My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 5

Flight to the Finish

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 14, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Another terrific Scootaloo episode

    I have to admit one thing before I get started with this review, I really always look forward to CMC episodes a lot. I personally like to see what shenanigans they get into next for their cutie marks. So when I heard of this episode and Scootaloo would be the focus again, I was very excited. It was made better when it's revealed Scootaloo would also try to focus on flying. So with that all in mind, what did I honestly think of this episode?

    It all starts with Mrs. Harshwhinny and Rainbow Dash at the Ponyville Schoole discussing about the upcoming Equestrian Games in the Crystal Empire. They say that the best team who comes up with an entrance will win the chance to hold the Ponyville flag during the ceremony at the Equestrian Games. The Cutie Mark Crusaders come up with a routine and after a song they sing, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon come by and tell them they won't win. Shaking it off, the CMC show their routine the next day, which shocks Rainbow Dash and even Diamond and Silver. Determined to throw them off, Diamond decides to make fun of Scootaloo for not being able to fly, which makes Scootaloo feel insecure because she feels she's the weakest link. Scootaloo tells her friends that she needs to learn how to fly to make their routine better, but no matter what she does, she can't do it. The next day, the routine they give isn't as good as yesterday's and are told to do the one from before. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom tell off Scootaloo for making the routine more about her and they leave her alone. The next day, Sweetie and Apple Bloom are waiting for Scootaloo before the train leaves for the Crystal Empire for the performance presentations. Scootaloo comes along and says she can't do it and quits, leading Apple Bloom and a reluctant Sweetie to abandon her and get on the train. Rainbow meets up with the remaining two CMC and asks where Scootaloo is. When they say that Scootaloo quit because of her inability to fly, Rainbow grabs the two fillies, stops the train, and they all go to Scootaloo's house. At Scootaloo's house, Rainbow and the other CMC talk Scootaloo into believing she doesn't need to fly to do a good job and that she will fly one day. This prompts Scootaloo to use her scooter and lead her friends and Rainbow all the way back to the Crystal Empire, where they win the competition much to Diamond and Silver's anger. And so the episode ends with Scootaloo thinking she found her talent, but says she and her friends can get their marks in flag carrying, much to the dismay of Rainbow.

    For me, I really enjoyed this Scootaloo episode, but maybe not as much as Sleepless in Ponyville. Don't get me wrong, I think the episode is really good and it's the first episode I can think of where the CMC's friendship is nearly ruined by something. We even got to see the return of Mrs. Harshwhinny, who is still her "cheerful" self as usual.

    Rainbow was also in this episode and acted annoying again in the beginning. However, in the episode's favor, I will say she does get better throughout the episode. She does technically learn something about professionalism, so I won't bash upon Dash as much as I did in Daring Don't last week.

    Then there's the new song we heard. There's always something about the CMC doing songs that really make them more catchy. This one was a really great song and added to my list of favorite songs by far in the show. I also loved their performance routine. It may've been somewhat simple, but I thought it was a really good performance and worthy of winning the competition.

    What really caught me off guard is that we did get to see Scootaloo DOES live in a house and her room is very nice and tidy. So it seems that whole "Orphan" theory is tossed out the window.

    In terms of humor, this was an episode that actually didn't have much in terms of funny moments to me. Sure Snips and Snails were pretty funny in the beginning and seeing Dash maintain her cool was pretty funny, but that was it.

    I do have two issues with this episode.

    One, once again Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon do not get punished. For crying out loud, why is this so hard? Why can't they get punished and put in their place already? Sheesh, this was almost as bad as Ponyville Confidential where Diamond only got a slap on the hoof for all the trouble she caused. Here though, nothing happens to them at all and nothing really comes back to haunt them for what they did except for them losing and even then, I don't really consider it punishment enough for their actions.

    Two, and this may be nitpicking, but why doesn't Cheerilee check on the train to make sure all competitors are present? I mean she should've realized that Scootaloo wasn't on the train and that the CMC would've been disqualified automatically. I'm surprised she didn't question why the train was stopped so suddenly. Talk about oblivious.

    So for me, this was a really great episode with a good moral message. It may not be as great as Scootaloo's first episode, Sleepless in Ponyville, but I still enjoyed the episode a lot despite its flaws and it shouldn't detract you from watching the episode as a whole.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10
  • Bad episode

    Sorry guys but I didn't like this episode. The episode was as boring as hell. CMC will never get their cutie marks, obviously. It's been 70 episodes and 3 seasons. They will never get their cutie marks at this rate.

    The plot sounds interesting but is ruined by the episode itself. I mean, seriously, Season 4 was going awesome up to this point. What happened? So far the worst episode of Season 4, and the fifteenth worst episode in the entire show. The only part that actually entertained me was the training montage. The rest of the episode sucked. So far, all the Season 4 episodes were great until here. The CMCs were total idiots in this episode and the episode sucked overall. This episode gets a 0.5/10 for the one good part. The rest sucked.
  • Let the games begin

    This had been all wait the worth since the first clip at the Con in Summer. I already seen the episode for the third time in a row. The CMC goes to the Equestria Games here. Maybe the last episode will be about which pony will win the Games. There are emotions, songs, return of many ponies and on. At last let's see how many fics and fan arts will go to the ground here.

  • An Episode with a Heart as Strong as Horses

    This was an excellent episode. It was a CMC/Scootaloo episode, with lots of heart and emotion packed into the episode, along with a great song and a moral about self-confidence. While it did feel a bit more juvenile than what we've been seeing with Season 4 (then again, this is the CMC, they're kids) it still remained as a standout in CMC episodes and even in the show itself. Arguably the best Cutie Mark Crusaders episode yet.