My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 12

Games Ponies Play

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 09, 2013 on The Hub

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  • I don't know what people are saying, I think the whole "mistaken identity" thing was played off pretty well.

    So I watched this episode twice today. First in a livestream, second on YouTube. And I was starting to have a knot in my stomach during the livestream because of all the elements I thought that just weren't working- and the audience's reactions didn't help me much either. But watching it the second time a bit later, I've come to warm to the episode, and I was surpised to see exactly what people had a problem with.

    First off, loved the continuity with the last episode. I'm kinda sick of everyone making a big deal out of it though, like it's "genius," because countless other shows have done it before. I remember when the Fairly Odd Parents had that in two completely different seasons: The first from Timmy's perspective, the second a few years later from Chester and AJ's perspective. But I do like these kinds of episodes, the whole simultaneous cross-episode continuity.

    Moving on, I know the whole "mistaken identity" card has been played before in countless shows, but given the circumstances, it didn't seem that unrealistic here. The ponies only had the games' inspector's luggage to base off of, and considering the amount of time they had, jumping right to the conclusion and showing her around was pretty justified. And I found the actually imposter inspector to be pretty funny myself- I know lots of people with claustrophobia problems, and trust me- people CAN act like that at times (also, major lol points for her hitting on Shining Armor).

    Another problem people seemed to have was Rarity's subplot, but given her role previously in the season, I was actually very glad to see this. Rarity was willing to take on the challenge that she thought she would be able to do (even though it took a long time)- and it helped to reestablish her "generous" attitude, contrasting her rather shallow, dramatic, holier-than-thou attitude from earlier this season. So major Rarity points!

    And Rainbow Dash's dedication to get the Crystal Empire the vote for the games, albeit a bit inconsistent, I felt was pretty awesome too. Wasn't too comfortable with her suddenly being the center of the moral at the end- because that was kind of a rush, she was just kind of thrown right into the spotlight at the end. But still, she had pretty awesome characterization in this episode, willing to give the Crystal Empire the opportunity that Cloudsdale never had (and major lols at Dash crashing into the glass).

    My only real problems happen to be ones that seem to affect me a lot in recent episodes: Pinkie and sudden 180 degree personality change. I will say that Pinkie has gotten on my nerves a lot this season, feeling that a lot of her antics have been forced. I'm not talking about the pool full of mud (Gak freaks stay away), or a couple other nidbits (like the rotunda being round), but I'm talking about the things like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" just for the sake of being overly-dramatic and over the top, and her completely unnecessary distractions in the rotunda (boingy, boingy, boingy). They feel like they should have been funny, but they really fell flat and just kinda came across as obnoxious (why did she need to do that again? The "inspector" merely liked the architecture (more points for this- I'm an architecture kinda guy, and now Neo-Gothic is canon)).

    And again, like many others, I'm kinda uncomfortable with the complete turnaround, "everything turns out okay" endings. I understand the audience they're still trying to appeal to, and I'm aware they only had 22 minutes to work with and so much other good stuff to put in. But the real games' inspector merely gave the ballot to the Empire because the imposter had such a great time. No real judging, no real inspecting, and she herself had the worst day in the Empire. Even for a completely brand new character, it seemed of character. But with everything awesome that came before, a little rush at the end won't completely throw off my opinion of the episode.

    And my only other concern was that Twilight sounded a bit off to me in this episode, voice-wise that is.

    But really, that isn't enough to score any less than a 9 from me. It did have some really great moments, some of which I have no idea why they're being complained about. I guess too many people in this fandom are on the panic bandwagon and, thus, cite every imperfection as the end of mankind.

    Still, great job crew! I call this a success!