My Little Pony and Friends

Season 3 Episode 27

The Glo Friends Save Christmas

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    • "Glo Friends Christmas Theme" - sung by the Glo Friends

      We're Glo Friends, and everyone we know is so full of joy!
      It's cold out, yet everyone's aglow, each Glo girl and boy!
      The reason is the season, a time to give and receive,
      We're Glo Friends, let's go friends,
      Tonight is Christmas Eve!

      We're Glo Friends, we've hung the mistletoe, the snowman's complete
      Our stockings are hanging in a row – and don't they look sweet!
      Our pine tree is a fine tree, (lyrics unknown)
      We're Glo Friends, high-ho friends,
      Tomorrow's Christmas Day,
      Tomorrow's Christmas Day!!