My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 12

Games Ponies Play

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 09, 2013 on The Hub

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  • A pretty good follow up episode for the events of Just for Sidekicks.

    So after two weeks of waiting, we finally get to see the newest episode of FiM. We all know this episode takes place during the events of Just for Sidekicks. So what happened during this episode and how does it hold up? The episode begins where it picks up in Just for Sidekicks, where Spike says goodbye to Twilight and the others while he watches their pets. While on the train to the Crystal Empire. Twilight and her friends practice getting ready for the welcoming ceremony for the Equestrian Games Inspector. Rainbow Dash then tells about how disappointed she was that her home city, Cloudsdale, wasn't chosen to host the games one year and wants to make up for it by helping the Crystal Empire be chosen to host the Equestrian Games. When they all get to the empire, they all head for a salon and meet up with Princess Cadence, who wants to ensure the city will be chosen. She tasks them with going to the train station to meet the games inspector and that they all need to look for somepony with a flower on their luggage. While Rarity decides to fix up Princess Cadence's mane, The rest of the group heads for the station and run into a southern mare with a flower on her luggage and believe it's the games inspector. Twilight and her friends take the mare into the city to show her around, but they unknowingly leave the real inspector at the station. Twilight and her friends spend a lot of their time welcoming the "inspector" and showing her around the Crystal Empire and the palace itself. They all give her a tour, do a cheerleader routine, and even the stadium where Shining Armor is training the athletes. When the "inspector" talks to Shining Armor and says she's only here on vacation, it makes Twilight and her friends panic as they realize they got the wrong pony. They all look around at the train station at first, but they don't find her and decide to hightail it to the salon where Princess Cadence and Rarity are. They all find the real games inspector, but she finds Princess Cadence and tells her how horrible the welcoming has been for her since she never got one. Rainbow tells Princess Cadence that they all messed up and that she let her personal feelings for getting the Crystal Empire to host the games cloud her judgement. All of a sudden, the games inspector interrupts and tells the group about the wonderful time the fake inspector had and decides to make the Crystal Empire the host for the Equestrian Games. Twilight and her friends are happy to hear this and so our episode ends with them boarding the train and we see Spike, the pets, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders under the seats where the group is sitting. This episode did a pretty good job in regards to what happened during Just for Sidekicks. Seeing the Mane 6 act like cheerleaders was pretty funny and the routine they did was pretty cool. I was shocked to see that it looks like Rainbow Dash has a dad now, so all thoughts of her being an orphan are now thrown out the window. I also like how Pinkie was saying no like Spike was in Dog and Pony Show. I guess she's taking lessons from him about it. We got to see more of the Crystal Empire and even saw a little bit of Shining Armor in the episode. Though it's interesting to see he's actually a coach as well for the games. I have two problems with this episode though. One, I felt that Rainbow Dash was kind of stealing this episode. While it does center around the all the ponies, I felt that Rainbow was more or less stealing most of the episode and trying to make it more about her then anything else. Not that it's that bad, but it just kind of bugs me. At least she learned a lesson at the end of all of this, so that makes up for it. Two, Princess Cadence never explained why Spike couldn't come to the Crystal Empire. If you remember in Just for Sidekicks, only Twilight and her friends were invited, but not Spike. That really annoys me to see that despite the fact that he saved the Crystal Empire, Spike never got invited. Princess Cadence lost a lot of respect from me on that part. Aside from those issues, this episode was pretty good for what it did. It had some good jokes, a decent storyline, and the cheerleader bit was really cool. It's not one of my favorites, but it's still a great episode all around.

    FINAL SCORE: 8.5/10
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