My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 4

Daring Don't

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 07, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Most Underrated Episode since The Crystal Empire

    I say underrated because half of the fandom hates the fact that Daring Do is a real character. If you want my full opinion, watch TheMysteriousMrEnter's review of the episode. I feel the exact same way he does about it.
  • New Favorite episode

    This is now my favorite episode because it is probably coolest yet
  • Fimfiction the episode

    Don't Mine At Night, Daring Dont' and Ponies The Anthology III as a 40 years Birthday present this weekend whoa! Daring Do comes back in style after one Winter where Rainbow Dash read about Daring Do in the hospital. At last Daring Do is a real character that Rainbow Dash follows. To think that a jungle and some old temples lies just outside Canterlot. Now Daring Do must protect a golden ring with some kind of hidden power. The ending leads to an open road for more Daring Do episodes, so maybe we will see Daring Do's dad. There are adventure and action enough in 20 minutes to make Harrison Ford proud. A lot of action with some heart warming moments too. There are a lot of poking fun at the Bronies in this episode. The 1980's shoutouts continues on saturday with a Chariots of Fire like episode with the CMC at the Equestria Games.

  • The return of Daring Do

    When I first heard about this episode, I was pretty excited about it and was looking forward to it. A Daring Do episode sounded like possibly one of the best ideas ever. The trailers and pics we saw only increased the hype and made me more excited than ever. So without further ado, let's take a look at it.

    It all starts with Rainbow Dash being all excited that the next Daring Do book series is coming out soon. She goes to Twilight Sparkle's library, where her and all her friends are celebrating a Random Holiday Party hosted by Pinkie Pie. Rainbow tells Twilight she's ready for the next book, but is shocked when she's told the book will be delayed an additional two months by the author, . Yearling. When Rainbow hears that Twilight knows where Yearling lives, she convinces all her friends to go to her house and help the author write the book. At said house, they find that the house itself is torn apart and the whole place is in shambles. During the investigation, the group is interrupted by none other that . Yearling herself, who ignores their claims they didn't wreck the house. Rainbow tries to help get the book started, Twilight pulls her out of the house, with the others following, and scolds Rainbow that Yearling wants to be left alone. Pinkie then sees a group of robbers entering the house and go to see what will happen through the window. It's then that Yearling pulls out a mystic ring and she's confronted by the robbers. She then throws off her clothes to reveal she's none other than the real Daring Do herself. Shocked by this, Rainbow and the others can only watch in shock as they see Daring fight the robbers, but they get away with the ring. Fluttershy then suggests they all go to check on the injured Daring do, which they do so. Daring is asked if she wants help, which she refuses to because she works alone and goes off by herself. Twilight and Rainbow discuss about the ring and discover that the lead robber wants to sell it to Daring Do's nemesis, Ahuizotl, so he can use it to rule over his valley fortress for over 800 years. Determined to help her hero, Rainbow takes off without her friends and they're forced to catch up with her. Rainbow is successful in finding Daring, but she tells her to leave her alone. Rainbow constantly follows her though and acts all fan-girly around Daring, much to the irritation of the explorer. Later that night, they both find the camp of the robbers, who want to sell the ring they stole to Daring Do's nemesis, Ahuizotl. Daring tells Rainbow to stay so she can get the artifact before it's too late. She tries to buy the ring back, but Ahuizotl himself shows up and a small scuffle between him and Daring takes place. Rainbow brings Daring her hat, but she's too busy fighting off Ahuizotl's cat minions. Ahuizotl takes notice of Rainbow's presence and captures her, along with his minions capturing Daring Do. Rainbow is released and vows to help Daring, but she states that she's done more than enough as she's taken to Ahuizotl's fortress to complete his plan. Rainbow realizes she really messed up and feels depressed about it. Her friends then come by and they are told what's happened to Daring. They try to cheer up Rainbow, but she says she realizes that Twilight was right about leaving Daring alone. Twilight states though that they can still help out and they all go to Ahuizotl's fortress to help Daring. The explorer herself is held captive in a room filling with water and is chained to a wall. She manages to get one stone holding her loose and tries to fly off, but Rainbow comes in to save her. They both then head for Ahuizotl's throne room, which he's getting ready to place the ring on top of a group of other rings to finalize his plans. Rainbow and Daring try to get the rings off a stick, which will cause the fortress to collapse while the others try get the last ring from Ahuizotl. A fight occurs over the last ring while Rainbow and Daring slowly get the bottom ring removed. Ahuizotl gets the last ring, but is too late to stop Rainbow and Daring in removing the last ring, which causes the place to collapse. After Ahuizotl vows that he'll have revenge, Daring and Rainbow talk to each other. Daring states that having somepony around to help her wouldn't be too bad and she and Rainbow begin a new friendship. A couple days later, Rainbow is given a package and our episode concludes with her finding none other then the new Daring Do book that she got a week early from "Yearling", with Rainbow on the cover as well.

