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A unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle is a student of Equestria's ruler, Princess Celestia. Twilight Sparkle is instructed to take time away from her studies and go make some friends. She and her assistant, Spike, become friends with Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. Together, they embark on many adventures in the town of Ponyville, all the while learning more about the magic of friendship.

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  • Loved this show!

    Sadly, there's not much good shows in the 2010's all because of nickelodeon. At least we got this show here that is worth watching, My favorite character is Rainbow dash in this show! There are likeable characters that make me think the character design is creative. Don't hate something because it's fandom is overrated or bad, I still like it! Maybe i will be a fan of this show if i watch more. Nightmare moon is even my favorite villain so far in that awesome show. It doesn't deserve much hate than it expected. Oh my god! The flash animation is well made and better than johnny test! The plot is so interesting and makes it entertaining to watch, You know this show teaches most friendship and kindness. I thought this was going to suck but I LOVE it!

    Plot: 14/15 A, It makes me think that somehow is exciting or not, I don't know!

    Animation 15/15 A+ The animation is well made than most flash animated shows, Keep up the good work hasbro!

    Voice actors: 14/15 A Incredible! Most of their characters fit well together!

    I think the most awesome voice acting one is fluttershy, Great job.

    Colors: 13/15 A- Kinda too bright but could be better by making it little darker.

    I love the design of Equestria through!

    So, I watched six episodes so far, and somehow I like it. Hopefully this will become one of my top favorites shows of all times for me. You know this is why you make it worth watching by making the plot more creative and original unlike nickelodeon. Don't judge a show by watching one episode or just the theme song! Even through I didn't like Trixle much in Boast Busters. It's still a great show! I hate the fanbase and their fans, But that does NOT make a TV show bad.moreless
  • 10/10/2010: The Turning Point of Modern Animated Series

    I have never watched any of the previous generations except for possibly some commercials for G3 but what I saw was enough for me to establish My Little Pony as the usual stereotypical bullshit advertised for little girls and to sell toys.

    However, 3 years after the show's inception, pony-related content started to pop up everywhere and eventually ended up on where I usually stayed on Youtube. I have no idea, or don't think I ever will know, what exactly pushed me to search "My Little Pony Theme Song". From what I saw, I was 100% STUNNED. Just from the theme song alone, I could tell that I was looking at quality animation. I knew I had been wrong all along. After watching a few episodes and eventually the entire show (it's like a drug, once you start, you can't stop), I realized I was looking at, at least in my opinion, one of the best cartoons ever made.

    No one is going to deny that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is still mainly targeted towards the demographic of children but if you actually give this show a chance, you find yourself not caring of that fact. Admittedly, some of the storylines could be more polished but almost all of it is decent. What I found most impressive however was how they managed to turn a complete failure (quality-wise) of a franchise and turned into something amazing. It's one of the biggest comebacks of all-time, if you ask me. The story development is great, the world-building feels original and right, and the show has a refreshing feeling of lacking cynicism and constantly resorting to randomness (I'm looking at you, Adventure Time) which is so prevalent in other shows. The animation is stunning even with a few errors. The music and songs are without a doubt, the best any animated cartoon has to offer. The entire show has this very satisfying blend of humour, cartoon gags, storytelling, action, prevalent in animation's best (Tom and Jerry, Batman: TAS). There is not a single episode which I find unenjoyable to the point where I don not feel like ever watching it again.

    However, I'm only scratching the surface here. The two most important things in this show which make it stand apart from ANY other cartoon is one, it's characters and fan base. Firstly, its characters, I'm not going argue on this because I cannot deny that cartoons such as Young Justice have characters and storylines of unimaginable depth of complexity, but allow me to say that this is only cartoon that I love all the main characters and it's definitely the only show which I give a shit about the characters and what actually happens to them. If a character is sad, I feel it as well. Next, the show has all sorts of inside references and nods to an extremely unexpected demographic of the bronies. There are countless pop culture tidbits in all the episodes. The fan base is also the most impressive I have ever seen, creating extremely talented art, music, games, websites, animation, analysis and fan fiction.

    In conclusion, this show is awesome.moreless
  • Up there with SpongeBob Squarepants.

    I mean, who cares about the haters? Fun fact: This show was developed by some of the same people who worked with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, another classic TV show. And compared with Adventure Time, this show is 1,000,000,000 times better.
  • The Best of Children's TV

    This show is legitimately the best children's program on TV. It's somewhat similar to a Disney cartoon, but arguably better.

    From a technical standpoint, Friendship is Magic excels in terms of art, animation, sound design, music, and just about every other aspect. The production values alone put it above nearly every other cartoon, and the quality only increases over the course of the series.

    The writing is exceptional, especially for a children's show, with plenty of genuinely clever lines and excellent storytelling in many episodes.

    The characters are remarkably endearing - perhaps the most likable cartoon cast since Winnie the Pooh. Each main cast member has their own strengths, weaknesses, backstories, hopes and aspirations, and the show fleshes them out to the point where they feel like actual people. They're remarkably dynamic and play off each other incredibly well, forming the core appeal of the show.

    The setting and mythology of the show are very well thought-out, with significant focus dedicated to worldbuilding and development. Most cartoons feature fairly one-dimensional characters who live and interact in a static environment, but FiM legitimately feels alive with the amount of effort put into it.

    The morals are excellent for children and often even relatable for adult viewers. While they tend to be simple messages, they are superbly conveyed and are universal in nature, much like the teachings of Aesop.

    But what really sets FiM apart from other shows, besides its sheer quality, is its relentless sense of optimism. This is a show that never holds back when it comes to joyful moments, making it the most emotionally positive experience on TV. While plenty of children's programs are happy in nature, none feel quite as effortlessly endearing as this one. It is a perfect example of sincerity done right. This is one of the core reasons the show has gained such a following among adult viewers: in an era inundated with cynicism, FiM is a shining ray of light amongst the endless drama, violence, and negativity that pervade modern entertainment.

    In short, I can't recommend this show enough. It's easily one of the best cartoons ever made.moreless
  • Coolguy121212, you're a fucking moron.

    This is a great show for all ages and genders. Lauren Faust one of the writers for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends came up with an absolutely beautiful show surrounding a Purple Unicorn named Twilight Sparkle (which sounds like a flavor of Ice Cream) who studies the magic of friendship. She has 5 friends as well, representing a different friend quality. Applejack is Honest, Fluttershy is Kind, Rainbow Dash is loyal, Rarity is generous and Pinkie Pie who is fun. This is a show that not everyone will enjoy, but is still not a bad cartoon. If you'd like to get a good feel for this show, try starting with an episode like Sisterhooves Social or Sonic Rainboom. The tones for this show range from endearing and heartwarming to serious and exciting and the plots are really well done for the most part. Most of the characters are likeable... except for the ones you're supposed to hate like Diamond Tiara or Angel Bunny, but it's best I stop talking about it, so for final thoughts: I love this show, and I truly hope more people will open up to realize that just because a show is made for girls doesn't mean that only girls will enjoy it.moreless

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