My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 19

For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 22, 2014 on The Hub

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  • It came back!

    RIP JanAnimation. Anyway, this episode is about Luna entering Sweetie Belle's dreams now. It's one of the best S4 episode I have seen. The highlights are the return of Luna, the dream sequences and Sapphire Shores.

  • The Tell Tale Dress

    It's been some time since we've focused on Sweetie Belle. The last time we did was way back in Sisterhooves Social in season 2. Speaking of that episode, it's another one where we focus on the sisterly bond between Rarity and Sweetie Belle. I've honestly been wanting to see one for a while since I love the bond between these two.

    Dave Polsky returns again for this episode, who has been kind of hit and miss this season. Polsky's never really written Sweetie, except for Twilight Time. So how does his first attempt at writing her hold up? Is this episode just as good, or better, than Sisterhooves Social? Let's take a look.

    We open to Carousel Boutique, where Sweetie is helping Rarity put together a series of dresses for Sapphire Shores and her dancers. First of all, it's great to see Sapphire back again. Secondly, it's really great to know what she does for a living. I always thought she was a fashion critic, but turns out to be a singer and dancer. While she's working on the dresses, Sweetie brings up to Rarity that she needs some dresses looked at as well for a play, which the latter agrees to. When asked when they need to ready, Sweetie says by tomorrow night. Rarity is reluctant, but after giving it some thought, she agrees to it, making Sweetie happy. But when she looks at the ugly look of the dresses, Rarity knows she's got her work cut out for her.

    The following night, we see Sweetie, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo in the dressing room of the Ponyville Play Center. Cheerilee comes in and says to get ready, but the fillies don't have the dresses. Sweetie admits that she held off telling her sister about it, even though she had weeks to, because she was so busy helping Rarity with Sapphire's order. Rarity then comes in, showing off brand new dresses she's designed. The CMC put them on and head for the stage. When the curtain opens, everypony in the audience cheers as the look upon them, making Sweetie in particular happy since she wrote, directed, and acted in the play.

    After the play is over, the CMC head out to the lobby, where everypony is drinking and eating. Spike comes over to congratulate them on the play, but says that Rarity and the others couldn't make it due to her falling way behind on Sapphire's order. Sweetie asks everypony what the best part of the play is, to which they all say the dresses were. She naturally grows upset at this and asks is anypony else remembers anything about the play aside from the dresses, but nopony says anything. Wow, not even giving the CMC the old "Well at least you gave it your best shot" bit, citizens? I'll come back and focus on them later.

    Back at Carousel Boutique, we see the Mane 6 putting the final touches on Sapphire's order. Shortly after they're finished, Sweetie marches in and berates Rarity about the dresses. Fluttershy, knowing tensions are high, urges the others to take a break with her, which they do. Sweetie tells Rarity about the dresses and how everypony like them so much. Rarity thinks that Sweetie thought something was wrong with them, but the latter says that everypony loved the dresses too much, giving her the impression that her old sibling stole the spotlight. Rarity tries to plead with Sweetie, but she marches off in a huff.

    In Sweetie's room(Is this the first time we're seeing it?), the filly rants to herself about what happened, and how Rarity was being so demanding. Rarity herself is standing outside the door, wanting to go in and talk to her sister. However, when she hears how upset she is, she decides to wait until later. Night soon falls, but Sweetie can't sleep at all, for she's still feeling bitter about what happened. After getting a glass of water, she wonders how she can take away all the work she's done. Sweetie then hears Rarity snoring softly and goes into her room. She sees the package for Sapphire's dress nearby and gets an idea. What's this idea? Pulling the center string holding the dress together. Well that was . . . tame.

    After her deed is done, Sweetie falls asleep, but is soon waken up by the sound of ponies talking and camera's flashing. She goes out to her window to see what looks like an award show(I guess The Oscars are now confirmed in Equestria). Sweetie wins the award for best director, writer, and actor. However, after she gets her award, a storm blows in, with the cloud being shaped to look like a maniacal Rarity. Soon though, a voice echos out, and it turns out to be none other then Princess Luna. Now while I'm happy to see her back again, I got to ask this. Is it me, or does she sound way different? She doesn't sound like her old self at all. Was the original VA not available, or sick that day? It's not a bad new voice, but I liked the old one better.

