My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 10

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 19, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Funniest episode ever!

    This episode is one of my top favorite My Little Pony episodes of all time. Anyone who thinks this episode is stupid have no sense of humor whatsoever. "Keep Calm and Flutter On" is so funny and cute. Although I am a huge Diselestia shipper than Fluttercord, I really love how Fluttershy always brings out the good in Discord. That's one of the real reasons why I love this character so much and why she is one of my favorite characters. All in all, I 100% love this episode and it's the best of the best.
  • Absolute worst of Season 3!

    This episode is appalling! Easily the worst episode of the show! Airing a bad episode is one thing, but having episodes like these, eerrgh! They're just very painful to watch! This episode is an ABSOLUTE disgrace. No stars for this episode. So far, the worst episode of the show.
  • He's back!

    When I first heard of this episode, I got really excited. Discord is one of my all time favorite villains on the show and I couldn't wait to see him again. And this episode did not disappoint. Discord was at his best as always. I could tell that John De Lancie was having a lot of fun voicing this guy. I also like how they kind of ending this episode with a bit of a cliffhanger, when Discord says that he will use his magic for good "most of the time," which is kind of a hint that he might become evil again. And the best part is that this episode didn't end with Discord being turned back into stone, which means that we might be seeing more of him in the near future and I can't wait.

    Seems... LEGIT
  • Discord returns with a bang!

    After waiting for a couple of weeks, season 3 of MLP:FiM continues with the epic return of Discord. This time it centers around Princess Celestia trying to get the Mane 6 to reform him, but only Fluttershy is willing to do it. So how does the return of Discord hold up? Is it a disaster, or a brilliant episode? The episode starts out with Twilight and her friends waiting for Princess Celestia to show up, but Spike suddenly notices a familiar statue being brought along with the princess. As it turns out, the statue is Discord and Twilight Sparkle can't help but feel appalled that she's bringing his statue here. Princess Celestia tells her student and her friends about how she wants Discord reformed so his magic can be used for good. She gives the group the Elements of Harmony in case they need to turn Discord back to stone and she goes back to Canterlot. The group uses the elements to free Discord and as soon as he's free, he starts to turn things upside down. Fluttershy steps in and decides to reform Discord by befriending him and gaining his trust. As Discord stays in Fluttershy's house, he causes a lot of chaos in it and even steals all of the reforming spells from Twilight's library. Twilight tries to warn Fluttershy, but she ignores it and tells her to invite the others for a dinner party in her house. At the dinner party, Discord makes a bunch of stuff like candles and a gravy boat come to life, causing the entire group to go over the edge. Fluttershy though stands by Discord and even calls him her friend. The party is ruined though when Angel Bunny comes in and informs the others that Sweet Apple Acres is flooding and the group quickly deduces that it's Discord's fault and leave to save the farm. At the farm, Fluttershy finds out that Discord is responsible for some beavers going rouge and building a dam along a river running through the orchards. Discord soon shows up and shrugs off the incident as a fun time. Fluttershy tries to make him turn everything back to normal and Discord agrees to do it, but on one condition. He makes Fluttershy promise not to use her Element of Harmony against him. She agrees and Discord takes advantage of the situation by turning the whole flood into a frozen ice rink. Fluttershy scolds him about what he did and orders him to fix it, but he uses the friendship he made with her to prevent Fluttershy from using her element. Fluttershy then snaps and decides to no longer be his friend at all. As she leaves him, Discord continues to poke fun at Fluttershy, thinking this is all a joke. But when he realizes that she means it, it makes Discord feel guilty for what he did since he was losing something he never had before, a friend. He decides to turn everything back to normal and understand how important friends are. Princess Celestia soon comes back and learns the good news in regards to Discord's reforming. Our episode ends with Discord sharing a brief moment with Fluttershy and saying the subtitle of the show, "Friendship is Magic". I thought this was a really great episode. While it's the traditional bad guy eventually turns good storyline, it's still handled well. Discord was being just as awesome as we saw him in season 2 of the show. Making a lot of good jokes and acting so random. Fluttershy was really awesome in this episode with being able to control Discord and making him turn over a new leaf. I dare say this is probably the best Fluttershy based episode I've seen in a long time. I especially liked it when Discord was giving Angel a run for his bits. I say it's about time that stupid rabbit had karma come pay him a nice visit, especially after his rotten attitude back in Putting Your Hoof Down. I also liked how he pretty much said the show's subtitle, "Friendship is Magic". It's a nice wink to the viewers. There were also a few tender moments between Fluttershy and Discord, especially when he was realizing his friendship with the pegasus. It was sweet and kind of cute. About my only complaint has to be that Princess Celestia never really explained how she would use Discord's magic. Is he using it to heal others? To teach other unicorns? I guess it's up to our interpretation. Overall, some great laughs, a good storyline, some tender moments, and Discord returning really makes this one of my favorite episodes of season 3.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Finally the moment has arrived

    Oh, Gak!

