My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 24

Equestria Games

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 03, 2014 on The Hub
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The Equestia Games are finally here and Spike is put in charge of lighting the torch during the opening ceremony. But the small dragon's nerves get the better of him and Twilight has to help him out. Spike then tries to do something else for the games to prove to everyone that he can do things by himself.


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  • Here we go again

    Two episodes to go before S4 ends. Look out for the S4 ending spoilers. In this episode Spike must fire the flame for the Equestria Games, and try to sing. Many ponies including the Saddle Arabian horses returns, and the griffons too. So I guess in S5 the Griffon Kingdom and Saddle Arabia will be shown. Fan fiction favorite BG pony Pokey Pierce from Call of the Cutie returns too in a bigger role, and I guess next Season he might have bigger roles. Some great and light fun before the major S4 ending next saturday.

  • Let the Games Begin!

    It's time to conclude the double dose of Spike episodes, with an arc that's been going on since season three: the Equestria Games. Starting out with the episode, Games Ponies Play, we've seen the Crystal Empire be the city chosen to host the games, to qualifying, and so on. What better way to end it then with the dragon who saved the Crystal Empire himself, Spike.

    This time, Dave Polsky is the one to write the final chapter in this arc. While he has written Spike a few times as a side character, he's never written him as a main focus. However, the times we do see Spike written by Polsky, he comes off pretty strong and competent. So can this episode be just as strong or better than last week's episode? You're all here to take a look, so let's get started.

    We begin with a train headed for the Crystal Empire, with one of the train cars showing the Ponyville Team training and preparing themselves for the upcoming games. Rainbow steps forward and gives a bit of a pep talk about how big of a deal representing Ponyville is and says to give it their all, even though she tells them it would be nice to win lots of medals. After the train arrives and everypony departs it, we see Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders checking on the luggage. Apple Bloom asks about if everything is there, but before Spike can say anything, two Crystal Empire Guards take him away. The guards take Spike to the castle, where Princess Cadence and Twilight are there to greet them.

    Princess Cadence and Twilight escort Spike inside the palace and is told that Spike is a big shot around the Empire for his heroism. He's being called, "Spike the Brave and Glorious", he's having food served to him, and even has a statue for himself. Now that's how you treat a hero. Princess Cadence then says she wants Spike to have the honor of being the first dragon in the Equestria Games to light the opening torch. Alright Cadence, I know I've blasted you in the past for not inviting Spike to welcome the Games Inspector, but you're on my good side now with that decision.

    We cut to the games, where the representatives are preparing to go out and Spike and Miss Harshwinny are discussing about the torch ceremony. Spike explains he understands what to do, but when he goes out and sees the thousands of ponies in the stands, fear paralyzes him. Miss Harshwinny has Spike be pushed up the ladder to light the torch, but when he tries to do it, nothing happens. Cadence and Twilight notice something's wrong and the former sends a guard out to help. Twilight, not wanting to see Spike be hurt and embarrassed, uses her magic to secretly light the torch up. The crowd cheers, but Spike feels empty about the whole thing.

    Outside the stadium, the rest of the Mane 7 are waiting for their friends and family. After the CMC are congratulated each by their sisters, Twilight comes forward and asks her friends about what happened with Spike, to which they say that Spike was looking scared, but he came through. Twilight confesses that she was the one who lit the torch with magic, which makes her think Spike will be upset. Spike himself then shows up and when asked if he was feeling upset about what happened, he says though that he's happy because he believe he can light stuff on fire and thinks he can mind read as well. Who knew Spike was such a pyromaniac? After giving an autograph to two passing Crystal Ponies, Spike is pulled aside by Twilight and explains he can't light stuff on fire with his mind, making him disappointed and walks away in shame.

    We cut back to inside the stadium, where the Arial Relay is about to begin. Wait a minute. There were ponies leaving the stadium after the torch being lit, so why did everypony leave? What point was there to seeing them outside the stadium when they were going right back inside to see the games? Oh, forget it. Anyway, we see the same bodyguard from From Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls direct Rarity to a magic disruptor scanner to prevent unicorns from helping the teams cheat. Meanwhile, Spike goes to see Miss Harshwinny, who says he wants to do something else to honor the Crystal Empire, to which she shrugs him off and says next he'll want to perform in a rock bad. This gives Spike another idea.

    After the relay race, we see that the Griffon team placed for the Bronze, Ponyville for Silver, and Cloudsdale for Gold. Shining Armor announces it's time for the Cloudsdale Anthem to be sung, to which Spike himself announces he'll sing it. It's here we learn why Spike has never had a song at all. As you can imagine, his singing is less than stellar. It sounds like he's going through puberty or something. I wouldn't really call this a song since it doesn't last long. This naturally leads to the crowd being silent.

    We then cut to Spike in a room, packing things up. The CMC show up and try to have Spike come see the closing ceremonies, but he doesn't want to because he's let everypony down. Back at the games, we see the final event is Ice Archery, which involves special arrows that freeze any target it hits. Twilight comes down and tries to find Spike, but the CMC say that he's not coming. Pinkie still offers her his seat, but Twilight is already gone. Back at the room, Twilight confronts Spike about what happened and has him come with her to the games.

