My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 13

Fall Weather Friends

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 28, 2011 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

Applejack and Rainbow Dash start to become very competitive with each other when they enter the Running of the Leaves, which is a big race through fall leaves.

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  • The Fall

    This was one of my first FiM epsiodes. A race focusing on Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Applejack through Whitetail Woods. That was a great starter episode. 10/10
  • Fantastic episode once more

    As we enter the halfway mark of season 1, we are given a great episode with a classic moral. It all starts with Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing horseshoes together. Applejack wins and Rainbow is feeling angry for losing. She challenges Applejack to a competition called The Iron Pony where physical endurance is put to the test. All of Ponyville comes out to see this event and at first the games are tied, but Rainbow Dash resorts to cheating by using her wings to win the competition. Applejack is furious and challenges Rainbow to a race at the annual Running of the Leaves tomorrow. To make sure Rainbow doesn't cheat, Applejack ties her wings up and they both go off to race. At first Applejack and Rainbow hit some natural obstacles like roots and rocks, but they think that the other pony is tripping them. It gets so bad they resort to dirty tactics to win. The pair eventually reach the finish line and find out that they tied for last place. Twilight Sparkle, who entered the race and won fifth place, tells them that they were acting terrible. Applejack and Rainbow realize they were acting like poor sports and express their disgust at how terrible they acted. Princess Celestia comes up and tells that she is proud that Applejack and Rainbow learned their lesson and Twilight adds in that the competition shouldn't get in the way of the friendship. Princess Celestia tells Applejack and Rainbow that since they were too busy playing around many leaves are still on the trees. The pair agree to run again, but this time as friends only and not as a race. The episode ends with the pair of ponies running into the distance. This was a really great episode and had great moments. I loved Pinkie Pie's and Spike's commentary on the race and how the Iron Pony competition was set up. It was a great episode with a classic moral message for all to see and hear.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10moreless
  • Simple minded fun, beautiful animation, cute ponies.

    While the this particular episode was straight forward and simple, sometimes you need that in a show. All the while, you can enjoy the fluid animation and cute character designs, which are then topped off with superb voice acting. You can't help but fall in love with these endearing characters who actually have been gaining depth as the series carries along.

    This episode is all about competition, and while the ending is a bit of a fun twist, the ending "lesson" for the viewers seems way overused and pretty lame. Don't let competition get in the way of friendship is pretty much what we learn. It was a good development episode for two of the characters, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, because we see how motivated these two are to excel.

    I am impressed with how this series is carrying it's weight, and look forward to more from them.moreless
  • During the Running of the Leaves, Applejack and Rainbow Dash start to become very competitive

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and it felt a lot less girly than "Call of the Cutie". I don't there were any scenes that felt very girl for me. They were just cute, enjoyable, and fun to watch instead of girly scenes. Yes, the title may be girly but I have to admit to That_TV_Dude that it really is for all ages. I didn't realize that when I saw "Call of the Cutie" but while I was watching this episode, I realized that it really is for all ages and that it's a well written, very cute, and enjoyable cartoon to watch. All of the ponies in this show are very cute but I have to say that my favorite pony is probably Pinkie Pie, she is a really cute pink pony. My score was a tad low because I thought Applejack and Rainbow Dash were a little annoying being competitive of each other and not being good sports. Twilight winning the race was funny. Pinkie Pie and Spike being the announcers for the race was the best part of this episode. Overall, I have to admit that this cartoon is awesome even though I just watched two episodes but I guess that's all it took to see how great this cartoon really is... That_TV_Dude, if you are reading this review, I just wanted to say "thank you" and I'll definitely watch more episodes of this show. 9.5/10moreless
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Nicole Oliver

Princess Celestia

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Peter New

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Derpy cameo: She is one of the ponies dropping roses on the crowd and her rose is the one that Fluttershy catches.

    • In the scene where Applejack and Rainbow Dash are tossing horseshoes, Rainbow Dash's horseshoe starts in front but in the shot where Applejack's horseshoe is heading towards the post, Rainbow Dash's horseshoe is behind Applejack's first one.

    • Fluttershy and Rarity appear, but do not speak, in this episode.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Twilight: (Comes upon Rainbow Dash and Applejack, who have fallen behind after their shenanigan-induced rock-slide) Forgive me, girls. I know I'm not an athlete, but shouldn't the running of the leaves actually involve...running?

