My Little Pony and Friends - Season 3

(ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • The Glo Friends Save Christmas
    It's Christmas Eve and the Glo Friends are getting Glo Land ready for the holidays. Santa Claus and his reindeer are also preparing for their yearly trip around the world. But an evil witch named Blanche decides to put an end to Christmas by trapping Santa in a cage of ice. It's up to the Glo Friends (and a clumsy Moose) to set things right and ensure Christmas isn't destroyed forever.moreless
  • Wizard of Rock
    Wizard of Rock
    Episode 26
  • Two of a Kind
    Two of a Kind
    Episode 25
    Bashful Bug runs off crying after Glo Worm teases her during a dance. Scoop also runs away in tears after making one of the Moligans' tunnels collapse. The two find each other in the woods and form an unlikely friendship once they learn that they aren't all that different. Their friendship quickly gives them the strength to deal with a crisis in the forest.moreless
  • The Quest (10)
    The Quest (10)
    Episode 24
  • The Quest (9)
    The Quest (9)
    Episode 23
  • The Quest (8)
    The Quest (8)
    Episode 22
    Stretch, Cappy, and Country Mouse arrive just in time to save Glo Worm and Bashful Bug before they are swept down river. Things don't go so well in Glo Land: a tunderbolt from the storm causes every bottle of Moon Drops to fall and smash. Rook goes to the Ant Palace with his Black Bird Gang not knowing that the Moligans escaped. Surrounded, he is forced to share the location of Driver's vault in order to save his feathers. Scoop helps the Glo Friends escape, but Brasher sounds an alert and the Moligans chase them through the mines. Although the Glo Friends split up, Glo Bug's the only one who avoids recapture and must go find help on his own.moreless
  • The Quest (7)
    The Quest (7)
    Episode 21
    Slugger Bug has had enough of digging and leads an escape attempt, but Smasher easily defeats the Glo Friends and puts them back to work. With the storm in Glo Land steadily getting worse, everyone gets safely indoors and ties down the Moon Drops as best they can. Stretch brings Cappy and Country Mouse to her home - when Cappy helps a young Stelican regain his confidence, Stretch offers to help any way she can. Glo Worm resolves a quarrel between two squirrels; this solves the next clue in the riddle, and Toad appears to lead them across a river. Unfortunately, the storm that is already in Glo Land is starting to reach them, and Bashful Bug falls into the river with Glo Worm diving in after her.moreless
  • The Quest (6)
    The Quest (6)
    Episode 20
    Cappy, Country Mouse, and Shuttle Bug's group are currently at the mercy of the Black Birds and the Moligans. But two new allies unexpectedly step forward to help the captured Glo Friends. Elsewhere, clutzy Clutter Bug has to get himself out of trouble if his group is going to continue the quest. And the Glo Friends back in Glo Land face a new threat while salvaging what's left of their Moon Drop supply.moreless
  • The Quest (5)
    The Quest (5)
    Episode 19
    The Glo Friends that are still in Glo Land continue their efforts to fix the pond even as they get weak from lack of Moon Drops. A member of Glo Worm's group falls in danger during the search for the solution to the next part of Toad's riddle. Rook's ambitions grow in his master's absence. And Shutter Bug and his party confront a new threat while searching the mines for Cappy and Country Mouse.moreless
  • The Quest (4)
    The Quest (4)
    Episode 18
    The imprisoned Glo Friends and Moligans very scared by the threats being made by Lord Driver and Rook. Their hope is revived when Dragonflyer returns with reinforcements from Glo Land. That hope is dashed when disaster strikes during the escape. Meanwhile, Bashful Bug makes a new friend while tackling the next part of the riddle on her own.moreless
  • The Quest (3)
    The Quest (3)
    Episode 17
    By following Clutter Bug, Glo Worm and his group take a huge step towards solving Toad's riddle. Garden Ant's group is still being held captive by Rook and the Red Ants, only now they've got the Moligans for company. Only Dragonflyer escaped, so he follows his friends to see where Rook and the Red Ants are taking them. It's not long before all of the prisoners are in the throne room of Driver, Lord of the Red Ants!moreless
  • The Quest (2)
    The Quest (2)
    Episode 16
    Glo Worm's group of Glo Friends meets a mysterious old Toad who tells them a riddle that will supposedly lead them to Glo Moon Drop Lake when it's solved. At a loss on where to start, they decide to follow him and are led in some suprising directions. As for Garden Ant's group, they are currently at the mercy of Rook and the Red Ant army. Things get even more complicated down in the mines when Starnose and the Moligans barrel in looking for gold.moreless
  • The Quest (1)
    The Quest (1)
    Episode 15
    Glo Moon Drop Pond has sprung a leak and the Glo Friends are frantic. After all, the Moon Drops are the source of their magic and their life, so no Moon Drops means no Glo Friends. A couple search parties led by Glo Worm and Garden Ant are formed to look for Moon Drops; the separate searches lead to mixed results. Also, the Moligans have an unpleasant audience with their ruler.moreless
  • The Masterpiece
    The Masterpiece
    Episode 14
