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Top 5 favorite episodes and top 5 least favorite episodes

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    What is your top 5 favorite episodes and top 5 least favorite? Here you can add a top 5 favorite and least favorite for both season one and two.

    Here's mine:




    Winter Wrap Up

    Stare Master

    A Dog and Pony Show

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles


    Boast Busters

    Bridle Gossip

    Call of the Cutie

    Sonic Rainboom

    Owl's well that ends well

    Season Two


    The Cutie Pox

    Secret of my Excess

    Baby Cakes

    A Friend in Deed

    A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2


    Sisterhooves Social

    Hearth's Warming Eve

    Putting Your Hoof Down

    Dragon Quest

    Ponyville Confidential

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    1. Hurricane Fluttershy (so many feels)

    2. Feeling Pinkie Keen (funny as heck! + Twilight evolves into Rapidash)

    3. Diamond Dogs (best Rarity episode + David Bowie reference)

    4. May the Best Pet Win (the song... that is all)

    5. Show Stoppers (CMC's are adorable.. what else is there to say)

    and just for added fun...

    6. Lesson Zero (Twilight is even more adorable when she is insane)


    1. Griffon the Brush Off (I wanna punch Gilda in the face!!)

    2. Swarm of the Century (Pinkie Pie came off as annoying)

    3. Look before you sleep (As Pinkie would say... Boooring!)

    4. Cutie Pox (didn't like Applebloom in this episode)

    5. Super Speed Cider Squeezy (I dislike the Flim Flam bros. and their annoying song)

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