My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 30, 2013 on The Hub

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  • The New Writer goes for a Scooby Doo approach, and it pays off

    This episode had some funny moments, we get to learn a bit more about the castle, and it ultimately felt like I was watching a scooby doo episode. My only complaint is that the set up is utterly contrived. The characters

    ' reasons for being at the castle (besides Twilight) are either odd or just an excuse to throw a character into the episode. Otherwise, a fun episode.

  • What A Wacky and Hilarious Ride!

    The ponies all head to Celestia and Luna's old castle, each of them with a different reason for being there. But soon, strange stuff starts to happen and the ponies start to believe that the castle is haunted. This episode is awesome!!! I thought almost every moment of the episode is absolutely fantastic. The storyline was very good and there were so many hilarious moments in this episode. I was laughing hard from start to finish with this episode. It definitely made up for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Season 4 Premiere having a huge lack of humor. The humor is excellent and the storyline to all of the ponies except for Pinkie Pie exploring the castle thinking it was haunted was very satisfying and wild. It kinda sucks that Pinkie Pie was only in the beginning and the end of this episode... yeah, I'm not kidding, her role is that small in this episode but I feel like if she was in the castle, she would've added more craziness to the adventure. Oh well, by the way that's NOT a negative I have with this episode. My only issues with this episode was how Twilight is so focused on her book and just acted normal to the sounds in the castle thinking everyone is crazy. Um Twilight, I think you're crazy right now lmao. I also found it extremely predictable that it would be Pinkie Pie that played the organs. Like seriously!!! who else would be at the castle and she was the only pony NOT in the castle. If there was a mystery that maybe Granny Smith was playing it or some other minor character in the show was playing it, it would've been better and much less predictable too. Pinkie Pie playing the organ was hilarious though, it still bugged me that it was way too obvious it would be Pinkie Pie. I had a blast watching this episode overall. Season 4 is pretty good so far and we are only 3 episodes in. 9/10
  • Scooby Doo meets the FiM cast and in a good way!

    The season premier of FiM sure left a big pair of shoes to fill, especially now that we've got a new story arc and everything. So how does this follow up to the season premier hold up?

    Our episode begins with Twilight back in the Ponyville Library and is looking for clues about the mysterious chest, but can't find any. Spike then gets a message and both he and Twilight read it to find out that Princess Celestia suggests going back to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters to get more answers. The two of them head out and they soon find the castle's library, which Twilight is excited to see and begins investigating. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are competing for most daring pony, with Pinkie Pie as judge. After a failed "Bee-staring" contest and both end up being tied, Pinkie leaves to go test the new school bell and Applejack decides to settle this contest by going into the castle where Twilight and Spike are. Rainbow agrees to this and they both go off. In the Everfree Forest, Rarity, Fluttershy, and, for some reason, Angel are going to the castle as well because Rarity wants to restore some of the precious artwork and banners in there, which Fluttershy reluctantly agrees to. They all soon get to the castle, but they don't see each other, and they go their separate ways. Rainbow Dash and Applejack run off while Fluttershy gives chase to Angel who ran away. Back in the library, both Spike and Twilight are surprised to see Angel, which causes Spike to tip in his chair and reveal a secret room. In there, Twilight finds Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's diary and begins reading it for clues about the chest. Meanwhile, Applejack tells Rainbow about the Pony of Shadows, a legend that not all of Nightmare Moon was sent to the moon and now parts of her haunt this castle. At first it's shrugged off, but there's a hooded pony around an organ and when they start playing it, several traps go off across the castle. The wall Fluttershy is on flips, a trap door causes Applejack to go to another room, and one of the throne room chairs causes Rarity to be sent outside the castle. Soon, panic sets in to everypony and they all start screaming and running around like mad. When Twilight finally(yeah, she was oblivious this whole time about the noises, even the organ playing) realizes something is wrong, her, Spike, and Angel go out to the main lobby to see Rainbow bouncing all over the place, Rarity sobbing hysterically, Applejack panicking like mad, and Fluttershy trying to save who she thought was Angle under a collapsed pillar. Twilight causes them all to stop and everypony realizes that they were just overreacting. But they all suddenly hear the organ play and Rainbow thinks it's the Pony of Shadows. When they all go investigate, they pull the robe off to reveal Pinkie. She explains that her job was done early and wanted to do a party in the castle. They all go back to the secret room in the library and they learn to not let their fears get the best of them. It's then that Twilight decides to actually start doing a diary for her and her friends to write in. They all agree to this and the episode ends with it panning out to none other than the Pony of Shadows.

