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Offical Discussion of The Crystal Empire

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    My thoughts of this two parter? I loved them. Like Return of Harmony, this was the perfect way to start the new season. I think one of my favorite parts were the songs, especially the "Ballad of the Crystal Ponies." It was quite catchy and I thought it was great that they got the entire mane six to sing in it. I think my favorite scene is when after Spike sees his worst fear, Twilight sending him away, and Twilight hugs him and tells him that she will never send him away. It was very emotional and sweet. I think the only downside was the villain, King Sombra. When I saw his design, I thought he looked pretty badass, but in the show, I was bit disappointed in him. Mostly because he never said anything, he just snarled and growled. Although, I did like the way he appeared as a huge smoke cloud, that was pretty awesome. I also thought it was great to see Luna again. The ending is what really got me, where Luna shows us that book, it got me wanting more. What does that book mean? What does it have to do with Twilight? Ugh! The suspense is killing me!Yell

    Well, here's to a great new season of our favorite ponies.

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    It seems like there might be a bit of a story arc in season three with the talk of the next step in Twilight's studies. If Princess Celestia and Luna have special plans for Twilight, it would explain why the two of them kept their distance in this conflict, even thought Luna was eager to help. Maybe it has something to do with Twilight and her friends' connection to the Elements of Harmony.

    Anyway, I thought the episodes were pretty good. Unfortunately, I think it may be my least favourite two-parter, not necessarily because it was bad, but just because it lacked some of the things that made the other two-parters so special. One thing these episodes had that the others didn't was Spike saving the day and getting his own stained-glass window in Canterlot Castle. Spike is officially kind of a big deal now.

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