    Doodle Bug feels that his art isn't understood in Glo Land, so he decides to go off and work in private. Snug Bug accompanies him and together they make many beautiful creations in their underground studio. When Doodle Bug decides to expand the cave, he digs a hole straight into the Moligans' mines. He then decides to try the other wall but only succeeds in letting a giant snake loose in his studio and the Moligans' tunnels. Doodle Bug warns the Moligans and lures the snake into a trap set by Snug Bug. They both decide to return home, where they are assured by their friends that their work will be appreciated from now on.moreless
  • Make No Mistake, It's Magic
    A series of coincidences in a berry patch make Glo Butterfly believe her wand really has magical powers. Everyone is amazed at her newfound powers except Bed Bug, Bop Bug, and Glo Spider, who know the truth behind each feat of "magic". They decide to keep quiet in order to keep her happy. But can the Glo Friends count on Glo Butterfly's magic to save them from the approaching Moligans?moreless
  • Glo Friends Meet the Glo Wees (4)
    The Glo Friends help the Glo Wees stop the storm that threatens to kill them all. They run into Glo Cricket's rescue party, and the group comes up with a plan to get the Moligans out of the way. They create a mud volcano that appears to be gushing liquid gold - when the Moligans jump in, the thick mud carries them away. Once again, the good guys combine their magical forces to restore the land to its natural splendor.moreless
  • Glo Friends Meet the Glo Wees (3)
    Glo Cricket hops to Glo Land to find help while the Moligans drag their prisoners to their caves and deliver an ultimatum. The Glo Friends and Glo Wees must use their powers to uncover a gold mine that was buried under a pond by an earthquake; if they don't, Clutter Bug, Nippin, and Nutcap will be dropped into the root stew. Spruce tries to bargain with the Moligans by offering to redecorate the cave, but the plan backfires. In the end, the Glo Wees agree to do what the Moligans ask, but the greedy diggers get so impatient that they interfere with the spell and nature is thrown into chaos.moreless
  • Glo Friends Meet the Glo Wees (2)
    Brasher and Smasher see the Glo Friends and the Glo Wees use their combined powers to change nature. They immediately tell Starnose, who decides that the little bugs should be captured and forced to use their magic to make gold. Meanwhile the Glo Friends and the Glo Wees join forces to undo the results of the Moligans' latest fiasco. The Glo Wees then lead their new friends towards their home only to encounter trouble along the way.moreless
  • Glo Friends Meet the Glo Wees (1)
    The Moligans' latest tunnel is heading straight for Glo Land. Doodle Bug, Book Bug, Glo Cricket, and Clutter Bug are keeping an eye on the greedy miners but need some help if they're going to stop them. In another part of the forest, the Glo Wees use their magic powers to fix some damage that has been inflicted near their home. These magic pixies then set out to find the source of the problem, not realizing the trouble they're in for as they head into Moligan territory.moreless
  • Front Page
    Front Page
    Episode 8
    The Glo Land Times is doing hot business in Glo Land thanks to the efforts of Book Bug's dedicated staff. Star reporter Cappy's greatest desire is to write a tell-all exclusive on the Moligans for the next issue. He gets the chance when Starnose and his band opt to be interviewed in order to improve their reputations. Needless to say, it doesn't take long before the reporting session leads to all sorts of trouble.moreless
  • Forest Brigade
    Forest Brigade
    Episode 7
    The Moligans uncover a cavern of tasty roots to feast on for lunch. They eat so many of them that the tree they belong to immediately begins to wither and die. Garden Ant, who planted the tree to begin with, sees it wilting while on an outing with Bunny Rabbit, Cappy, and Country Mouse. Can Garden Ant save the tree when the Moligans are determined to keep feeding on its roots?moreless
  • Easy Money (2)
    Easy Money (2)
    Episode 6
  • Easy Money (1)
    Easy Money (1)
    Episode 5
  • Caverns of Mystery
    Caverns of Mystery
    Episode 4
    Glo Cricket is running out of stories to impress the other Glo Friends, so he sets off to find the legendary Glo Moon Drop Lake. He gets bored quickly and returns, saying that he found the Lake in a cave he saw. Naturally, the other Glo Friends want to see the Lake themselves and they all set out for the cave. The Moligans see them and follow them inside - everyone gets dragged into an underground river by some living vines. Glo Cricket, Starnose, and Rook fall further down the cave and must work together to escape and free the others. In the end they are successful and Glo Cricket becomes a hero for real.moreless
  • Beware Tales of Gold That Lead To Thorny Trails
  • Bean Ball
    Bean Ball
    Episode 2
  • Baby Glo Worm Goes Bye-Bye
    The Glo Friends sing a magical lullaby that makes everyone sleepy except Baby Glo Worm (who's supposed to be napping). The curious little bug sneaks outside and crawls right in sight of Starnose, Nails, and Rook. Glo Worm and the others rush to save their friend from becoming a mining slave as she enters the Moligans' tunnels. As it turns out, Baby Glo Worm can take care of herself just fine - it's her rescuers who need saving from Starnose's gang.moreless