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The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: De-Vindicated

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    Just so you know, I'm among a great deal of bronies who denounce that episode as the most morally corrupt one in the entire series, and I don't even need to explain why. However, I feel that there is a way that Rainbow Dash's friends could have delivered the intended moral to her a lot better while still posing as Mare-Do-Well, which is why I'm pleased to announce that I have plans to release an edited version of it on entitled "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: De-Vindicated", which I created myself. Basically, it's intended to make the actions of Rainbow Dash's friends far less questionable and more justified to a degree. Doesn't that sound great to any of y'all?

    If anybody wants to see the trailer, here it is: I apologize if it isn't perfect.

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