My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 22

Hurricane Fluttershy

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 24, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Now this was a great episode for a good reason

    When you look back at this episode you know why it's a fan favorite, you see her fear of performing actually comes from an internal conflict that's very relatable. In addition, we see Fluttershy develop in this episode, Rainbow and Twilight are giving her moral support all the way. In fact the moral of this episode is even a good thing to teach kids because you're telling them to face their fears because it can help solve an internal conflict with themselves. The only downer for this episode, it seems that the writers really like to hit Spike with the idiot button when Twilight and Rainbow dash are trying to talk to Fluttershy.
  • Strange weather

    Fluttershy is back in this episode where she is creating hurricanes with her friends. But Fluttershy are having bad flashbacks of herself as a filly. She was teased and called Cluttershy. Now it's time for Fluttershy to show herself strong again. A welcome again goes to Spitfire and The Mule. Worth the wait.

    Overall 8 out of 10
  • A far superior episode than Putting Your Hoof Down

    The last Fluttershy episode we got was rather shallow and while it wasn't God awful it still fell short. Now we get another Fluttershy episode, but is it better than the last one? The story starts off with Rainbow Dash gathering all the pegasi in Ponyville for a meeting and dragging Fluttershy into it. At the meeting, Rainbow tells the other pegasi that it's time for the annual water funnel flight that takes water and sends it to Cloudsdale to make clouds. Fluttershy however isn't looking forward to it and tries to get out of it. When Rainbow though exposes Fluttershy's lies about being sick she finds out that she had a traumatic experience in flight camp for not being able to fly. Rainbow coxes her friend into coming out, and she decides to give it a go. The following day, Twilight Sparkle and Spike set up a speed measure fan to measure wing power. Rainbow wants all the ponies to reach ten wing power before the day of the flight, and tests them all. Fluttershy tries to do flying, but she gets stage fright and only measures 0.5 wing power. She runs off ashamed and is comforted by her animal friends. They talk to her and remind her of all the things she's done and decides to train herself to fly better. The next day Fluttershy tries again but only got to a wing power of 2.3 and feels discouraged. Rainbow and Twilight try to help her, but she's convinced that she'll never fly strongly like the others and decides to not do the flight. On the day of the water transfer, Rainbow discovers 81 pegasi are out sick and pushes the others to go for the minimum flight speed needed to transfer the water, 800. On the first try they fail, but Rainbow gets the pegasi to do it again only to reach 795 wing power. Fluttershy comes in to offer moral support, but Twilight convinces her to go into the funnel to help with the wing power. She reluctantly agrees and decides goes into the funnel. Fluttershy hears the jeers and taunts she got in flight camp, but puts it all aside to go faster until finally the wing power is over 800. The water is transferred to Cloudsdale and Fluttershy is honored as a hero by the others. Fluttershy learns that you have to believe in yourself to do something and that every bit of help counts. The episode ends with Fluttershy being carried by the other pegasi off and celebrating. This was a far superior episode than Putting Your Hoof Down by a long shot. Rainbow Dash was excellent in this episode and acted like her old self in season one, not the jerky one like she's been this season. Fluttershy was awesome in this episode especially with the training segment, and had some character development. Twilight and Spike were also great in this episode with adding support. I also enjoyed the PSA movie at the beginning and the overall moral. The only real issue I have is the fact that this episode was a little too predictable with its outcome. Don't get me wrong it does add some new elements to it, but really it was kind of predictable. I won't deduce points for it thought since it does add some new things to it. All in all, a great Fluttershy episode with some great character development.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Although it's not my favorite but this Fluttershy episode was better than "Putting Your Hoof Down"

    Rainbow Dash is looking to break the wing power record for the tornado necessary to funnel water into Cloudsdale to make clouds. However, she needs every pony's help to do it, which is a hard requirement to reach when Fluttershy is so nervous about flying to perform. I thought that this was a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It's not my favorite episode or anything like that but it's an episode worth watching again if I'm ever bored. I love Fluttershy and I was a little disappointed in "Putting Your Hoof Down". This episode disappointed me just a little as well but yeah, you get the point. Fluttershy is my favorite character so I really hope they make much better Fluttershy episodes in the future. Also, this episode was very very very low on humor. I think it's even lower than that Spike episode "Secret of My Excess" and that episode was MEDIOCRE. But yeah, I only laughed twice and that was when that random muscle white pony screams "Yeeuuuh" and Fluttershy's training montage. That's about the only two things that made me laugh. I also enjoyed the return of the the Mule joke but that part did NOT make me laugh though. We saw the Mule joke in "Applebuck Season" and now the Mule Joke returns in this one which is pretty cool. The story behind Fluttershy about her past was very interesting and it made me feel bad for the sensitive and adorable pony. Even though Fluttershy is a shy pony, I do believe in her and I believe that she has at least some confidence. It was also nice that Fluttershy decided to help make the tornado at the end of the episode even though she was scared. The thing that did make my score a little low, though, were that a few parts have gotten pretty weak and Spike annoyed me a little in this one. Like Spike would point out something about Fluttershy and her wing speed and then Twilight would slap him which makes Fluttershy feel a little worse. That's the reason why Spike annoyed me a little and it wasn't even funny the first time. The episode overall has an interesting plot and it's an improvement over "Putting Your Hoof Down" but it's super low on humor, a few parts have gotten pretty weak, and Spike was a little annoying. Overall, a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"... I just hope the writers make a better Fluttershy episode in the future. 9/10
  • Interesting, and pretty decent at the same time

    The story of Fluttershy training to create a hurricane was really original and I respected that. However, there was only one flaw out of an excellent episode: Something felt redundant about it. Sometimes I just felt Fluttershy worrying about the same exact thing over the time. But, the training scene was awesome, the hurricane was interesting to watch, and there was also emotional background to Fluttershy's character. Overall, 8 out of 10