My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 12

Baby Cakes

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 14, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Just A Pinkie Pie Torture Porn

    Poop jokes. Absolutely no logic. Implications of adultery. Constant crying. The only things going for it are that Pinkie Pie is funny, and the moral's good. But other than that, it's still a very bad episode. It's sad, really.
  • PP why U so random

    Pinkie Pie's friends are too busy with taking care of the newborn Baby Cakes. So the pink pony takes care of them while Mr. and Mrs. Cake are out in town Many hilarous scenes follows. Lot of fun, thrills and heart. 10/10
  • An excellent episode for Pinkie Pie

    For the longest time, I have been waiting for another episode about Pinkie Pie, and we got one at last. Our episode begins with Pinkie Pie, visiting with her friends at the hospital to see Mr. and Mrs. Cake's newest foals, Pound Cake, a colt pegasus, and Pumpkin Cake, a filly unicorn. One month later, the Cake's have to go to a catering place and go see Pinkie's friends in hopes one of them will babysit, but all of them are busy leaving Pinkie only to watch over the foals. As the Cake's leave, Pinkie already faces trouble with the new foals like they won't listen to her and they keep crying. Pinkie tries to make them laugh and do responsible things like change their diapers or feed them, but it all fails. Eventually Twilight Sparkle comes to help Pinkie, but when she tells Pinkie she may not be able to handle it, she is sent packing and sent away. Pinkie thinks she gets the foals under control at one point, but they continue to misbehave and drive her insane. Realizing she can't take it anymore, Pinkie breaks down and cries in front of the foals, making them realize they went too far with their antics. The foals use a bag of flour to cover themselves in it and it makes Pinkie laugh as she and the foals finally get along. As Pinkie leans up, she states in a friendship report that being repsonsible isn't just fun and games and is very hard. The Cake's come home to see that Pinkie has taken care of the foals. Our episode ends with Pinkie being offered to become the babysitter of the foals, but doesn't take it until she hears Pund Cake and Pumpkin Cake say her name, and then gladly takes it. This was an excellent episode for Pinkie Pie. Granted this episode doesn't top Party of One, but this was a fun episode all round. We got to see Pinkie in a serious light, but unlike The Mysterious Mare Do Well where it came off as Out of Character, this came off perfectly. I loved Pinkie's acts throughout the episode like the flour gag and her attempts at stand up comedy. My only issue is that I wish Pinkie's friends were more active in this episode and went to see her at the end of the episode. All in all, a fun episode, plenty of great moments, and an awesome Pinkie Pie episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10
  • Woohoo!!! Pinkie Pie finally gets her own episode for Season 2

    Shortly after the one-month anniversary of the Cakes' twin toddlers' birth, Mr. and Mrs. Cake require a baby sitter when a big catering order needs filling. Pinkie Pie gladly accepts, but she soon finds out that the responsibilities of taking care of the young are greater than she expected. FINALLY!!! I'm back by giving an episode of MLP:FIM a PERFECT score. It does have a nit-pick but the only nit-pick that I have was that the babies crying and Pinkie Pie spilling flour all over herself to make them laugh was a tad annoying and a tad boring. Other than that, I LOVED this episode and definitely the best Season 2 episode I've ever seen in a while. Well... I can consider last week's episode "Family Appreciation Day" an excellent episode as well even though it did earn a 9.5 from me. Anyways, the only thing that I have noticed about this episode was that the writers used the same storyline back from Season 1. You know in the Season 1 episode "Stare Master" where Fluttershy volunteers to take care of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Fluttershy realizes that it is NOT easy babysitting. Well, the same thing happens with Pinkie Pie in this episode so that's another nit-pick of mine except I enjoy this one a little more than "Stare Master". The parts that did make me laugh were Pinkie Pie trying to sing "happy birthday" to the Cake family's babies at the hospital and the nurse keeps shushing Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie trying to change diapers and ends up having diapers on herself, Pinkie Pie trying to do stand-up comedy to entertain the babies and make them stop crying, Pinkie Pie dropping flour all over her to make the babies laugh (it was funny the first time but then it got old after that), and the babies dropping flour all over themselves when Pinkie Pie was crying and want to make her laugh. I felt bad for Pinkie Pie when was crying though because she is a cute and delicate pony (same as Fluttershy except Fluttershy is more sensitive than Pinkie Pie). Pinkie Pie's reactions throughout this episode were also very funny and I loved how Pinkie Pie decided to become the permanent babysitter after the babies said her name. I also love the fact that we learned Mr. and Mrs. Cakes' first name which were Carrot Cake (Mr. Cake) and Cup Cake (Mrs. Cake). Overall, even though the storyline was re-used from last season's episode "Stare Master", I loved this episode and it was better than "Stare Master" in my opinion and it's also awesome to give a PERFECT score for an episode of this show again. 10/10