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Worried about how the series continues to unfold

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    Hi, everypony! I seem to be wondering if, since this is supposed to be a good show, how on earth can the series continue to keep its excellent course, even with Lauren Faust not being the executive producer anymore. Is it only a matter of time before it jumps the shark like the Simpsons? If this is supposed to be one of the most influential and most hyped about children's cartoons of the modern television era, and if the show's crew manages to communicate with the fans, then how can we keep the quality boat afloat before it sinks? I'm a little worried about how the series is going to unfold. I know people will tell me that I'm borrowing trouble for tomorrow and that I shouldn't worry about it, but no one can really predict the future. Has the series been good so far, or did it destroy itself?

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    It's kind of difficult to tell what will happen to FiM in the future. Keep in mind that some of the highest rated Simpsons episodes here on are from the eighth season, so I'd be thrilled if the show kept giving us their best episodes for another six years before loosing its lustre. Plus, given the way My Little Pony works, I think if the show crew ever got to the point that they felt they couldn't keep producing quality episodes anymore, Hasbro would probably just end FiM and start a new generation of MLP. (Hopefully.)

    Also, given the shows popularity and how strong and fresh Lauren Faust's philosophy is, I think the show could probably pull incredible creative talent to it when current crew want to quit. Speaking of the Simpsons, I'd love it if they could get one of the old Simpsons writers to write a guest episode. Dave Polsky, who wrote two of my favourite episodes in FiM season 1, wrote a little for South Park, so I can pretend my dream isn't entirely unrealistic.

    Anyway, most of my worries about the future took place before season 2 came out after Lauren Faust said she would have very little influence on this season, but now I'm confident that FiM is as strong as it's ever been, which also makes me optimistic for future seasons.
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