My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 6

Boast Busters

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 19, 2010 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

A pony who calls herself "The Great and Powerful Trixie" arrives in Ponyville and shows off some of her magic skills and brags that she is the greatest pony of all. Spike tries to convince Twilight to use her magic to put Trixie in her place, but Twilight fears that if she does, her friends will think that she is a show off.moreless

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  • Horrible

    This episode nearly made me quit the show. The first half of the first season was HORRIBLE, however the second half was pretty good, but the first half was not. This episode was so STUPID, it's a Trixie episode, and those episodes SUCK! But Dragonshy was worse. MUCH worse. 0/10
  • this is so frustrating

    i keep trying to play it but it just keeps bringing me to my netflix page! why won't it work??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LOVEEEE This episode

    What I loved about the episode was Twilight's behavior and her feelings towards standing up to Trixie. I like how she wanted to be more mature about the situation and how she didn't want to look like a braggart like Trixie.

    As much as I like Trixie, I kind of hated her in this episode because of how ungrateful she acted when Twilight saved Ponyville. Snips & Snails were annoying too.moreless
  • Another beautiful episode

    Like the last episode this one isn't one of my all time favorites, but it still had it's great moments. The episode begins with Twilight practicing spells on Spike and Spike praises her as the best magician ever. While walking around, the pair run into two small unicorn colts named Snips and Snails and tells of a new unicorn in town. The town ponies gather around to see a carriage and out pops a unicorn calling herself, The Great and Powerful Trixie. Trixie does some amazing tricks, but it has Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity scoffing at her boasting. Trixie takes on each pony with each one humiliated than the last. Rainbow is hit by lightning, Applejack is tied up by Trixie, and Rarity's mane goes seaweed green. Spike encourages Twilight to go and face Trixie, but fears she'll be rejected by the others if she displays her skills. Trixie then tells after the show that she fought and defeated an Ursa Major and it has Snips and Snails to have an idea. Late at night the colts go out and bring an Ursa Major into the town for Trixie to fight it. It turns out though that Trixie lied and now the town is in danger of being destroyed. Twilight finally builds up the courage the defeat the Ursa Major by putting it back to sleep and leading it back to the Everfree Forest. The ponies cheer, but Twilight apologizes for showing off in front of her friends. They tell her that they are proud and that they didn't like Trixie since she was all talk. They then find out that what they fought was actually an Ursa Minor and it causes Trixie to scoff at her and take off from town. Rainbow gives chase, but Twilight calls her off stating that maybe Trixie will learn her lesson one day. Snips and Snails are punished for bringing the Ursa Minor into town and are forced to clean up the mess and both of them, including Spike, are given mustaches. Twilight learns that she should be proud of her skills and the episode ends with Spike telling that he may now have a shot with Rarity. This was a great episode, but certainly not without flaws. Granted it did have plenty of great moments like the mustache growing and the tricks Trixie pulled on the other ponies were funny as well. My only issue was that Trixie's boasting went way to far. It got annoying to say the least. I also wish Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie would be in this episode. Aside from that this is another excellent episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10moreless
  • Good episode (I guess) but there's really nothing exciting about this episode

    I thought that this was just a good but average episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". The plot is decent and all but this episode just lacked most of it and it could have improved much more. This episode is good (I guess) but there are far more better My Little Pony episodes than this one. Nothing really funny in this episode also. I only laughed at the green hair joke and Spike with his mustache (beginning and end). The rest of the episode was good (kinda... not really but I'm just being generous). That Trixie character was getting really annoying in this episode acting like a show-off and is probably the main reason why my score is low. Trixiw bragging about how awesome she is was just getting on my nerves (like it was really annoying). Also, those two dinosaurs waking up that blue monster was a little annoying as well. Twilight saving the day was also good but it was kinda bugged me that Trixie still can't accept it. So yeah, this episode was, not really.... I mean, it wasn't bad, it's just that.... um.... well, not really developed enough to be an excellent episode and Trixie was annoying. Overall, this episode was good (I guess) but not the best of this show so far and one of the show's weakest episodes... to be honest, I'm kinda being generous with this episode because there really is nothing exciting about this episode. 7/10moreless

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