    Personally, I really, really enjoyed it. We not only confirm in this episode that Daring Do is real, but so is her archenemy, Ahuizotl. There was a lot of action in it, along with some very hilarious moments like Pinkie Pie leaving a paint trail while on the way to . Yearling's house and using a ring as a hula hoop. We also got to see a fan favorite return, the Dash "so awesome" face. A really nice shout out to longtime fans of the show such as me.

    The whole thing about Daring Do being Yearling didn't really surprise me though. Truth be told, I had a feeling that Yearling was Daring Do, even before the episode came out. I'm not criticizing the episode for reusing something like that, but I did figure that Yearling was Daring Do.

    As for Ahuizotl, he really reminds me of a James Bond villain. The way he leaves Daring Do alone in a trap that's overall really complicated and how over the top he is really does remind me of one. I almost expect him to say, "I don't expect you to talk Miss Do, I expect you to die!" But then again, this is a kids' show, so I guess that wouldn't have flied.

    I do have one big problem with this episode though, and it's one that seems to happen to a lot in episodes that center on this character.

    Rainbow Dash, herself.

    Rainbow once again shows why I don't really look forward to her episodes the most. Yes, this did have Daring Do in it, but she got on my nerves in this episode. Acting all impulsive, constantly getting in the way, and overall just not really thinking before acting just didn't help me like her in this episode. Granted, she did eventually learn her lesson for the most part and taught Daring Do that sometimes having help is important. Still though, the damage was already done and it really just didn't help her character at all.

    And before I get a comment stating that Rainbow Dash was overexcited to meet her hero, let me state this. Rainbow Dash did NOT act so overexcited when she met the Wonderbolts in the episode, "Wonderbolt Academy" and kept a really cool head when she was around Spitfire, one of her idols. So what excuse is there in this? None if you ask me.

    This is why I really don't look forward to Rainbow Dash centric episodes the most, it's because she pretty much always acts like this all the time. There was really no development to her character like in most of her episodes(except for Read it and Weep, Griffon the Brush Off, and possibly Wonderbolt Academny). It's episodes like this is the reason I'm not that big of a Rainbow Dash fan at all.

    In fact, I dare say Rainbow Dash really reminded me of Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I'm sure you all know who this character is and how annoying he was. Well, to me, Rainbow was almost on the same level of annoyance as that kid in this episode. The only way it could've been more obvious is if she shouted "Doctor Do!" a lot. Rainbow just didn't do much in this episode to make me like her.

    Now don't get me wrong, I liked this episode a lot. But Rainbow really sunk it for me in this episode. If it was more about the others as well instead of 80% of the episode being about Rainbow, then I could be more lenient. Instead, Rainbow Dash just left a pretty bad taste in my mouth in an otherwise really great episode. I just hope this is the only Rainbow Dash episode we get this season and if there is another one, hopefully it will be better then how she was portrayed in this episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • AWESOME!!!

    This episode was AMAZING!!! Screw it, Season 2 isn't the best season anymore, Season 4 is now the best season. And screw it, Hurricane Fluttershy is not the best episode anymore, THIS is now the best episode.

    This episode was hilarious. I enjoyed ALL of the jokes. I know this episode will become famous all over youtube, so deal with it, Non-Bronies! I love how they made Rainbow Dash look like a fangirl for the entire episode, it shows us she's not ALWAYS a hothead.

    This episode had hundreds, thousands, milions, BILLIONS of funny gags. I laughed my ass off the entire way through. This episode is the best episode ever. I'm not even gonna lie, it really is.

    Overall score: 10/10 (AWESOME!!!)