My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 2 Episode 4

Luna Eclipsed

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 22, 2011 on The Hub

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  • Hug a Goddess

    The plight of Princess Luna in this episode creates amusement and empathy. When she feels low due to the reaction of many of her subjects you just want to provide reassurance if you could only cross dimensions.

  • Princess Luna is back!


    After a full season of being absent, Princess Luna, the ruler of the night returns for her very first episode. The episode begins with Spike and Twilight Sparkle going around town and seeing what their friends are doing. Pinkie Pie is leading some of the foals around Ponyville to get candy, including a new foal named Pipsqueek, Rainbow Dash is using a storm cloud to scare other ponies, Fluttershy is staying home since she's scared of Nightmare Night, and Applejack is busy keeping the games organized. Zecora returns as well to tell the tale of Nightmare Moon and states that each Nightmare Night, all the citizens wear disguises and give candy to NMM so she won't hurt them. We then see Princess Luna and she has changed a lot since we first saw her. She believes in the old traditional Equestrian ways and uses a deep booming voice that scares the town. Twilight then goes to help Luna in being more welcomed. Throughout the way though from learning how to speak softer from Fluttershy to playing games, Pinkie and the foals see Luna doing something that they take the wrong way and believe she's NMM. Eventually Luna loses her patience and decides that since none of the ponies respect or love her that she is canceling Nightmare Night forever. The whole town is left devastated by this event and Twilight goes to find Luna. Luna explains that she's not welcomed by any of the ponies at all and that they all are still afraid of her despite what she's tried to do. Twilight then leads Pinkie into an ally and tries to make peace with her and Luna. Rainbow though comes in and ruins the peace talks before she can get started. Twilight tackles Pinkie and tells her that Luna is not evil at all. Pinkie laughs and tells that she knows and states it's fun ti be scared. Twilight then gets an idea and leads Luna to the statue of NMM where they offer candy. At the statue, the foals give the candy, and Pipsqueek says farewell to Nightmare Night for good. Luna then pretends to scare them with her menacing voice and pretends to look like NMM. Pipqueek then states that he wants her to come back next year to scare her. Luna sees that the ponies do love her and states Nightmare Night will be back, Twilight then sends a letter stating that Luna was like her when she entered Ponyville and learned that you shouldn't be scared by another pony's image at all. Out episode ends with Rainbow trying to scare Twilight again, but Luna zaps her and she flies off while her, Spike, and Twilight laugh away. This was an extremely awesome episode of FiM. I lvoed the whole story idea of Luna transgressing from old style to the current one on the scariest night of the year, Pinkie Pie was very random in the episode, I loved Fluttershy's role in the episode as well, and I loved how Luna pranked Rainbow at the end. My only issues was that there was no Rarity and we didn't know what Luna was doing while she was free. My guess is that since she's old fashioned she didn't leave the castle like her sister did except for royal business. Overall an awesome episode and one of the best, I hope to see more Luna soon.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10

  • Halloween themed episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" was a success


    I missed this episode on Saturday morning but I was able to record it at the 9:30am time on Monday morning so YAY!. I watched it yesterday night and I absolutely loved this episode. The Halloween themed episode of this show was so excellent and it definitely better than the previous episode "Lesson Zero". It's Nightmare Night (pony version of "Halloween") and everyone is going around to trick or treat. Also, Zecora tells the story of Princess Luna. Princess Luna (you know, the dark pony from the Season 1 premiere who also turns out to be Princess Celestia's sister) returns on Nightmare Night (Halloween). She has changed since the Season 1 Premiere but becomes upset because she feels like nobody loves her. It turns out in the end that Princess Luna is loved. There were a lot of funny parts in this episode such as everyone not understanding Twilight's costume, Pinkie Pie as the chicken, Twilight asking Pinkie Pie "Aren't a little too old for trick-or-treating?" (or something like that) and then Pinkie responding "Never", Rainbow Dash doing her dark storm and shocking the ponies (that's all she did in this episode), Fluttershy's part, the very ending of the episode, and much more. This episode also has a wonderful friendship lesson that everyone should listen to. Overall, an excellent Halloween themed episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and definitely one of Season 2's best. 10/10

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