    They go back to the games and Twilight tries to get Spike to be happy, but Spike says he let everypony down and says that Twilight's never let anypony down before. Suddenly, one of the archers trips and shoots an ice arrow up into the sky and into a cloud, which turns into a big ice cloud. Rainbow has every pegasi come to help, but the weight is too great and the guards say turning off the magic disabler would take too much time. Spike then orders Rainbow and Fluttershy to get away. He then uses some Mario style platforming by jumping on a few pegasi before leaping and using his fire breath to melt the ice cloud. He lands on the ground and pulls out an umbrella to cover himself from the brief rain shower and everypony cheers for him. What a boss Spike is.

    Everypony, including the princesses, show up to congratulate Spike. However, he says he was just doing what needed to be done. At first it seems he's being very humble, but Twilight figures out that Spike said he let everypony down, but only he is disappointed in himself and must find it in himself to get over his depression. Princess Cadence offers Spike the chance to light up the fireworks during the closing ceremonies, to which he agrees to.

    So the closing ceremonies come and we hear Spike monologue to himself about how being famous may be good, but not feeling confident about your fame doesn't mean anything if you can't do anything. So our episode ends with the fireworks launching and the sky exploding with fireworks.

    Well now that the final chapter in the Equestria Games arc is done, did it end on a high note? I can say proudly the episode is really good and has some memorable things. Spike being seen as a hero to the Crystal Empire and seeing the citizens cheer for him not only recognizes his heroism, it's also good character development for him. What I mean is that when his nerves get the best of him when lighting the torch, he wants to make the kingdom he saved proud and doesn't want to make the citizens feel as if their hero is nothing but a wash up.

    I also enjoyed the moments between Spike with Princess Cadence or Twilight. It's good to see them bond and help Spike out with his crowd fears. I know some may say this is kind of like Filli Vanilli with how both Spike and Fluttershy were afraid to perform in front of a crowd. However, I don't think it was like that at all. Spike has never had something this big happen to him before, so it's only natural he feels afraid.

    The jokes are pretty good as well, but there aren't many to be found here. There are some funny moments with Spike and his attempt at singing the Cloudsdale Anthem was rather amusing. Again, the song we heard from him doesn't count as one, so I won't go into much detail about it except we know why Spike has never had a solo before.

    Also, the action scene involving Spike saving the day was the best part of this episode. Having him do some quick jumping, burning that ice cloud, and then cooly whips out the umbrella was pure awesomeness. It's one of the best Spike moments I've ever seen.

    I do have two problems with this episode though.

    First off, I wish we got to see more events of the Equestria Games. For something that was so hyped up since season 3, we don't see much of the games. Now I understand that this was supposed to center of Spike, which I have no problems with, but I wish we got to see a few more events. We only saw the opening ceremony, the Ariel Relay, the Ice Archery, and then the closing ceremonies. That's four events only.

    Secondly, why didn't the rest of Twilight's friends come to comfort Spike? Rainbow and Fluttershy I can give them a pass on because they were competing, but Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie have no excuse. It seems they cared more about the games then one of their friends. With the exception of Twilight, and maybe Applejack, none of them seemed really concerned that Spike was feeling upset at all.

    However, if you can forgive those things, you'll find another strong Spike episode. The development of Spike is really well done and the arc is good. There are some pretty amusing things. The interactions with Spike and Cadence and Twilight are great. Not to mention that awesome Spike saving the day thing was superb and shows how awesome he is. It has its problems and it doesn't have a lot of laughs, but this was a good way to conclude the Equestria Games arc.

    Come back next time though, for Meghan McCarthy brings forth the season finale. A monster escapes from Tartarus and it'll take all of our favorite characters to defeat this villain, with the unlikely assistance of Discord.

    FINAL SCORE: 8.5/10moreless
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Michelle Creber

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Cadence mentions that Spike saved the Crystal Empire twice. The other time was when King Sombra was trying to get the crystal heart.

    • This is the concluding episode of the "Equestria Games" story arc which began with the episode "Just for Sidekicks" and continued with the episodes "Games Ponies Play," "Flight to the Finish" and "Rainbow Falls."

    • Some of the ponies sitting in the stands during the ceremony include Prince Blueblood (from "The Best Night Ever" and "Sweet and Elite" ) and the Saddle-Arabian ponies (from "Magic Duel")

    • Derpy cameo: She is first seen on the train exercising with the others and then seen with the Ponyville team during the opening ceremony.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Spike: Maybe there's something else I can do for the games. Y'know, something really worthy of the Crystal Empire's admiration?
      Ms. Harshwhinny: What are you talking about? You lit the torch for the whole thing.
      Spike: Uh, well, actually, that wasn't really-
      Ms. Harshwhinny: That wasn't worthy enough for you? Ugh, for pony's sake. Next thing you know, you'll be asking to put on a rock concert. Celebrities.

    • Applejack: How does it feel to have opened the best Equestia Games in history, squirt?
      Apple Bloom: Probably as good as it feels to close them.

    • Shining Armor: Let the games begin!

  • NOTES (2)


    • When Spike sees the statue of himself, he says "Hello Gorgeous" with an accent that makes him sound like Barbra Streisand when she said this line in the film, Funny Girl.

    • Twilight's line "Equestria, we have a problem," is a reference to Tom Hanks' line "Huston, we have a problem" from Apollo 13.