends have gone when Ribbon sends Megan a dream message that's just one word: Tambelon.moreless
  • Sweet Stuff & the Treasure Hunt
    Poor Sweet Stuff wants to play a game, but today just isn't her day. Every game she joins somehow manages to frustrate her into leaving. She gets her last chance in a scavenger hunt that teams her up with Whizzer, who proves to be a very difficult partner (though not on purpose). Sweet Stuff is about to call it quits when she unexpectedly finds the last treasure in the scavenger hunt: "something that is one even when it is many."moreless
  • Bright Lights (4)
    Bright Lights (4)
    Episode 24
  • Bright Lights (3)
    Bright Lights (3)
    Episode 23
  • Bright Lights (2)
    Bright Lights (2)
    Episode 22
  • Bright Lights (1)
    Bright Lights (1)
    Episode 21
  • Pony Puppy
    Pony Puppy
    Episode 20
  • The Glass Princess (4)
    Shady and Molly reveal themselves to their friends; Shady then devises a plan to make a fake cloak out of shed Bushwoolie hair so that they can exchange it for Porcina's cloak and reverse the spell. Everything goes fine until the switch has to be made: the lights go out, the cloaks get mixed up, and Megan is forced to guess which one is real when the Raptorians arrive. Porcina tries to turn the intruders into glass but cannot bring herself to cast the spell – these beings are more real to her that the poor souls she transformed through her mirror. Her hesitation causes the Raptorians to turn on her and steal her cloak so that they can cast the spell themselves. But it turns out Megan took the right cloak after all. This brings about a tug-of-war that tears the cloak, releases its magic, and turns the Raptorians into glass. Princess Porcina repents her old ways and restores Ponyland and the Little Ponies before moving in with the Bushwoolies as their new hair groomer.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (3)
    The Raptorians discover that the captured ponies' hair grows back instantly once cut off. Not only are Lickety-Split, Gusty, and Heart Throb then forced to stay, but they are also ordered to weave Porcina's new cloak themselves. The search party is reunited with the catpured ponies only after the magic cloak has been finished and delivered to Porcina. The captives inform the others of Porcina's threat to turn Ponyland into glass and the Raptorians' plan to claim it as their new kingsom. Before anything can be done, Porcina has cast a spell through her mirror that turns all of Ponyland and every creature living there into glass.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (2)
    The Bushwoolies spy the Raptorians taking Lickety-Split, Gusty, and Heart Throb to the Black Mountains and rush to Paradise Estate to tell the others. Megan takes Magic Star, Paradise, and North Star to rescue them, letting the Bushwoolies lead the way. None of them notices Shady and Molly secretly following as backup rescuers. While the rescue is taking place, Lickety-Split, Gusty, and Heart Throb learn what will happen to Ponyland once Porcina's cloak is repaired.moreless
  • The Glass Princess (1)
    Dream Valley is full of activity as the Little Ponies train for the Pony Olympics. What the ponies don't know is that three Raptorians are flying overhead in search of magical material to repair Princess Porcina's cloak. The Raptorians think their search is over when they discover that the ponies are magical creatures. Meanwhile, Shady confides in Molly that she feels like everyone can do something special except her.moreless
  • The Great Rainbow Caper
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (4)
    Pluma and Ruff pool their strength and free the others using their magic. Everyone returns to the surface only to discover that Squirk, having regained his full power, is not wasting any time in restoring his underwater kingdom. The Little Ponies must somehow get the Flash Stone away from Squirk in order to stop the floods. Fortunately, Danny comes up with a plan that may just do the trick.moreless
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (3)
    The Little Ponies decide to help Pluma despite everything she has done. Megan tells Pluma to contact Squirk as scheduled while she leads Danny, Molly, and Fizzy in an attempt to free Ruff. To reach Squirk's lair, the rescue party travels underwater using Fizzy's magic and a little help from the Baby Sea Ponies. But can Pluma, Buttons, and Spike provide enough of a distraction for the plan to succeed?moreless
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (2)
    The ghost claims that Paradise Estate belongs to him and orders the ponies to leave immediately. He chases the ponies around the Estate and eventually succeeds in luring everyone to the forest. Once there, he accidentally gets caught in a tree, which makes everyone suspicious since ghosts shouldn't get stuck. This eventually forces the ghost to reveal his true form and explain himself (or herself, as it turns out) to the Little Ponies.moreless
  • The Ghost of Paradise Estate (1)
    The Lullaby Nursery is being repainted, so the Baby Ponies are spending the night in Paradise Estate. But their sleep is disturbed by a ghost who keeps coming into their bedroom when they are alone. Megan thinks that the Baby Ponies are imagining things and manages to calm them down for a while. But when Molly sees the ghost too, Megan is forced to lead everyone in a search of the entire Estate in order to get to the bottom of this.moreless
  • The End of Flutter Valley (10)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (9)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (8)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (7)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (6)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (5)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (4)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (3)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (2)
  • The End of Flutter Valley (1)
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