My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 20

It's About Time

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 10, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Pretty Good

    This is actually a fun episode. It might be a little predictable, but there are a lot of parts of this episode I actually enjoy. The highlight of the episode is the three sneaking into the library (or whatever it is). It's a shame this was sandwiched right between the show's two worst episodes.
  • 2014 update

    Twilight meets her future self and she's injured. Then Twilight drives herself crazy with worry about that. Later are hell breaking loose literary as Cerbereus shows up in Ponyville and causes panic. But Fluttershy shows how she can handled wild animals again. The timid pony tamed dragons and massaged a bear neck and now this. In the evening are Twilight and her friends sneaking into Canterlot to find out about how to use time travel. Pinkie Pie steals the show again here. Another S4 highlight. Notice that Tartarus will play a role in the S4 ending.

    I rate this episode 10/10
  • Not since Lesson Zero have I been thie entertained by a Twilight episode

    To me this episode had to be a vast improvement over the disappointment of last week's Fluttershy episode and one of the best ones yet. Our episode begins with Twilight Sparkle pacing around like mad for scheduling her month, but then a huge white blast of light goes out in the middle of the library and she looks to see....herself? The Twilight she sees looks battered and bruised and says she's from the future. She tries to warn the other Twilight about a disaster coming, but before she can the future Twilight disappears. Twilight goes into a panic and has all of Ponyville get in on preventing the disaster from occurring. She goes from taking Cerberus back to the Gates of the Underworld, to fixing all the leaks and cracks in Ponyville. Twilight though still continues to see signs of the disaster coming true and tries everything from seeing Pinkie Pie about her future to not moving a muscle. When the disaster seems to be coming, Twilight grabs Spike and Pinkie Pie to sneak into the Starswirled the Bearded section of the Canterlot Archives to find a spell to stop time. The gang sneaks into the section only to discover it's too late, the day of the disaster has come and Twilight fears for the worst. When things though seem to be normal, Twilight sees she stressed out over nothing and learned to not worry about the future. Pinkie finds a time travel spell that works only once, but when she tries to tell past Twilight about not worrying about the future, time runs out and is sent back to the present time. Our episode ends with Spike getting a stomachache from eating too much ice cream and Twilight and Pinkie taking him home. This was an all out awesome episode for Twilight once more. I really loved the references of The Terminator and how the episode resembled Metal Gear Solid, those were done perfectly. Twilight was a load of fun to see go insane once more and was a hoot. Pinkie was awesome as well with how she acted in the episode, especially as a fortune teller; that was hilarious. Spike also got to do something he rarely does around Twilight, rebel against her and I enjoyed his role in the episode as the voice of reason. I really also was shocked to see Cerberus exists in Equestria and shows that apparently the Underworld is not too far from Ponyville. All in all, plenty of laughs, a great episode all around, and an improvement over Fluttershy's episode from last week.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Twilight worries about the future disaster after she was visited by the Future Twilight

    Twilight Sparkle just finishes worrying about her schedule when she is briefly visited by her slightly bedraggled future self. She attempts to warn herself about some kind of future-related issue but does not have the time to do so when her past self keeps interrupting. She then spends the next few days worrying about what the future disaster could be and how to prevent it. This was a great episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It was a little better than last week's episode "Putting Your Hoof Down" but it's still not like my favorite though or anything like that you know. When I read the plot and saw the promo for this episode... I wasn't really looking forward to it. First of all, Twilight Sparkle isn't exactly what I call my "favorite"... she is a cute purple pony-unicorn and her voice is cute but her personality can be very boring and annoying though. So yeah, I'm not too crazy about Twilight. And Last, the storyline didn't look very good. I watched this episode and it turned out to be better than I expected. It's not perfect but at least it's watchable. My score is a little low because Twilight was getting annoying here... I mean, almost throughout the whole episode. That darn purple pony-unicorn wouldn't stop talking. She just kept going on and on and it did annoy me. The scene that probably annoyed me the most was when Future Twilight was visiting Twilight and then Twilight just kept talking and talking and wouldn't let Future Twilight give her the warning at all. The other issue I had was just the last few minutes of the episode. The last few minutes of the episode just kinda made me say "WTH?" because Twilight (who becomes Future Twilight) visits Past Twilight and tries to give her the warning but the same thing happens again. The worst part was that we saw the same scene TWICE which was Future Twilight trying to warn Past Twilight... I just thought it was kinda pointless and it really wasn't going anywhere to what I expected the storyline to get through. That's just not a very good way to handle things. As for the humor... this episode wasn't like the funniest episode ever but it did give me a few LOL (Laugh Out Loud) moments such as Pinkie Pie running while tied with balloons saying "Run for your life", Pinkie Pie as a fortuneteller, and Fluttershy rubbing the Cerberus' tummy. Spike with his ice cream and all was pretty amusing as well. I also loved the part where Pinkie Pie and Spike were discussing the suits and then Pinkie Pie just says "I thought we were just wearing these suits for fun". So yeah, the storyline was great for the most part but the flaws that I just mentioned near the beginning of this review are stuff that could've been fixed and humor was pretty good. Not the funniest episode ever but I did get a few LOL moments and it's entertaining plus it put a smile on my face. Overall, a great episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 8.5/10