My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 23

Inspiration Manifestation

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 26, 2014 on The Hub

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  • Awesome episode!

    Rarity,Spike,and Twilight in this episode was hilarious! I thought Rartiy turned into a changeling guess it was very funny episode!
  • The Inspiration

    The Episode title makes me think of some album by an Indie Group in the 1980s. Anyway this is an Spike and Rarity focused episode. Spike finds a book in the old Castle to make Rarity cast a spell that only backfires at last. The return of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch too for a short while. 20 minutes of lighthearted fun right before the last three epic Episodes. 10/10
  • Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

    When I first heard of a Spike and Rarity episode, I was ecstatic. An episode about two of my favorite characters was something I wanted to look forward to the most. Especially since, as of late, Rarity and Spike have been forced onto the sidelines. Corey Powell teams up with Meghan McCarthy in this episode. McCarthy has done a fantastic job for both Spike and Rarity in the past. Powell, depending on who you ask, has done a decent job with them. So can the teamwork of these two writers bring us an excellent episode and bounce back from last week's debacle? Let's begin, shall we?

    We open up to the citizens of Ponyville preparing for a festival. Pinkie announces that it's almost time for the Foals and Family Festival. Oddly enough in this scene, one of the foals, Truffles, is next to Cheerilee. New head canon, Truffles is now officially Cheerilee's son. Anyway, we see inside Carousel Boutique that Spike and Rarity are busy working on a traveling puppet theater. It makes you wonder when did Rarity go into wood work? During the scene, Rarity calls Spike her favorite dragon. As a Sparity shipper, this is one of the first of many cute scenes between them.

    So Rarity takes the theater to the puppeteer, who looks like could be Snips' dad just from the same body build and color of coat, who doesn't like what he sees. Rarity, feeling hurt about this, runs back inside and Spike feels bad about what happened to her.

    Inside the shop, Rarity moans about how she won't leave a mark on the fair and starts to eat lots of ice cream. Nice to know Spike isn't the only one who likes to eat buckets of ice cream as well. So Spike decide to go to the ruins of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters for a solution, but, for some reason I'm not sure of, Owlowiscious tags along. He asks Owlowiscious about what to do, to which he just hoots, but Spike can understand him. I guess Spike can now understand owl. Add that to the list of things he can do.

    Spike pulls a book and, low and behold, a secret passageway opens. Seriously, how many tricks and traps does this castle have? You'd think they would've disarmed them after the events of Castle-Mania. This passage leads to a book, which looks like the Bombinomicon from Team Fortress 2. He picks it up and reads the spell, which is called Inspiration Manifestation. Fillies and gentlecolts! We have a title! It says that the spell brings any idea to life by the user. He walks out and, in a rather good reference to Mr. Magoo, the room gives way and Spike is in danger, but he doesn't notice it, except for Owlowiscious. Now that was a good joke.

    Back at the Boutique, Rarity is seen eating more ice cream(How many gallons can she eat?), but Spike comes in to show her the spell. She reads the incarnation and a green energy goes into her horn. She decides to go test the spell out on the ruined theater and makes it better for him. After the festival is over, Rarity thanks Spike for his help. He says he'll take the book back now that the festival is over, but Rarity is not ready to give it up yet. She says that she wants to use it a bit longer for some other projects. Spike allows it, but Owlowiscious shows up and shows his disapproval. Spike rejects this and says she'll be fine.

    The next day, Spike goes to the Boutique again and the door busts open with rolls of fabric and clothes. Rarity pops up and drags Spike inside. We see that Rarity has been working very hard and even came up with a Fall Fashion Line for the next fifteen seasons. She asks Spike to help her in beautifying Ponyville, which he agrees to. Owlowiscious, meanwhile, is looking on and protests.

    They go outside and start running around town to give the place more class, as Rarity says. Applejack's cart is turn into gold and covered in gems. Rainbow, in what I believe is karma from last week's episode, gets a dress put on her and she crashes. Fluttershy's bird house is turn into a mansion. Finally, Pinkie's party is made more classy, with Octavia even showing up.

