My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 18

A Friend in Deed

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 18, 2012 on The Hub

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  • So awesome

    Pinkie Pie tries to befriend the tough donkey Cranky in this episode. But like Gilda he refuses friendship. The episode opens with the song Smile where everypony sings along. Appleack was not in last episode but she has a short role here. Then Pinkie Pie later on chases Cranky but it's not that easy to befriend him again. So will Cranky find that special some donkey under the Heart and Hooves season? It's one of the best FiM episodes.

    Final score 10/10
  • One of the best

    Now this is what I'm talking about. They really brought the humor back in full swing with this one, several parts had me laughing hard. It was very entertaining watching Pinkie do everything possible to befriend Cranky. It's also worth mentioning that the smile song never fails to put a smile on my face.
  • One of the best episodes for Pinkie Pie ever

    I have to say, I had some great expectations for another Pinkie Pie episode, but even then my standards were blown away. The story begins with Pinkie Pie doing entertaining things for the Cake's foals, Pumpkin and Pound. After she entertains them, Pinkie goes out on the town, and greets her friends hello. She comes across a donkey by the name of Cranky Doodle Donkey, and tries to be friends with him. Cranky however, refuses to accept her friendship, and tries to get her to go away. Pinkie tries everything from using a welcome wagon (literally), and even tries to help him replace his toupee. Everything seems to swim fine until Pinkie comes across a book in Cranky's house, and accidentally destroys it. Cranky shoves Pinkie out, and refuses to ever be her friend. Pinkie then comes up with an apology to get Cranky on her good side, and goes to see him. Cranky tries to run away from Pinkie, but at every turn she's right there wanting to apologize to him. Cranky barricades himself in his home, and tells Pinkie to leave him alone. Just as Pinkie is about to leave, a voice calls out for Cranky. He opens the door to see another donkey by the name of Matilda. It's revealed that Cranky and Matilda fell in love at the Grand Galloping Gala, but he never saw her again. He went from town to town looking for Matilda, but he eventually gave up, and came to Ponyville to retire. The two donkeys kiss, and Cranky acknowledges Pinkie as a friend, making her happy. Pinkie learns that sometimes, some friends want to be by themselves. Our episode ends with Pinkie singing, and Cranky and Matilda together at last. This was one of the best episodes yet of the season. Pinkie's Smile song was perfect, and very catchy. The bits with Pinkie literally using a welcome wagon and her antics in the intro were funny as well. My only issue is that I think the scene in the library was kind of a waste of time, and really served no purpose. Aside from that, it was a top notch episode that really did a lot right, and is tied with Party of One as the best Pinkie Pie episode ever. All in all, hilarity all around, and some awesome songs make this one of the best episodes yet and is a must see.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Pinkie Pie, you have just proven to me why you're my favorite pony (right next to Fluttershy)

    Pinkie Pie takes pride in being friends with everyone in Ponyville. So, when Cranky Doodle Donkey moves into town, the pink pony naturally sets out to befriend him. When Pinkie Pie's default friend-making strategies fail to capture his camaraderie, she must pull out all the stops or risk being friends with almost everyone in Ponyville. Oh my gosh, I loved this episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" so so so very much. If you're a huge Pinkie Pie fan like me then you are sure to love this episode to death. If you're NOT a Pinkie Pie fan, then you probably you won't enjoy this episode that much. Anyways, I loved this episode and it's surely to my possibly my all-time favorite Pinkie Pie episode ever. That's right... even though "Party of One" got a PERFECT score from me as well, I have to say that even this episode tops that episode just a little. Not only that but this is the MOST REWATCHABLE Season 2 episode that I have ever seen. I'm not kidding.... I loved this episode so much that I actually watched twice on Saturday and once on Sunday so that's THREE TIMES all-together in one weekend. That's how much I loved this episode. I think when it comes to a Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy episode, I'll be most likely to re-watch then more than once in one day depending if they're good or not. Anyways, there are so many good things about this episode that I want to say. First of all, I thought Pinkie Pie entertaining the babies in the very beginning of the episode was enjoyable. Let's not forget about (what's possibly) the most catchiest and most wonderful musical number that I have ever heard all season long. I mean, this season has brought some very catchy and awesome musical numbers but Pinkie Pie's musical number "Smile Smile Smile" tops all of those and I loved it so much and it's definitely the best Pinkie Pie musical number EVER. I also enjoyed Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash making a cameo appearance in Pinkie Pie's musical number. Twilight and Rainbow Dash did make a SECOND cameo appearance which involved them speaking. I also found that Cranky Doodle Donkey character to be an enjoyable grouchy donkey. Pinkie Pie using her welcome wagon to sing her "welcome song" to Cranky was so adorable but so hilarious especially when Pinkie Pie said "Wait for it?" and then confetti comes of the welcome wagon plus yellow stuff (forgot what it was) falling on them afterwards. Cranky running away from Pinkie Pie when she is trying to apologize to him was so freakin' hilarious especially in that quick brief second when Pinkie Pie was dressed up as a squirrel. Pinkie Pie was just so hilarious, awesome, and adorable throughout this entire episode. I also thought it was heartwarming near the end of the episode when Pinkie Pie found Cranky's long-lost love Matilda (the donkey that Pinkie said hi to near the beginning of the episode) and that it went flashbacking to when Cranky met Matilda at the Grand Galloping Gala but never saw her again so he travels all over Equestria for years and years and years until he suddenly gives up and moves to Ponyville to retire from his search. Pinkie Pie blasting off with excitement after Cranky said that he is honored to call her a friend was hilarious as well. The ending was nice as well. Everything about this episode was just so amazing and I honestly think it should be rated an 11 out of 10 if it has that rating. Overall, this is the BEST Season 2 episode EVER and the most re-watchable episode ever...... so yeah, I actually give this an 11 out of 10 but I'm gonna rate it a 10 out of 10 just to follow the rating because that's the kind of person I am...once again, BEST EPISODE EVER. 10/10