    • Pinkie Pie: And they're off! Welcome to the official coverage of the running of the leaves. You know, Spike, despite its name, the leaves don't do any of the actual running. No, that's left to my little ponies.
      Spike: Why, yes, Pinkie. It's the running of the ponies that causes the leaves to fall.
      Pinkie Pie: Oh, those lazy, lazy leaves.

    • Spike: Um, Pinkie Pie?
      Pinkie Pie: Hey, Spike! What's up? Oh, wait--It's me! I'm Up! (Laughs)

    • Pinkie Pie: I must say, Spike, that this has been the most interesting running of the leaves in Equestria history.
      Spike: Or the most interesting announcing.
      Pinkie Pie: But it isn't the running that's been fascinating, it's the lack of running.

    • Spike: (Standing on Twilight's back, using a stick as a microphone) Fillies and gentlecolts, at the halfway point, our competitors are tied at 5 and 5.
      Twilight: Who are you talking to?
      Spike: (Gesturing to the crowd that has gathered) Them!
      Twilight : (Gasps at the sight of the crowd)

    • Spike: (After being lassoed by Applejack) How do I get roped into these things? (He and A.J. hear Rainbow Dash grunt, prompting them to look over at her.)
      Rainbow Dash: (After lassoing herself and rendering herself suspended from a tree branch) Does this count?

    • Twilight: (After Rainbow Dash bucks Spike off her back, sending him flying) Rainbow Dash wins the Bronco Buck.
      Spike: (Lands on the scoreboard) And I lose.

    • Spike: (Standing on Twilight's back and talking into a stick like a microphone) Hello everypony, and welcome to the first annual Ironpony competition!
      Twilight: Uh, Spike, who are you talking to?
      Spike: Um...them (points to Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie arriving).

    • Spike: Looks like Rainbow's doing her best to catch up.
      Pinkie Pie: I'm not sure how ketchup's going to help her in this contest. Now in a hot dog eating contest, it could make them doggies nice and slippery, but personally, I prefer mustard. How about you, Spike?
      Spike: Uh, I like pickles?
      Pinkie Pie: looks like Applejack has found herself in quite a pickle as Rainbow overtakes her.

    • Spike: I don't believe it! After a huge setback, Applejack is back at the front of the pack!
      Pinkie Pie: She's the head of the pack, all right. The pick of the litter! The cat's pajamas! Oh, wait! Why would Applejack take some poor kitty's PJs? That's not very sporting of her!
      Spike: Oookay... Let's get back to the race.

    • Spike: (about Applejack and Rainbow Dash) You know Pinkie, these two ponies have a bit of a grudge match they're trying to settle, trying to prove who's the most athletic.
      Pinkie Pie: (With energy) Yes, and "grudge" rhymes with "fudge".
      Spike: Yes it... does? What?
      Pinkie Pie: And I like fudge. But if I eat too much fudge I get a pudge and then I can't budge.
      Spike: So, no fudge?
      Pinkie Pie: No thanks, I had a big breakfast.

    • Applejack: Twilight? What in tarnation are you doin' here?
      Twilight Sparkle: I'm racing.
      Rainbow Dash: (bursts out laughing) Good one, Twilight!
      Twilight Sparkle: I'm not joking.
      Rainbow Dash: What?! You're not an athlete, you're a... well, you're an egghead!
      Twilight Sparkle: I am not an egghead! I am well-read.
      Rainbow Dash: (whispers to Applejack) Egghead!
      Applejack: Have you ever run a race?
      Twilight Sparkle: Well, no. (Applejack and Rainbow Dash snigger) But I do know a lot about running.
      Rainbow Dash: And you know this from...?
      Twilight Sparkle: Books. I've read several on the subject.
      Rainbow Dash: (laughs) What'd you read? "The egghead's guide to running"? Did you stretch out your eye muscles to warm up? (laughs) Eye muscles!
      Twilight Sparkle: Scoff if you must, Rainbow, but the Running of the Leaves is a Ponyville tradition. And since I'm here to learn, I've decided I should experience it myself.
      Applejack: Well I think that's just dandy, Twilight. Good luck! (sniggers)
      Rainbow Dash: Yeah. See ya at the finish line... tomorrow!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Twilight's racing number is "42". In the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series, this same number is the answer to the ultimate question of "Life, the universe, and everything".

    • The title of this episode, "Fall Weather Friends", is a pun on the phrase, "fair-weather friends". A fair-weather friend is someone who is only friends with you when it is convenient or things are going well for you.