    Anyway, Luna tells Sweetie about how she feels about her sister outshining her, but doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did. They go back in time to when it's Sweetie's fifth birthday. We see her put on a dress and some makeup, but when she goes downstairs, we see the foals crowding around Rarity as she gives out some party favors. Even one of the foals says that they don't need Sweetie when they have party favors. Jeez, how materialistic are these ponies? After Sweetie runs off crying, Luna says that she doesn't know the full story. She goes back to how things were seen in Rarity's perspective. It turns out that Sweetie was taking so long, everypony was getting bored and was going to leave. Rarity stops them and gives them the party favors to keep them from leaving. The younger Sweetie comes down and mistakes it for a misunderstanding.

    Sweetie does understand Rarity wasn't hogging the spotlight that day, but Luna has one more thing for her. She shows Sweetie the future of what happens if her deed does go through. Sweetie goes in and sees the dress for Sapphire falls apart, causing Rarity to be shunned and go mad with how her future is ruined. Sweetie, not wanting to see more of it, wakes up from the nightmare. She runs off to fix the hat, but it's too late.

    Cut to a train heading for Canterlot(I don't remember a train track to Canterlot passing a desert), where Sweetie is telling Apple Bloom and Scootaloo the plan of them distracting Rarity, while she grabs the hat to fix it. At Sapphire's studio, we see her and the dancers doing their routine before cutting back to outside, where the CMC try to convince a bodyguard to let them in, but he won't. They go back to a window, with Scootaloo doing a tiny bit of flying, but falls out of the sky. I got to say, I love seeing that she's continuing trying to fly.

    After failing to get in through the window, Sweetie comes up with the idea of using a zip line into the place. Possible reference to Cutie Mark Chronicles? They do get in, well Sweetie does, and takes the package before Rarity presents it to Sapphire. Rarity gives chase to her sister and the other CMC, which eventually leads to Sweetie locking herself in a room with the package. Princess Luna then shows up . . . for some reason. How did she even know she'd be there? Luna decides to help Sweetie with sewing it back together, but has a different idea for the centerpiece. Later on, Sweetie leaves her room and Rarity finds her. She demands to know what's going on, to which Sweetie says she got jealous and ruined the dress as payback for the spotlight being stolen from her. She then shows the package and tells her that she fixed it. At first, Rarity isn't sure about the new design, but Sweetie says to trust her.

    Later on, we see Sapphire put on the hat, and it turns out the new centerpiece is a dolphin, which is Sapphire's lucky animal. After thanking Rarity for it, Sweetie apologizes for her actions and hugs her sister. The episode ends with Rarity asking where she got the idea, to which Sweetie says it all came to her in a dream.

    So did this episode live up to its potential? Did it surpass Sisterhooves Social as the best Sweetie episode? Well I really do like this episode a whole lot. The visuals in this episode are gorgeous to look at and some of the best in the show. Everything looks really well done and there's plenty of eye candy all around this episode.

    I really did like seeing Luna return in this episode. Although she sounds really different, it's great to see her be like a counselor for foals and prevent Sweetie from becoming like her when she was so bitter. It really shows that Luna is looking out for the misguided foals, or give them courage to face their fears.

    In terms of jokes, there wasn't much to talk about here. This wasn't one of the funnier episodes like how Polsky usually writes comedy, but it's not bad here. There were some funny moments like how Sweetie told Luna about that Rarity cloud. But this episode played down on the comedy aspects.

    Unfortunately, I can't say this episode is better than Sisterhooves Social. There is one big problem with this episode alone. Not Sweetie's actions, or how there wasn't much comedy.

    It's the Ponyville Citizens themselves.

    Seriously, if you thought they were bad in Putting Your Hoof Down, this is almost as bad here. All they care about is being materialistic and looks rather than effort. When the play is over, none of them cared about the effort the CMC put into their play, but instead the dresses. They don't even try to give them a bit of encouragement for trying. The way they come off implies that they're materialistic jerks, and don't care about the feelings of the CMC at all.

    But if you can get pass that part, you'll find an episode that's really good. It's not the funniest episode, nor is it better then Sisterhooves Social, but it's a very sweet episode overall. It has some great moments between Rarity and Sweetie, Luna plays a great role, and it's got a pretty good moral at the end. It's another episode I really enjoyed.

    Join me next time when the Flim Flam who seem to reform, but Applejack is not so sure.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10