My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 5

Magic Duel

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 01, 2012 on The Hub

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  • What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

    Trixie makes a return appearance in this show and holy crap was it a very poorly written episode. BY FAR the worst episode I have ever seen. FORGET the worst Season 1 episode "Sonic Rainboom". FORGET the worst Season 2 episode "Secret of My Excess". This Season 3 episode definitely beats both of those episodes for worst episode ever as of right now. I didn't like Trixie back in that Season 1 episode which I thought was good/alright but nothing great. Trixie proves to be the weakest antagonist of this show... I could never take her seriously as a villain plus this show uses cliches which is something we have so many damn times in terms of some of the lines they say, the things they do, and the whole "If you win this... blah... but if you lose then you blah blah blah FOREVER". Come on people, you have to admit that is something we hear a bunch of times in both television and movies. I laughed at Fluttershy being afraid to go to the rain forest, Pinkie Pie not having her mouth for the majority of the episode, Pinkie Pie playing of the instruments at once (I BELIEVE it's a callback from my all-time favorite episode "A Friend In Deed"), Pinkie Pie getting her mouth back at the very ending of the episode, and that's it. The episode just bored me, it was uninteresting, poorly executed, and it really disappointed me since I'm a huge fan of this show. Then again, the episode was about the return to the weakest antagonist of the show Trixie so I kinda saw this coming. It's nothing but cliches, awful executions, bad villain, and poorly done storyline indeed. Trixie being good in the end is fine I guess but it really doesn't make up for what I have just watched. Worst Episode Of The Series So Far Indeed... I would just stay away from this episode, there's WAY better episodes than this one definitely everyone. 4/10
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