My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 8

Apple Family Reunion

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 22, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Now this was a good episode

    For some reason, when I first heard about this episode, I thought it was going to be boring. Boy, was I wrong. I really liked this episode. We got to meet more of the Apple family, we got another catchy song and it was great to see Babs again. My favorite scene was the flashback of Applejack when she was a baby. That has to be the cutest scene in the whole series. I also like the scene when all the relatives arrive and greet everyone, especially when Winona walks up to that one filly and gives her a friendly lick. I found that to be adorable. Overall, this was yet another amazing episode to an amazing show.
  • Family and Friends

    This was an enjoyable episode. It reminded me how much I like Applejack (and Big Mac) as a character. It was a very relate-able episode, as most people will find themselves in a similar situation at some point or another. It just wasn't all that memorable, ironically. That might have been part of the goal; to give the episode the same feel as the reunion, but it didn't work all that well for me. A good episode, just lacking a little pizzazz, I think.
  • Finally the moment has arrived

    At last an AJ episode.

    AJ is hosting the Apple Family Reunion, but it ends in disaster.

    The return of many S2 ponies and Sisterhooves Social music.

    That was all wait worth.

  • FANTASTIC!!! A Must-See and One of Season 3's Best Episodes Yet

    This has been such a magnificent episode of this show. It's better than the past few episodes of this season so far. "One Bad Apple" was great but felt like a Powerpuff Girls episode, "Magic Duel" was so POOR and wrong in a lot of ways, "Sleepless in Ponyville" was enjoyable and while I had no problems with it at all... I still can't figure out why it didn't get a 10 from me, and "Wonderbolts Academy" was good/decent but had problems. This, however, tops all of those episodes and is an improvement over them. This is BY FAR one of the best Season 3 episodes that I have ever seen. The storyline was so well written and very well made. There was humor from start to finish which is a huge plus because I love to laugh. So many moments in this episode have literally cracked me up so hard. It was a very heartwarming episode too and very lovely to watch. The episode wasn't disappointing at all and I have no flaws/problems with it whatsover. It's funny as hell, it's heartwarming, it make you smile, and there's this very catchy musical number near the end of the episode called "Raise the Barn" and I loved that musical number which easily makes it one of the greatest musical numbers I've ever seen. I've also gotta say that this is one of Applejack's episodes out there. I was very impressed on how this episode turned out to be. I loved that ending of the episode closing with the two shooting stars which is a symbol of Applejack's parents. You must go see this episode like now... what the hell are you reading this review for? go watch the episode now.... NOW!!!. The cameos from Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Spike, and good to see as well. My favorite cameo was definitely Pinkie Pie's cameo by far haha so definitely go check out this episode. I love it, one of the best episodes of Season 3 and it's just lovely in every possible way that you can imagine. 10/10
  • Best Applejack episode in a long time

    Applejack episodes are generally really good and while they do have some problems, they are still fun to watch. So when a new episode staring her came out, I was excited to see it. It all starts with Applejack, Granny Smith, and Applebloom getting ready for the next Apple Family Reunion, which happens every 100 moons. During the discussion of preparing, Applejack insists on being in charge since Granny Smith is getting old. The elder pony accepts this and let's Applejack do so. During a look back at past Apple Family Reunions, Applejack learns some things that she needs for it such as quilt material for the quilt, set up some games, and make some apple fritters. The next day, Applejack goes to get various materials from her friends while her family sets things up. When everything is ready, the entire Apple Family comes from all over Equestria to celebrate it. Applebloom even gets to meet Babs Seed again and try to catch up on some things. Before they can really do so though, they get interrupted by Applejack, who tells everypony about the events planned such as a relay race, apple fritter baking, and quilt sewing. Applejack thrusts Applebloom and Babs as a pair in the relay race, but the course is so long and makes the two of them, along with the other contestants, very tired. During the sewing, Applejack gives Granny Smith and her two cousins a new way to finish the quilt. She makes them use sewing machines that makes it hard to hear anything. At the apple fritter baking, Applejack shows two of her relatives how to make them the right way and keep the process going so more apple fritters can be made. Applejack then decides to give everypony a break so she can take a photo, but everyone is too tired and she ignores them. The next activity is a ride in a carriage wagon, but unlike before where it was rest and relaxation, Applejack steps it up. The ride goes wary as Applejack awakens some Fruit Bats, who at first create a rainbow for all, but they all go for the fruit on one of the relatives. Everypont abandons cart in time as it crashes into the barn and destroys it completely. Applejack is mortified and heartbroken that the reunion and all her plans are ruined, but Granny Smith steps in and says she's been focusing so much on games and activities that she forgot that the reunion was meant to spend time with other family members. Applejack decides to make things right by having everypony do one last activity, build a new barn. After a very catchy song and some hard work, the barn is back up and everypony enjoys themselves in the reunion. As the relatives leave and Applejack and her family unwind, she gives a Friendship Report. She says that while fun and games is good, being with your loved ones doesn't really require much to have a good time. Our episode ends with Applejack and her family looking through the album of past reunions. This was easily one of the best episodes of the season yet and the best Applejack episode in a long time. It was great to see both Babs Seed and Braeburn again, even though he didn't talk in the episode. The jokes were pretty good such as Pinkie Pie eating honey and burping out a bee. There were also some cute moments such as the baby Applejack scene. It had a lot of good, tender moments in it such as when Applejack realized what was more important. The song was also really catchy and one of the best I've heard. And for a first Applejack song, it was really memorable. All in all, some good funny moments, seeing some old faces, an excellent song, and a lot of tender moments make this the best Applejack episode since Applebuck Season.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10