My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 3

Lesson Zero

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 15, 2011 on The Hub

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  • One of the best yet and best of all Spike gets respect!


    After a 2 week hiatus with no new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we are given one of the best episodes of this season yet. It starts out with Twilight Sparkle and Spike going around town doing things on a checklist from returning a blackboard, to getting some cupcakes. Back at the Ponyville Library, Spike is relieved that there is no new lesson of friendship to send to Princess Celestia this week. Twilight panics in fear of being tardy, and goes around the town to see how she can help any of her friends so she can get a friendship lesson. All throughout the town though, Twilight sees that none of her friends need help, causing her to go insane. Twilight's friends don't really pay much mind to what's happened and just enjoy the picnic. In a desperate way to learn a friendship lesson, she takes her Mr. Smarty Pants doll and enchants it, making the whole town go nuts for the doll. Eventually Princess Celestia comes in, saves the town, and orders Twilight back to the library. At the library, Twilight explains she needed to send a letter so she wouldn't be tardy and expresses her sorrow. The princess states she doesn't need a friendship report every week though making Twilight feel relieved. Twilight's friends come in and defend that they should've been there for their friend and the princess agrees to not punish Twilight in return that all the friends make a friendship report. Twilight learns that the princess learned of the trouble by Spike's letter and she and the others show respect toward him. Our episode ends with Spike writing a letter for all the friends. This was one of the best episode of FiM yet, and for many reasons. They way Twilight goes insane was hilarious as well as how Big Macintosh takes the doll for himself at the end. I also loved the therapist scene with Twilight and Rainbow Dash. I also really loved the fact that Spike was the hero! Spike sent the letter in time to the princess so she could help save the town. Spike played a major role in this episode and was the real hero today. I for one loved this and gives more love to the little dragon. Overall, many laughs to be found, a great story, and Spike being given love, this episode of FiM is a must see!

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10

  • Twilight's Breakdown Makes This a Classic Episode.

    Seeing Twilight Sparkle slowly lose her mind makes "Lession Zero" a sure-fire classic episode. I felt that by the way she was cracking up, she was going to end up in a rubber room instead of magic kindergarden. I feel that this hilarious episode deserves a perfect ten as one of the best installments ever.
  • Twilight overreacting for being tardy on a new friendship lesson was very stupid and a little irritating. Other than that, this episode was enjoyable and decent to watch.


    I thought that this was a good/decent/average episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". So far, not the best Season 2 episode I've ever seen but it was still pretty enjoyable even though it could have used much more improvement. My opinion of this episode changed after re-watching this episode a couple of more times, instead of a 9... this episode now gets a 7.5 from me because I found Twilight to be twice as more irritating then the first time. After two weeks of no new episodes, we are finally back. The plot was pretty enjoyable but it was also very stupid in my opinion. It's pretty obvious why my score is low so I really don't need to say why. In fact, my reason is on the introduction of my review. Twilight realizes that it is a week and she has no new friendship lesson to write to Princess Celestia. She wants to find a new friendship lesson by the end of the day before it ends. She goes to all of her friends to see if they need help but none of them needs help. Twilight is going completely insane because she doesn't have a new friendship lesson and she is so desperate because she thinks that she will be tardy and that Princess Celestia would send her back to magic grade school (or something like that). While some of Twilight going insane scenes were very funny, the others were just really meh and very stupid plus really irritating in some parts. There were some funny parts that still give me laughs just like the first time such as the beginning of the episode, Rarity freaking out like three times and saying it's the worst thing ever and then her friends look at her, Fluttershy wrestling the bear, Rainbow Dash destroying Applejack's barn so she can build a new one. everyone falling in love with that doll and fighting over it (thanks to Twilight), and the very ending. Twilight's friends defending her when Princess Celestia was about to give Twilight's punishment was very nice and it was to see that Spike became the hero. Overall, the plot was very stupid, really irritating in some parts, and pointless if you ask me but it was watchable at least and it is a good/decent/average episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 7.5/10

  • Great


    After discovering that her deadline to send Princess Celestia a new friendship report is almost up, Twilight tries to quickly learn a lesson about friendship before it is too late.

    Overall, a great episode, but not my favorite

    an 8.5 out of 10