    Anyway Discord comes back after years. The six ponies frees him, and to a surprise Fluttershy tames him. Not PP as thought. And there are more Flutershy and AJ together at last, as they are more together fanon than canon. Discord is 1000 years old, but still a youthful prankster. And also look out for the spoilers in the ads. 10/10
  • Discord Returns

    Usually I watch new episodes of this show from my DVR because I love to be sleeping IN in the mornings. For once, I actually woke up early but it wasn't for this episode though... I was gonna watch it but that new SpongeBob episode "Plankton's Pet" was airing at the same time as this new episode so what did I pick??? the new SpongeBob because even though I love this show... that sponge will always be near and dear to my heart. Anyways, watched it from the DVR immediately after the new SpongeBob was over and I loved this episode. FINALLY!!! it's about damn time there was an excellent Fluttershy episode. Two of the Fluttershy episodes were great but I'll be honest, they were disappointing. As a Fluttershy fan, Fluttershy finally gets the episode that she truly deserved. There were many funny moments into this episode. It was definitely a better "villain goes from bad-to-good storyline" than that poor episode "Magic Duel" where Trixie goes from bad to good. This episode actually handled it right and very well. Discard was just as awesome as he was in the Season 2 Premiere last season. He was very random and I'm glad he gave Angel the bunny some bad luck. Fluttershy is such a sweet and adorable pony, I really would love to be her best friend. I'm so happy how Fluttershy NEVER (I mean, NEVER) gave up on Discord and Discord actually having a soft side because of the fact that Fluttershy was his one and only friend was very heartwarming and made me smile. It's handled in a very well and right way. The execution was impressive, the storyline was highly well-written, the humor just keeps coming and coming and I eventually had to take a break from laughing. I LOVED how Discard used the title "Friendship Is Magic" and I really cracked up at Fluttershy's final line of the episode after Discord said that. It's definitely an episode for all to see especially if you're a Fluttershy fan. Unfortunately, Season 3 is the shortest season that his series has brought but I could only hope that Season 4 would bring more Fluttershy episodes and make them be exactly like this episode right here. I can't remember the last amazing Fluttershy episode I saw (obviously it's somewhere in Season 1) but this is definitely one of the best, if not, the best Fluttershy episode that I have ever seen. Animation as always is very vibrant and beautiful and the return of Discord was amazing. Heartwarming, hilarious, and just all-around a well-written and genuine treat that I love to call a MUST-SEE. 10/10
  • Why Don't They Just--

    It felt like all through the episode I kept having to ask why something didn't make sense. Why was Angel such a pushover? Why didn't Fluttershy fly when there was ice? Why didn't Discord just leave? There were a bunch of inconsistencies and plotholes that kept the episode from shining. It also felt like it should have been a two-parter, as converting the evil that wrapped up season one (over multiple episodes) shouldn't have been a feat accomplishable in one episode. I still felt like Discord was playing them, though that's not how the episode made it seem by the end.

    This episode was obviously providing the set up for some plot down the line - and it was sloppily done. The best part of this episode was seeing how far Fluttershy has come confidence-wise since the beginning of the series.
  • Not the path I expected Discord to take, but nevertheless, he did it in quite the way.

    I'll be blunt- my prediction was that in the end, Discord was ultimately going to be reformed. The plot of the episode gave it away. What I loved was how he got to it though, and how Fluttershy was willing to be quite the risk-taker, including running the risk of losing her own friends' trust to reform him. And it didn't surprise me that near the end he was going to ultimately try and turn against her in a trick- but what did surprise me was what happened after that. How Fluttershy didn't used her element against him, but instead resort to a fit of rage at him and it surprised me to actually see . So if there was any way for Discord to end up being a good guy ("most of the time" mind you, I'm glad he seems to be remaining neutral at least xD), this was pretty much the perfect way to do so.

    Also, major lols for his reluctant "Friendship is


    can't wait :D