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The show confuses me so much on this subject because in the movie they go to high school and in the show most of them work and live on their own :(
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Apr 30, 2016
I like to think that, because they are referred to as ponies, not fillies or mares, they would be in a late adolescence/teen age range. This being based one human standards of course. If the writers of the show stick closely to the actual aging of horses, I would guess the main six are ten to fifteen... Pure speculation of course :p
Jan 30, 2014
Well it's hard to tell if your comparing the show with the movie. But I would say that they're most likely around 17 - 20. It's possible that between earth and equestria that their ages actually change and more than likely social rules are much different such as the legal age of being an adult.

And here's the confusing part. It's possible that they tell time in a different way than we do like a day to them might actually be 19 hours or something. A year could only be a hundred days or more than our normal 365.

It's an interesting topic to discuss.
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