My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 10

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 19, 2013 on The Hub

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  • Discord returns with a bang!

    After waiting for a couple of weeks, season 3 of MLP:FiM continues with the epic return of Discord. This time it centers around Princess Celestia trying to get the Mane 6 to reform him, but only Fluttershy is willing to do it. So how does the return of Discord hold up? Is it a disaster, or a brilliant episode? The episode starts out with Twilight and her friends waiting for Princess Celestia to show up, but Spike suddenly notices a familiar statue being brought along with the princess. As it turns out, the statue is Discord and Twilight Sparkle can't help but feel appalled that she's bringing his statue here. Princess Celestia tells her student and her friends about how she wants Discord reformed so his magic can be used for good. She gives the group the Elements of Harmony in case they need to turn Discord back to stone and she goes back to Canterlot. The group uses the elements to free Discord and as soon as he's free, he starts to turn things upside down. Fluttershy steps in and decides to reform Discord by befriending him and gaining his trust. As Discord stays in Fluttershy's house, he causes a lot of chaos in it and even steals all of the reforming spells from Twilight's library. Twilight tries to warn Fluttershy, but she ignores it and tells her to invite the others for a dinner party in her house. At the dinner party, Discord makes a bunch of stuff like candles and a gravy boat come to life, causing the entire group to go over the edge. Fluttershy though stands by Discord and even calls him her friend. The party is ruined though when Angel Bunny comes in and informs the others that Sweet Apple Acres is flooding and the group quickly deduces that it's Discord's fault and leave to save the farm. At the farm, Fluttershy finds out that Discord is responsible for some beavers going rouge and building a dam along a river running through the orchards. Discord soon shows up and shrugs off the incident as a fun time. Fluttershy tries to make him turn everything back to normal and Discord agrees to do it, but on one condition. He makes Fluttershy promise not to use her Element of Harmony against him. She agrees and Discord takes advantage of the situation by turning the whole flood into a frozen ice rink. Fluttershy scolds him about what he did and orders him to fix it, but he uses the friendship he made with her to prevent Fluttershy from using her element. Fluttershy then snaps and decides to no longer be his friend at all. As she leaves him, Discord continues to poke fun at Fluttershy, thinking this is all a joke. But when he realizes that she means it, it makes Discord feel guilty for what he did since he was losing something he never had before, a friend. He decides to turn everything back to normal and understand how important friends are. Princess Celestia soon comes back and learns the good news in regards to Discord's reforming. Our episode ends with Discord sharing a brief moment with Fluttershy and saying the subtitle of the show, "Friendship is Magic". I thought this was a really great episode. While it's the traditional bad guy eventually turns good storyline, it's still handled well. Discord was being just as awesome as we saw him in season 2 of the show. Making a lot of good jokes and acting so random. Fluttershy was really awesome in this episode with being able to control Discord and making him turn over a new leaf. I dare say this is probably the best Fluttershy based episode I've seen in a long time. I especially liked it when Discord was giving Angel a run for his bits. I say it's about time that stupid rabbit had karma come pay him a nice visit, especially after his rotten attitude back in Putting Your Hoof Down. I also liked how he pretty much said the show's subtitle, "Friendship is Magic". It's a nice wink to the viewers. There were also a few tender moments between Fluttershy and Discord, especially when he was realizing his friendship with the pegasus. It was sweet and kind of cute. About my only complaint has to be that Princess Celestia never really explained how she would use Discord's magic. Is he using it to heal others? To teach other unicorns? I guess it's up to our interpretation. Overall, some great laughs, a good storyline, some tender moments, and Discord returning really makes this one of my favorite episodes of season 3.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10