My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 4

Applebuck Season

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 05, 2010 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

Applejack tries to harvest all of the apples on her farm all by herself, but she soon becomes very tired because of this and it causes her to mess up some of the promises she has made to her friends.

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  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S01 E04: Applebuck Season

    Before I start my review, I would like to say my feelings about Amy Keating Rogers. She's a very mixed writer. When she tries her weakest, we get The Ticket Master, and when she tries her hardest, we get something like The Best Night Ever. I honestly don't know what to think of her. However, this is one of her stronger efforts. So, without further ado, let's go straight into the episode:


    4. Character Development: Besides the blatantly obvious character getting development, we manage to see Fluttershy's obsession with tiny woodland creatures and other fascinating animals, no matter how threatening. We look more into Rainbow's more athletic side, and we get to see that Pinkie Pie loves muffins and is an apprentice for Mr. and Mrs. Cake. Then, we have Twilight, who helps her friends try to get better, with a little help. I told you her element should have been leadership! Twilight's Leadership Counter is now at 1. However, she does come off as a bit loud in the episode, but it's not too distracting.

    3. Moral: If I had to say one good thing about The Ticket Master, it would probably be the moral. Most of the morals in this series are great. This moral is no exception. Here Applejack learns that a little help from your friends can be useful and enjoyable. This is definitely a moral children should learn. I don't really have anything else to say about the moral.

    2. Twilight Sparkle: While she may act a bit harsh, she is trying to whip Applejack into shape, and try to do it in the nicest way possible. If you had a friend who was disturbing the town, wouldn't you be a bit frustrated? Twilight has every right to be frustrated. Also, I love how she's repeatedly asking to help her. Another moral that this episode taught, just not as well, is that if you do chores without being asked, you will get the satisfaction of helping your friends, and they will likely enjoy your company more. Ultimately, I love how she is characterized in this episode.

    1. Humor: Come on, you knew this would be on the list. Seriously, the amount of humor put into the episode makes it seem like a Dave Polsky episode. From Rainbow Dash's awesome face to Pinkie Pie in slow-mo to Applejack falling off the tower, the humor was top-notch. A lot of the humor also comes from Applejack being dru- I mean, sleepless. It was a very good episode overall.

    Now for the bad parts of the episode. There aren't too many bad parts of this episode to be honest, but let's start.

    2. Jerks: This is from that one scene where Applejack got that trophy. When Twilight Sparkle was trying to read off her card, everypony decided to interrupt her with their own input on the conversation. It isn't too big of a complaint, however, when they are admiring how much they like Applejack. However, this means that the Mane 6 don't have a high opinion of Twilight. You know, except Rarity, who was the only one to not speak.

    1. Gagging Scene: This scene was too gross for a little kid's show. This means that Applejack had made muffins bad enough to sicken the entire town. Well, at least Spike enjoyed it. Also, if the fact that it was gross is the worst part of an episode, it must have been a good episode.

    So, the humor was the episode's strong point, there was a lot of character development, and it was really enjoyable to watch.

    I gave it an 8.5 simply because I didn't find it exceptionally good, but still good. Congratulations, Amy Keating Rogers, you are most likely not failing anymore. However, after a screw-up like The Ticket Master, you still might be.

    Despite the fact that this is my 3rd favorite Amy episode, this episode does not receive any rankings whatsoever.

    Lauren Faust's Current Score: 41/100 (Badly Failing)

    Amy Keating Rogers's Current Score: 50/100 (Somewhat Badly Failing)moreless
  • Excellent episode once more!

    This was another funny and fantastic episode of Friendship is Magic and one of the best. The episode starts off with Applejack overlooking her apple orchard with her big brother, Big Macintosh. After Mac injures himself, Applejack decides to take over for bucking all the apples out of the apple trees by herself. Big Mac tries to talk her out of it, but she let's her pride overpower her and her brother. We then cut to Ponyville where a stampede of cows comes towards the town and it has the citizens in a frenzy to run for cover. Applejack though comes to save the town and for her heroics she is given a ceremony and a trophy. At the ceremony Twilight tries to give a speech, but is interrupted by some of her friends when they tell of what Applejack plans to do with them. Eventually Mayor Mare gives her speech and Applejack comes for her trophy and looks very worn out. Twilight is concerned by this and offers her help, but Applejack refuses to let any other pony help her with apple bucking. Applejack then goes to see Rainbow Dash to help her do a new trick, but ends up knocking Dash out and launching her through the sky. When Dash crashes on Twilight's balcony and learns what happened, Twilight tries to talk to Applejack again to let her help, but refuses once more. Applejack then helps Pinkie Pie make some cupcakes for free samples, but Applejack accidentally puts in stuff like chips, sour cream, soda, and earth worms in the mix and accidentally baked into cupcakes resulting in "baked bads" and served to other pony citizens resulting in many of them, including Pinkie, getting sick. Twilight tries once more to make Applejack let her help with apple bucking, but fails once more. Applejack then goes to see Fluttershy to help gather bunny rabbits. Unfortunately Applejack scares the bunnies and causes a stampede that hits Ponyville and causes damage. Twilight decides enough is enough and goes to confront Applejack telling her that she needs help. Applejack though shows that she got all the apple trees, but Big Macintosh then appears and shows her that she hasn't gotten all the trees causing Applejack to faint. Twilight awakens Applejack and tells her that even though she has a lot of pride, she should allow her and her friends to help apple buck the trees. Applejack agrees and learns a lesson about letting friends help you even if it doesn't seem they need help. Out episode ends with Spike trying to give the girls one of the "baked bads" and reject them as they walk into the sunset. This was another excellent episode of this show. I loved how Pinkie reacted towards the stampede and ate popcorn as she watched Applejack control the stampede. I also found it funny how Applejack and Pinkie were leaning back and forth into the trophy. It was also funny to see Applejack mess up so many times on doing Rainbow Dash's trick. The stubborn mule joke was also another highlight. Overall a great moral in it and plenty of funny moments, this is an excellent episode to see.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10moreless
  • Applejack tries to harvest all of the apple for Applebuck Season all by herself

