My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Saturday 10:30 AM on The Hub Premiered Oct 10, 2010 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • 10/28/17

      The ponies are successful in freeing Starswirl from his dimensional prison. But in doing so, they accidentally release the evil Pony of Shadows as well. Now they must team up with Starswirl and think of a way to stop the Pony of Shadows for good.

    • 10/28/17

      The ponies stumble across an old journal that once belonged to Twilight's idol, Starswirl the Bearded. It talks about how Starswirl got trapped in another dimension while trying to defeat an evil foe. Now the ponies try to think of a way to set the famous wizard free.

    • Uncommon Bond
      Episode 24

      Starlight starts to worry about her friendship with Sunburst when he comes for a visit and she notices that he has more in common with her friends than with her.

    • Secrets and Pies
      Episode 23

      Pinkie Pie is shocked when she discovers that Rainbow Dash threw away a pie she gave her and she tries to figure out why her friend would do such a thing.

    • 10/7/17

      Twilight goes on a zeppelin cruise with her family and is looking forward to spending time with them. That is until she finds out that the cruise has a theme where the passengers get to spend the day with her.

    • 9/30/17

      The Cutie Mark Crusaders open up their own cutie mark day camp so they can help as many ponies as possible. But they soon have problems when one camper, Rumble, admits that he never wants to get a cutie mark and he tries to get the other campers to think the same.

    • 9/23/17

      Fluttershy becomes determined to help Zecora when she comes down with a rare disease known as "Swamp fever," despite the fact that there is no known cure.

    • 9/16/17

      As Rarity gets ready for a photo shoot with a famous fashion magazine, she accidentally mistakes a bottle of removal potion for her shampoo and it causes half of her mane to fall out. Now she tries to hide it from everyone while also trying to find a way to fix it in time for the shoot.

    • Daring Done
      Episode 18

      Rainbow Dash is shocked when she finds out that A.K. Yearling has announced that her next 'Daring Do' book will be her last. So Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie go and visit the author and find out why she's retiring.

    • 9/2/17

      Starlight and Trixie head to the Changeling hive where they try to help Thorax with his brother, Pharynx, who refuses to take part in the new lifestyle of the Changelings.

    • Campfire Tales
      Episode 16

      The Cutie Mark Crusaders are disappointed when their big camping trip is ruined by a swarm of fly-ders. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity try to cheer the little fillies up by telling them stories about their favourite legends.

    • Triple Threat
      Episode 15

      When Spike accidentally invites both Ember and Thorax to Ponyville on the same day, he tries to make sure that the two don't bump into each other out of fear that they won't get along.

    • 8/12/17

      After finding her old friendship journal, Twilight decides to have it published, hoping that its readers will learn from the friendship lessons she and her friends all wrote. But Twilight starts to regret it when she and the others get hounded by fans who seem more interested in how they acted in the journal than the actual lessons.

    • The Perfect Pear
      Episode 13

      Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Macintosh all discover a shocking secret about their parents while learning about the feud between the Apple Family and the Pear Family.

    • Discordant Harmony
      Episode 12

      When Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea, he starts to worry that she won't feel comfortable there. So he uses his magic to try and make the realm look more normal, but it comes with disastrous results.

    • 6/17/17

      The yaks invite Pinkie Pie to a festival at their village. But during the festivities, a huge avalanche covers the entire village in snow. Pinkie Pie suggests going to her pony friends for help, but the prideful yaks refuse and try to fix the problem themselves.

    • A Royal Problem
      Episode 10

      For the first time ever, Starlight is summoned by the cutie map. It sends her to Canterlot where a dispute is going on between Celestia and Luna when the two start to believe that the other doesn't appreciate their hard work. Starlight tries to help by using a spell that switches the princesses' cutie marks so they can get a better understanding at what the other goes through during the day.

    • Honest Apple
      Episode 9

      Rarity convinces Applejack to be one of the judges in an upcoming fashion show. However, Applejack's tendency to be too honest might put a damper on things.

    • 5/27/17

      While tagging along with Big Macintosh as he makes a delivery to Starlight's old village, the Cutie Mark Crusaders find out that he has a crush on Sugar Belle and they try to help him get her attention.

    • 5/20/17

      After finding out that their daughter is now a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash's parents start showing up at all of her events so they can cheer her on. However, Rainbow Dash is not happy about this as all of her parents' cheering starts to embarrass her.

    • Forever Filly
      Episode 6

      Rarity starts to believe that she and Sweetie Belle don't spend enough time together, so she plans a fun day just for the two of them. But when she sees that Sweetie Belle isn't interested in any of the activities she has planned, Rarity soon realizes that her little sister isn't so little anymore.

    • 5/6/17

      Fluttershy decides to fulfil her dream of opening up her own animal sanctuary. But she soon runs into problems when the ponies she hired to help her ignore all of her ideas and try to create the sanctuary their way.

    • 4/29/17

      After graduating from University, Maud reveals that she's thinking about moving to Ponyville. To make sure it actually happens, Pinkie Pie decides to show her sister all of the great stuff Ponyville has to offer and even tries to help her make a new friend.

    • 4/22/17

      Twilight volunteers to babysit little Flurry Heart while Cadance and Shining Armour head to an art show. But Twilight soon finds taking care of her little niece to be difficult as she also promised to entertain some sick foals at the hospital.

    • All Bottled Up
      Episode 2

      While Twilight and the others are at a friendship retreat, Starlight and Trixie accidentally cast a spell that makes the cutie map disappear. Although she is angry about the whole thing, Starlight decides to use a spell to bottle up her anger for fear that Trixie won't like her anymore if she lashes out.

    • Celestial Advice
      Episode 1

      Princess Celestia gives Twilight some helpful advice when she starts to worry about Starlight's future as her student.

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