    I found this episode to be funny and very zany. It was just full of complete insanity and so much weirdness, but not in a bad way at all. One thing this episode did do is remind me a lot of a Scooby Doo episode, Hassle in the Castle. A lot of the same elements are in this episode from that episode. A castle full of traps, a ghost in what looked like a bed sheet, and its in an old and crumbling castle, this episode is pretty much a dead ringer of Hassle in the Castle from Scooby Doo. The only way it could be more similar is if they had another phantom laughing manically and got the guy who voiced The Phantom from that episode in it.

    Speaking of traps, good grief, I have really got to ask who in their right mind designed this castle? You couldn't go a single step without activating a trap or something. If you stepped on a tile you activated a trap, if you leaned back in a chair, you activated a trap, if you play an organ note you activate a trap. Hell, I'm surprised if you sneeze, you don't activate a trap. Sheesh, no wonder this castle was abandoned. I guess the guards got so angry about the numerous tricks and traps that they went on strike until they got to a new castle with no traps. Seriously, who designed this castle?

    In terms of humor, I loved how Pinkie was acting this entire episode. From her playing the Charge theme you'd hear in a baseball game, to her ringing the bell with her head, it was just hilarious. Seeing the numerous traps was also pretty good. And I did laugh at when Fluttershy thought Angle died from a collapsing pillar. Yes, I am a horrible person for saying that, but it made me laugh a little. And as I said before, this episode was zany and insane.

    We also get to see a possible new villain, the Shadow Poies. Considering its part of Nightmare Moon, could we possibly see her return a third time? It's really hard to say considering the writers are being radio silent about it and personally, I think Shadow Ponies could be a major villain and be saved for the season finale.

    If I have anything negative to say, it's that I thought Twilight was being a little bit too oblivious about what was happening in the castle and was being ignorant about Spike's concerns. Jeez Twilight, at least show you do care instead of being so wrapped up in a book. Another thing, I felt that it was strange that none of the other characters could hear each other, even if they are only feet away from each other. They'll be screaming, but yet they don't hear each other. Are these characters partially Deaf or something?

    I still got a good kick out of this episode and thought it was full of laughs and insanity. It's a great episode that reminds me of a Scooby Doo episode and we got to see a potential new villain. Whether we'll see Shadow Ponies again is up to the writers, but we'll have to wait and see.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • Ready or Not

    I liked this episode and I love every episode that I have watched and I can't stop watching these episode. I never thought or would ever think of making a episode of that old castle from season 1 and that both Luna and Celestia once lived there. I thought the Shadow ponies would appear and kinda attack Rainbow dash, Fluttershy and the rest and that Twilight would save them but, no :o!

    The most fun of this episode was that the pinkie was the one playing the creepy music all the time hehe.. I guessed that It was either her or one of the shadow ponies hihih.. Great episode for me atleast :D
  • Happy Belated Halloween

    At last a new MLP Halloween episode is out. This episode got leaked at the start of this week. So watch out for early leaks and fake screenshots. The six ponies, Angel and Spike are going to the old castle where we finally found out that Princess Luna and Princess Celestia lived there. There in the castle the shadow ponies are told to be around. Watch out for the ending, as it might be a clue for the return of Starswirl the Bearded. The animation has really improved since S1. It's not any MLP episode I want to watch over and over, but some good old fun haunted place special. 8/10
  • Not the best

    This episode is for one not the best but is still good. There are some funny moments besides Pinkie being her stupid self. But the episode is still good and gets a solid 7/10.
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