My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 12

Games Ponies Play

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 09, 2013 on The Hub

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  • In "Just For Sidekicks", Spike Petsitting While Ponies Are Gone. Now, We See What The Ponies Do In The Crystal Empire During The Event Of Spike Petsitting

    This was very interesting and reading the plot I kinda saw this coming that this episode would be a continuation to last week's episode "Just For Sidekicks". While the ponies were gone to the Crystal Empire, we Spike struggling to petsit while they're gone. This week, we now see what the ponies have been doing during the event of Spike petsitting in last week's episode. We saw Spike's Behind-The Scenes situations and now we see the ponies' behind-the-scenes. It's basically the same episode but separated with two events. One event was seeing Spike petsitting. Second event was seeing the ponies at the Crystal Empire. I really loved the beginning and the ending (from "Just For Sidekicks) connecting with this episode. I thought the writers handled it well. First of all, this episode was WAY better than "Just for Sidekicks". While "Just For Sidekicks" was kinda lame but still a decent/good episode, this episode was very good and it was amazing. There were some funny moments to the episode and the storyline was very well-crafted. What a twist to see that the ponies got the wrong Game Inspector but that twist was unexpected and it cracked me up... that sucked for the right Game Inspector not having a pleasant welcome but it was kinda funny though. People who watch this episode BEFORE watching "Just For Sidekicks" probably wouldn't get the point. If you're reading this review, watch "Just For Sidekicks" before this episode. I mean, only the beginning and the ending portion (from "Just For Sidekicks) connected with this episode but it's still a little more explained on why Spike was there plus why the Cutie Mark Crusaders were there. A couple of parts in this episode did a feel a bit unnecessary to me which was the reason it was a completely perfect episode but it's still a fantastic episode to watch. Also, I'm glad how Season 3 had less writing a friendship report to Princess Celestia at the end of each episodes. Those kind of things got repetitive for the show in my opinion so I'm really glad how Season 3 has been lately NOT writing a friendship report to Celestia. We do still get a lesson at the end of the episode but in a kinda hidden message way which is satisfying as a viewer like me. Definitely give this episode a watch, I was glad to what the ponies were doing at Crystal Empire. The ponies' side of the event was WAY more better and enjoyable to watch and Spike's side of the event from last week's episode. A must-see episode with some funny moments, fantastic story, and just all-around refreshing to watch. A couple of unnecessary moment took a TAD of my enjoyment away but it's nothing too huge though so go see this episode. One Season 3 episode next Saturday and then that's it. Good news, Season 4 will have 26 episodes (just like Season 1 and Season 2) and I hope that Season 4 will premiere in summer because I could really watch new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic to get me in the summer mood haha impressive episode indeed and nice continuation from "Just For Sidekicks". 9.5/10
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