My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 28, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Soo bad...

    This comeback for a season four is soo terrible that it could be as bad as the Disney sitcoms. Yes it's really that bad. The ponies transformations to vamps is soo bad that I'll watch Cool World than to waste my time with this. Note: I hate CW.
  • Finally, after two AWFUL episodes, a GOOD episode!

    I just love the Flutteshy episodes, they're in a special place deep down in my heart. The episode was boring until Vampire Shy, though, so I'll just take a point away. The end brought a tear of joy to my eye. A great episode! 8/10
  • A Concept With Some Bite, But With Writing That Is As Blind as a Bat

    From the summaries I read on Equestria Daily, I had hope that this episode would be promising, given the concept of the episode involves Applejack and Fluttershy having a conflict over how to handle a serious infestation of vampire fruit bats in AJ's farm (AJ wants the bats out of the farm, but Fluttershy doesn't want to seriously harm them). However, in the end the episode is somewhat of a mess.

    To me, the main problem with the episode is that its "plot" (the vampire fruit bat infestation) felt like it was thought up by the writer second, and that the first thing that she came up with was concept of Fluttershy becoming a vampire pony. As such, the vampire fruit bat situation feels more like something to set up Fluttershy having a "batty" persona instead of giving a proper telling (other hints to this include the hand wave of how the rest of the Apple Family is not in the episode and the idea of the rest of the Mane Six siding with Applejack's desire to get rid of the bats instead of giving Fluttershy a chance to utilize her idea). As for the "Flutterbat" aspect, part of me felt it could have been handled somewhat better. After all, while it does capture the "vampire" aspect (as in spooky), it only barely captures the "Fluttershy" aspect . her cuteness).

    The moral of the story: if you're doing a "gimmick" storyline (in this case, Vampire Fluttershy), make sure the storyline works as well instead of being something that would have worked better without said gimmick.
  • While not as good as Apple Family Reunion, this was pretty good.

    Ah, Merriweather Williams, we meet again I see. This time she's the one writing the Applejack episode. Not only is she writing Applejack in this episode, but Fluttershy as well. Considering Williams' consistancy, it's hard to tell which Williams will show up to write an episode. Remember, she wrote Mare Do Well and Spike at Your Service. Though she did write Hearth's Warming Ever, Wonderbolt Academy, and Dragon Quest, all of which are good episodes as well. Putting Your Hoof Down, the other episode she wrote, wasn't all that great either. So she's 3-3(3 good and 3 bad) going into this one. So which Merriweather showed up?

    Our story begins with Applejack being happy that it's Apple Bucking Day. Strange, I thought it was supposed to be Applebuck Season, but maybe it's something different this time around? She goes over a tree and hits it, but the apples turn out to be rotten and she realizes that something has come back for her orchards.

    She uses the bell in the barn to call the others and informs them that Vampire Fruit Bats have taken over the orchards and has to get rid of them, or else the entire crop will be ruined. Fluttershy tries to tell Applejack about the benefits of the bats and to build a sanctuary for them, but the others won't have any of it. Twilight finds a spell in the library about how to get the bats to leave the orchard alone, but she needs their full attention. Fluttershy is chosen to use her "Stare" on the bats, but she is reluctant since Vampire Fruit Bats actually don't do much harm. When told that she'll need to do it, or else there will be no crops left, she gives into the pressure and decides to do it.

    The gang gathers the bats to a single tree, where Fluttershy uses the stare and Twilight uses the spell. It seems to work and things seem to be alright now, but the next morning, there are more rotten apples around. Twilight proposes a stakeout to see who's responsible for this. Later that night, the gang being their search, but it's then revealed that Fluttershy has a sudden big craving for apples and her eyes turn red. The others see a large shadow overhead and try to see what it is, but it's too quick. Applejack then uses the signal she had to call the others over and it's there that the group realizes that Fluttershy has turned into a vampire, or as she's called in the show, Flutter-Bat.

    When the others fail to get Flutter-Bat to stop sucking the apple, Twilight realizes that it was their fault because the spell used to turn the Fruit Bats away from the apples actually infected Fluttershy and made her into a Vampire Fruit Bat. With nothing else left to do, Twilight gets an idea to use Fluttershy's own "Stare" on Flutter-Bat. Using a large apple she was hoping to enter into a fair, Applejack cuts it and the scent of juice makes Flutter-Bat fly over. The apple is pushed out of the way to reveal a mirror. She flies away, but sees more mirrors. Twilight then gets the chance and Fluttershy turns back to normal, much to the group's delight.

