My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 20

Green Isn't Your Color

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 18, 2011 on The Hub
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Rarity shows some of her dresses to the famous fashion pony, Photo Finish, in hopes that she'll put them in one of her shows. But Rarity's dreams are shattered when it turns out that Photo Finish is more interested in Fluttershy, who Rarity picked as her model, and she tries to make a star out of her.moreless

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  • Beautiful episode

    While not one of my all time favorite episodes, I still have to say that this episode was great. It starts in a sap where Fluttershy and Rarity meet to talk over fashion designs. Fluttershy reluctantly helps Rarity model her dresses for a famous fashion pony named, Photo Finish. At the day of modeling, Photo Finish is impressed, and decides to take Fluttershy as her model while Rarity is left out. Fluttershy and Rarity pretend to be happy and ask Twilight Sparkle to not tell their secrets. Each time though she's about to tell, Pinkie Pie shows up and informs Twilight that telling a secret is the best way to lose a friend forever. As time passes, Fluttershy becomes more famous and Rarity is left feeling alone. Fluttershy then tells Twilight that she hates being a model and wants to get out of it, so Twilight gives her some help. Twilight controls Fluttershy through her magic at one of the model shows and at first the crowd is disgusted by how she acts, but Rarity then comes up to show her love for it and the crowd goes with it. Fluttershy meets Rarity and both decide to tell the truth that Rarity was jealous and Fluttershy hated modeling. They both walk to the spa and leave the modeling business behind. Twilgith then unable to keep her secrets that Spike likes Rarity and Pinkie appears showing disappointment with how she blurted a secret out. Twilight learns that secrets are good, but they should never get in the way of friendship. Spike shows anger for his secret being revealed and Twilight apologizes. The episode ends with Spike fanning his crush, Rarity. This was a great episode for all to enjoy. I loved how Pinkie kept popping up out of nowhere and how she was acting. I also loved Photo Finish's way of speaking and acting. The way Fluttershy's last modeling show went was funny as well. Overall a great morel and good funny moments made this another fantastic episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10moreless
  • It started off good and then it got boring as the episode kept going

    I thought that this was a great episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great and it was enjoyable for the most part. Fluttershy being the fashion model for Rarity was very good to see and it was cool because Fluttershy is my favorite character. In my opinion, the episode actually started off good and then it got boring as the episode kept going on. Spike's crush on Rarity was very funny and hopefully Rarity will find out about Spike's crush on her one day. Pinkie Pie's part was very good. Fluttershy's part is always good so I'm not gonna judge her on this episode because she is always wonderful no matter what. The ponies chasing after Fluttershy when she is getting very popular as a fashion model was getting very boring though. Applejack's quick cameo appearance in this episode was very good as well. The only character that was absent in this episode was Rainbow Dash. Applejack didn't have any lines because she was only in this episode for like 3 seconds. Anyways, Pinkie Pie giving the message about how you shouldn't tell a friend that friend's secret because it will ruin your relationship with that friend. Pinkie Pie also popping out of nowhere and saying "Forever" was comedy gold right there. The very ending of the episode was also very funny with Spike relaxing Rarity. Overall, this episode started off good and then it started to get boring but it was overall great for a "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" episode. 8/10moreless

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    • Twilight: (Pulls her head out of a plant pot) Spike has a crush on Rarity! (Covers her mouth with her hoof realizing that she just told a secret she had agreed to keep.)
      Pinkie Pie: (Appears in the mirror behind Twilight) (Sighs) And you were doing so well.

    • make-up artist: (Applies blush to Fluttershy's face.)
      Photo Finish: Too much blush.
      make-up artist: (Wipes the blush off.)
      Photo Finish: Not enough.
      make-up artist: (Reapplies blush.)
      Photo Finish: Too much.
      make-up artist: (Wipes blush off.)
      Photo Finish: Not enough.
      make-up artist: (Reapplies blush.)
      Photo Finish: Perfect.
      Fluttershy: (Sneezes.)

    • Photo Finish: Vee go! (leaves, followed by her assistants)

    • Fluttershy: Oh, I'm so frustrated I could just kick something! (kicks a vase lightly, it wobbles but doesn't fall)

    • Fluttershy: Oh, I can't believe this... I am so frustrated, I could just scream! (inhales deeply, then makes a high-pitched squeak)
      Twilight Sparkle: Feel better?
      Fluttershy: No.

    • Photo Finish: (after Fluttershy sneezes) Oh, yes! Even her schneezes are graceful!

    • Photo Finish: So how do you feel? Excited? Overjoyed? Thrilled beyond your wildest dreams?

      Fluttershy: ...Nervous.

      Photo Finish: Nervous? Don't be ridiculous. You're only facing a large crowd of Ponies, who will be watching your every move, and silently judging you.

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