My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 11

Just for Sidekicks

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 26, 2013 on The Hub

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  • awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I'd rate it 10000000 zillion lulz

  • Responsibility

    Spike does not have it. But he's learning. This was a fun episode if only that we got to see the group of pets again, which we haven't seen all of since Dash got hers. I'm not sure how I feel about everything being alright because the pets "told" Spike he was mistreating them. It's not a realistic message, because unless you're attuned to your animal (which you wouldn't be if you were mistreating them anyhow), you're not going to know something is wrong. It was a good idea for an episode, but I think it could have been better executed.
  • Spike Ace Ventura

    This time are Spike a pet daycare. Poor Spike is left outside again by his friends. But let us hope he saves the Crystal Empire again. Peeweee is released again just like in one of my fics. And it goes overboard with a runaway to the Crystal Empire. The CMC are with Spike and the pets. A fanart back in summer might had foreseen this. Recommended for old school Spike fans. But beware of the Season 3 climax spoilers that is mentioned under the episode. 10/10
  • A huge improvement over the last Spike episode

    The last Spike episode that aired was a rather mediocre one that left mixed feelings in me. But now we have ourselves another Spike centered episode. Is it any better then the last one, or is it another disaster? Our episode begins with Spike making a jewel cake, but inadvertently eats all the jewels. Spike mopes a little about it, but Fluttershy then comes in and asks Spike to watch over Angel while her and the rest of the gang go to the Crystal Empire to welcome the inspector for the Equestrian Games. In exchange for it, she gives Spike a big jewel and he agrees to it. Hoping to get more for his recipe, Spike convinces the others to let him watch over their pets in exchange for some more jewels. As the others leave, Spike thinks watching the pets and cooking will be no problem, but it all goes downhill immediately. While rounding up the pets, Spike and the others notice Angel running off and gives chase. Spike and the other pets soon find Angel at the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse and offers them a chance to watch the pets and get their cutie marks. They agree to do so, but want one of Spike's jewels to help cover some things to watch the pets. He reluctantly agrees to do so and goes to get stuff for his cake. As he heads home, he hears the CMC again and goes to see what's going on. He discovers that things didn't go so well since the pets were part of the CMC's attempts to get their cutie marks and decides to take them back. Things get only worse though as the pets, especially Angel, cause more trouble and makes Spike aggravated. Eventually, Angel hops aboard a train towards the Crystal Empire and Spike tries to stop him. He gets the CMC to come along in hopes of stopping the whole thing and everything seems to go as planned at first, but Angel soon finds a way to escape and find Fluttershy. He soon comes across her at the Crystal Empire train station, but Spike stops him again. The group heads back into a train, but they're trapped when Twilight and her friends enter the same cabin they're in and have to hide. Angel, in an act of hatred, tries to stir things up, but Spike finally gives in and decides to let Angel do what he wants. Spike realizes he was putting his own needs before the pets and that he tells them all they're sorry. Angel in turn decides to give Spike a break and goes to get the last jewel Spike used to distract the others. The group gets off the train before Twilight and the others realize what happened and they all thank Spike for a job well done. Our episode ends with Spike using the last jewel to make his cake, but accidentally eats it and yells in despair. This episode was a HUGE improvement over Spike at Your Service. While Spike's intentions seemed greedy and selfish, he did eventually learn about what was really important, the pets. There were a couple of good jokes involving Pinkie listening to Gummy. I especially liked how the Cutie Mark Crusaders made a return in this episode to help Spike out and tried to get their marks with the pets. It was pretty hilarious to see what happened to them. I also enjoyed the numerous short songs Spike was singing in this episode. Granted they didn't last long, but at least he DID sing again, which I have no problem with. I have two complaints with this episode though. One, Princess Cadence didn't invite Spike to help with setting up the games. Why did she do that? Spike was the one who saved it and he deserved to at least go back there and help out some more. At least Twilight and the others were compassionate and felt sorry that Spike didn't come. I can only hope that since this episode takes place during the next episode, Games Ponies Play, that there's some sort of explanation. My biggest complaint though has to go to Spike's pet phoenix, Peewee, being written out of the show. If you look in the intro, you can see Spike was forced to give him up. I suppose you could argue that since the pics showed Peewee being a nuisance that Twilight and Spike had to give him up. But what I didn't like is how they used only pictures to showed what happened. That could've been a great episode, albeit a little sad, but still a nice episode to see Spike parting with Peewee. It's annoying and seems like a cheap cop out to remove a character like that. I really wish he wasn't removed like that and that he returns one day to be Spike's pet again. Although the writers didn't forget about Peewee, I still wish they could've done something more then what they pulled in this episode. Aside from that, this episode was excellent and I did find it to be a lot better then Spike at Your Service. Overall, some good jokes, pretty nice Spike musical bits, and a good moral all around. It's not my favorite Spike episode, but it's still a great episode all around.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • Enjoyable? YES!!! Funny? NO!!! Amazing? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

    Although, Spike isn't my favorite character of the series... his episodes this season have been weak. How this episode hold up? Well... It's a bit better than "Spike At Your Service" but not by much though. This is a good episode but it was NOT a very funny episode in my opinion. I barely laughed in this episode and chuckled probably once at a part. I think I only laughed at Pinkie Pie's appearance near the beginning of the episode, Applebloom tickling Spike to get out of the way, Granny Smith catching Spike not being good with the pets and Spike giving her gem pretending that nothing happened, and that's it. The "Who" jokes in the beginning were repetitive though. When Owlicious made his first appearance in that Season 1 episode, the jokes were funny but here it was just repetitive and didn't get a single laugh or chuckle out of me. I got very annoyed with Spike eating his gems and not even knowing he ate it. What the hell? it was very stupid and not even funny at all and had me wondering why his tongue kept sticking and Spike's "WHY???" had my eyes rolling. Angel Bunny got on my nerves as well. The adventure of Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders chasing after Angel Bunny was a fun adventure to look at and I'm glad that the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo) were involved in the adventure. The adventure was fun, I'll give it that so it is an enjoyable episode but it just wasn't the most amazing episode ever. And then after all that, they show gave me, probably, the weakest ending I've seen in an episode. After all that, Spike eats his gem like a dumb idiot once again and says "WHY???". I don't know what the writers were thinking but I'm sure they can do a better ending plus a better episode overall than that. So in the end, it is a decently enjoyable episode but it's nothing special. It's an episode that barely had funny moments, pretty weak writing, a couple of repetitive jokes, and a very weak ending so I think Spike fans will find this episode pleasant but I, for one, don't think this is the most spectacular episode ever but since it was enjoyable and I'm a huge fan of the show... I'll give this episode a 7 out of 10 because it definitely wasn't anything special and it was very predictable and cliche too but it, for what it was, it's enjoyable. 7/10