    The sanctuary is then built for the Vampire Fruit Bats and Applejack apologizes for how she acted in the first place. Later on, Spike writes a diary entry where Applejack learns that you shouldn't pressure others into doing something they don't want to and Fluttershy says that sometimes you need to say "no" to certain things and not fall to pressure from your friends. So our episode ends with Pinkie trying to eat an apple with fake fangs, but while the gang laughs, the camera pans in to reveal that it seems Fluttershy isn't entirely cured.

    So how did this episode compare to other Williams' episodes? Well, to be honest, it wasn't honestly all that bad and certainly better than Spike at Your Service and Mare Do Well. It wasn't anything I'd call best episode ever and this one doesn't come close to being as good as Apple Family Reunion, the other Applejack episode.

    The whole concept behind the Vampire Fruit Bats was pretty good and they did look pretty good. I also liked how Flutter-Bat's design was and it was pretty creepy for the show. Another highlight was, of course, the song it had. It's a little more foreboding than other songs we've heard. It's not all happy or anything, it's kind of creepy actually and a little menacing, which is a surprise considering every other song has been upbeat and had a happy feeling to it. As for the song itself, it's pretty good actually. Nothing I'll be humming to myself or anything, but I found it to be pretty good.

    In terms of humor, Pinkie stole the entire show with that once again. Seeing her play with her signal light and using her mane to just lift the light made me laugh. It was also funny to see her sing a small rendition of Winter Wrap Up with the bit about rounding up the bats.

    The moral itself isn't bad and it's certainly WAY better then how it was done in Mare Do Well. It doesn't try to shove it down our throats and it's not done in a horribly mean way like said episode.

    Flutter-Bat herself is pretty cool and I can see now the numerous Castlevania and MLP crossovers with Fluttershy being Dracula and Applejack being Simon Belmont. As I've said already, her design is not bad and pretty creepy.

    That being said though, I naturally have issues with this episode.

    For one thing, I think the others were a little too judgmental when it came to moving the fruit bats and ignoring Fluttershy. She clearly stated a lot of good things about them and how they can benefit the farm while saving the orchards at the same time. Instead, the others decide to ignore their friend, the animal expert herself, and get rid of them. Granted the others did realize their error in the end, but still though, it's not really enough. Fluttershy has proven herself time and time again that she's more than capable of dealing with animal situations like in Dragonshy. Seeing the others ignore her like this is OOC for me and I think it just makes the others seem like they don't care what Fluttershy had to offer.

    Speaking of OOC, aside from how some of the others acted, that honor actually goes to Rainbow Dash herself. The reason for that is because she's got her priorities in the wrong order. Caring more about saving the trees for some Apple Cider than her own friend's business just seems OOC to me. I mostly blame this on Williams since it seems every time she writes Rainbow Dash, she's pretty much always made OOC in some way. The only exception being Wonderbolt Academy. Pretty much though, cider was her only motivation to actually helping out, not because her friend's business was in danger.

    Overall, this isn't a really bad episode, but I don't consider this episode to be anywhere as good as Apple Family Reunion. It has a pretty good song and some good funny moments and the whole Flutter-Bat thing was good, but the way the group acts, especially Rainbow Dash(seriously, no cider was your biggest worry?), the Apple Family being absent for no reason, and Fluttershy just being ignored so easily like that brought the episode down. It's not a bad episode, but I don't see myself coming back to see this one over and over again. For me, this episode was good, nothing spectacular, but good.

    FINAL SCORE: 8/10
  • Twilight in Winter Wrap Up was right

    Twilight foresaw this episode for three years ago. Now here's a brandnew round of MLP FiM. This time the fruitbats return, but somehow Fluttershy transforms into a monster again. Now give us the Flutterdragon. There is a short but effective song in the classic style of Henry Selick and Tim Burton. There is bats, random Pinkie Pie moments and RoboTwilight. If you want something beside those newer bombastic CGI cartoons watch this more lighthearted episode with a cute Flutterbat. So here is something for all. 10/10
  • A great episode that gives Applejack and Fluttershy some time in the spotlight

    Snappy Dialogue, A great song, and everyone is in character. I loved this episode!