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". While it's not my favorite episode, it was enjoyable for the most part and I really liked it. My score was a little low because a few parts a little weak such as when Applejack was putting the wrong ingredients in the muffins and made all of the ponies sick and also when Applejack was mixing up words that Twilight would say. For example, Twilight would say "help" and then Applejack would say "kelp"... it was a tiny bit annoying. Besides those things, this episode was very enjoyable. Spike's part in this episode was very funny. Spike loving the muffins and surprisingly not getting sick was absolutely hilarious. I also laughed pretty hard at the mule joke. Applejack getting help from all of her pony friends at the end of the episode was good because Applejack realized that he can't harvest all of the apples for Applebuck Season all by herself. The ending was funny when Spike is still eating those muffins that he got from the garbage. Overall, a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 9/10moreless
Peter New

Peter New

Big Macintosh

Recurring Role

Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

The Mayor

Recurring Role

Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St. Germain

Mrs. Cake

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the beginning of the episode, Big Macintosh is seen with a bunch of huge bandages around his waist. This got many fans to believe that he hurt himself when he lost the bet Applejack was talking about in "The Ticket Master", where he had to wear Granny Smith's girdle.

    • Derpy cameo: She is one of the ponies in the crowd eyeing the muffins that Applejack made.

    • Originally, Applejack's applebucking was called "applebumping," and instead of kicking the trees with her hind legs, she would hit her head against them, but this idea was soon changed.

    • After Pinkie Pie calls the muffins "baked bads," she is about to throw up, while in real life, horses find it difficult to throw up.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Pinkie Pie: (to Applejack) Stop with the shakin'! It's time to get bakin'!

    • Pinkie Pie: Can you get me some chocolate chips?
      Applejack: Eh-what was that?
      Pinkie Pie: (distorted) Ch-oc-olate chi-ips!
      Applejack: Chips. Got it. Tater chips, a little salty and dry. Okie dokie.(adds them) What next?
      Pinkie Pie: (distorted) Ba-king so-da!
      Applejack: Soda! Perfect! That'll get the tater chips nice and wet! Now what?!
      Pinkie Pie: A cup of flour!
      Applejack: A cup of sour? Well lemons are sure sour. One cup of sour comin' up! (adds lemon juice) Anything else, Pinkie?
      Pinkie Pie: One last thing! Wheat germ!
      Applejack: What? Wheat worms? Oh! That must be fancy talk for earthworms! (digs up a pile of worms and adds it to the mixing bowl)
      Pinkie Pie: Now that's gonna be delicious!
      Applejack: (unassuringly) If you say so...?

    • Applejack: I harvested the entire Sweet Apple Acres without your help. Howd'ya like them apples?
      Big Mac: Um, how do you like them apples?
      (Big Mac points out the rest of the orchard Applejack did not see that needs harvesting.)

    • Twilight :(After seeing a bunch of sick ponies) Oh no. What happened?

      Nurse: It was a mishap with some of the baked goods.

      Pinkie Pie: No. Not baked goods. Baked bads. (Hold her mouth closed so as not to hurl all over herself, her bed, etc.)

      Twilight: Applejack!

    • Twilight Sparkle: All right, Applejack. Your apple-bucking hasn't just caused you problems. It's over-propelled pegasus, practically poisoned plenty of ponies, and terrorized bushels of brand-new bouncing baby bunnies.

    • Twiight Sparkle: (about Applejack) That pony is as stubborn as a mule. No offense...
      Mule: None taken.

    • Applejack: This is your sister Applejack, remember? The loyalest of friends and the most dependable of ponies?

      Big Macintosh: But still only one pony. And one pony plus hundreds of apple trees just doesn't add up to-

      Applejack: Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Applejack's dog Winonna went through two other different names during production. One of them was Brandy and the other was Buckaroo.

    • The title of this episode, "Applebuck Season", is a reference to buck season, a time of the year during which deer are hunted to help control their population. The title might also be referencing the way Applejack harvests apples by "bucking" or hitting the trees with her hind legs.

    • Friendship Report: Applejack learned that it is just as okay to accept help as it is to give help.

    • This episode revolves around Applejack.


    • Rose: The horror, the horror...

      This is a reference to a line in the novel Hearts of Darkness, which was later adapted into the film Apocalypse Now.