    Eventually, Rarity decides to beautify Spike, so she turns him into . . . Diamond Mega Man? Cool! Now Spike, go fight Dr. Wily! Rarity runs off before Spike can catch up, but Twilight finds him. She asks about a suspicious pony doing all these acts, but he lies about it. Mayor Mare then informs Twilight about the gazebo being turned into crystal and some ponies are trapped in it, so they go off. Spike and Owlowiscious are left alone. The owl tells Spike it's time for him to tell the truth, but he's afraid that she won't be his friend after this.

    Spike comes up with a plan that if he takes the book away, Rarity can't use the spell anymore. He tries to take it at first, but Rarity nearly catches him in the act. Spike signal for Owlowiscious to be the distraction while he grabs the book. He puts it in his mouth and eats it whole. No surprise there since he can eat entire mountains of gems. The plan backfires though as it turns out it had no effect and Rarity creates some "Rariots" as she calls them.

    Spike finally decides enough is enough and tells Rarity that she's changed stuff for the worst, not for the better. Rarity, taken aback by being told her designs are awful, has the spell removed from her. She comes back to her senses and sees what's become of Ponyville. Spike confesses about how it was her fault, but remembered the last part of the spell, which was when true words were spoken, it'd be broken. He apologizes for not saying anything sooner, but Rarity forgives him and shares a hug with him.

    Back at the library, Spike is writing in the journal that you shouldn't be afraid to tell the truth about something a friend is doing wrong. Twilight then storms in and scolds Spike about taking the book in the first place. Technically, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are to blame since, you know, it was their castle. You'd think that while the construction of the castle was going on, they'd remove those books? Methinks Twilight needs to tell the princesses to find and remove any other dangerous stuff. And so the episode ends with Spike telling Twilight to chill and Twilight just groans.

    So what did I think of this episode? Well I can say it's a huge improvement from last week's episode. Unlike last week, the story here isn't poorly paced, nor is the conflict shoehorned in there at the last minute. The story has a good three act structure to it for the most part.

    I know some will whine that Spike was being an idiot or oblivious, but I don't see him like that. Spike is very competent in this episode. He shows concern for Rarity and wants to help her get back in the grove of things. My belief as to why he didn't react sooner to the spell taking over Rarity was because one, he had no clue it was dark magic. Two, he didn't think things would go this out of control. Three, he wanted to make Rarity happy and not lose her as a friend. But when push came to shove, he showed intelligence and integrity in taking the book and telling Rarity the truth. Spike wanted to say something, but remember he's got a deep friendship with Rarity and didn't want to ruin it. Whether this was mostly because he didn't want his heart broken or not, it's up to other people to interpret.

    The jokes are well done in this episode. Powell and McCarthy did a very good job in the comedy department here. Rarity was hilariously over the top dramatic. There were some great references to other things. I loved how Spike was so oblivious to the danger of the collapsing room. Not to mention Rainbow crashing while wearing a dress. Serves her right for her actions last week. There are plenty of laughs to be found here and I found it hilarious.

    Owlowiscious, thankfully, does not end up saving the day. His purpose of being the one to urge Spike to tell the truth was well done. Even though Owlowiscious is not my favorite pet, the interaction between he and Spike is well done. It shows how much they've bonded over time and I like it.

    There are only two complaints in this episode.

    One, and this is the Sparity fan in me, Rarity didn't give Spike a kiss like in Secret of My Excess. Which is really disappointing since this an episode where Spike and Rarity are together and star both of them. I can let it slide though since there were so many cute moments between them including hugs and some new nicknames for Spike from Rarity. Not to mention, there was some subtle romance here and there.

    Two, and this one is legit, the ending is rather rushed. Now this is nowhere near as bad as Trade Ya! where it's ending is really rushed because of the forced conflict. However, the problem is that the climax falters and the problem is resolved in less than two minutes. I wish they worked this out a bit more. This has been an issue lately with the episodes; the endings feel rather rushed. Considering last week's episode though, this is not as bad.

    Overall, even if you aren't a Sparity fan, you'll enjoy this episode a lot. The interactions between Spike and Rarity are cute and continues to show their growing relationship. The moments with Spike and Owlowiscious are good and shows how they were once rivals turned friends. The jokes are really spot on, especially Rarity's antics. The moral is handled well. It's a really good episode and one of the best Spike episodes out there that should be seen.

    Next week, we conclude the double dose of Spike episodes with Dave Polsky taking the reigns. This time, Spike will get the honor of lighting the Equestria Games torch.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10
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