My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • School Raze Part 2
      Episode 26

      While Twilight and the others try to escape Tartatus, the students try to think of a way to stop Cozy Glow from taking over the school.

    • School Raze Part 1
      Episode 25

      When all the magic in Equestria starts disappearing, Twilight believes that it's the work of Tirek, so she and the others head to Tartaus to talk to him about it, only to get trapped inside. Meanwhile, Chancellor Neighsay believes that with Twilight out of the way, it's the perfect chance for him to become new headmare at the school, but another pony has other plans.

    • Father Knows Beast
      Episode 24

      A dragon named Sludge arrives in Ponyville, claiming to be Spike's father. While Spike is excited about meeting an actual member of his family, Twilight and Smolder believe that Sludge isn't really who he says he is.

    • Sounds of Silence
      Episode 23

      Applejack and Fluttershy are sent to a village that is home to a group of creatures called Kirins, who have all taken a vow of silence out of fear that they will hurt each others' feelings.

    • What Lies Beneath
      Episode 21

      While studying for an upcoming test, the students stumble across a secret passageway underneath the school. While investigating it, they get trapped and must pass an even bigger test if they want to escape.

    • 9/15/18

      Rockhoof, one of the legendary pillars, is having trouble fitting in to the modern world, so Twilight and the others try to help him find something that is perfect for him.

    • The Washouts
      Episode 20

      Scootaloo starts to idolize an extreme sports team called the Washouts which causes Rainbow Dash to worry that her days as Scootaloo's hero are over.

    • 9/1/18

      Starlight joins Trixie on a road trip to Saddle Arabia, where Trixie is putting on a big magic show. But the two best friends soon get into a few mishaps along the way.

    • The End in Friend
      Episode 18

      Rainbow Dash and Rarity start to question their friendship when they discover that they don't have anything in common. It's soon put to the test when Twilight ask them to look for an ancient artifact that was stolen.

    • 8/11/18

      Twilight is shocked when she finds out that the Flim Flam brothers have opened up their own friendship school and is even more surprised to discover that her idol, Starswirl the Bearded, has enrolled in it.

    • The Mean 6
      Episode 16

      Queen Chrysalis has returned to get revenge by creating evil clones of the mane six and sicking them on a friendship retreat that Twilight has made.

    • Marks for Effort
      Episode 15

      The Cutie Mark Crusaders really want to be students at the School of Friendship, but Twilight tells them that they already know everything there is to know about friendship. So now the three fillies try to think of different ways for them to get into the school.

    • Yakity-Sax
      Episode 14

      Pinkie Pie has discovered a new hobby, playing a Yak instrument know as the yovidphone. The only problem is that she's not very good at it. And when her friends tell her this, Pinkie Pie becomes so depressed that she starts to consider moving away.

    • The Hearth's Warming Club

      The students' Hearth's Warming celebrations are put on hold when a prank causes all of the school's decorations to be ruined. While Twilight tries to figure out who the culprit is, the students talk about the different ways they celebrate the holidays.

    • Molt Down
      Episode 13

      Spike starts to develop some strange symptoms that he learns are part of the "Molt," which is something all young dragons go through. Spike than begins to worry when he finds out about one "Molt" side-effect that causes a dragon to leave home.

    • A Matter of Principals

      Twilight has to go out of town and puts Starlight in charge of the school while she's away. Starlight seems to have everything under control, until Discord, who's jealous that Twilight didn't pick him to be in charge, decides to use his magic to make things difficult.

    • The Mean 6
      The Mean 6
      Episode 11


    • 5/19/18

      Big Macintosh is excited about spending his first Hearts and Hooves Day with Sugar Belle. That is until he overhears her saying that she's planning on breaking up with him. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle believes that she has a secret admirer and tries to figure out who it is.

    • 5/12/18

      Applejack and Rainbow Dash's competitiveness takes a turn for the worst when they take their students on a field trip to teach them about teamwork and they compete over who's the best one to do it.

    • The Parent Map
      Episode 8

      Starlight and Sunburst head off to the town that they grew up in to try and solve a problem involving their parents.

    • Horse Play
      Episode 7

      Twilight decides to put on a play and asks Princess Celestia to be the lead role. But after seeing that the princess has no acting skills, Twilight tries to think of a way to help her without telling her the truth.

    • Surf and/or Turf
      Episode 6

      The Cutie Mark Crusaders are sent to help a young hippogriff named Terramar who is having trouble deciding if he wants to live on land as a hippogriff or live underwater as a seapony. Things don't get any easier when the Crusaders can't decide either when they discover how amazing both worlds are.

    • 4/14/18

      Rainbow Dash volunteers to chaperone for Granny Smith and her friends on their trip to Las Pegasus so she can get the chance to ride a popular roller coaster. But she may not have time for it as she has trouble keeping track of the elderly ponies.

    • 4/7/18

      Rarity asks Fluttershy to take care of her shop in Manehattan while she attends an important fashion show. In order to please all the customers, Fluttershy takes on a number of different personalities, but she soon starts to get carried away with it and it's up to Rarity and the others to try and snap her out of it.

    • The Maud Couple
      Episode 3

      Pinkie Pie is surprised when Maud reveals that she has a boyfriend and she starts to worry that this will cut into their sisterly bonding time.

    • 3/24/18

      After the school gets shut down, Twilight and her friends try to think of  a way to reopen it. But they soon have bigger problems when they learn that their students have run away.

    • 3/24/18

      Twilight decides to open up her own school so that she and her friends can teach many species about the magic of friendship. But problems soon arise when the lessons being taught start to get boring for the students.

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