My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 5

Magic Duel

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 01, 2012 on The Hub



  • Trivia

    • Before this episode aired, many fans believed that the Alicron Amulet had some connection with King Sombra, the villain from the two-part episode "The Crystal Empire."

    • Pinkie Pie only has two lines of dialogue in this episode before Trixie removes her mouth.

    • The famous Wilhelm scream can be heard in the scene where the one pony is about to have a cart dropped onto her.

    • When Snips and Snails are seen trying to pull their horns off each other when they fused together, it sounds like only Snails is grunting, yet Snails' lips don't move at all and the grunts are coming from Snips' mouth.

    • When we see the filly versions of Applejack and Rarity, which we learn later on were really Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle in disguise, they have the same eye color they had when they were older. Both younger siblings have different eye colors than their older sisters. Applejack's eyes are green, while Apple Bloom's eyes are brown and Rarity's eyes are blue, while Sweetie Belle's eyes are green.

    • Derpy cameo: She is in the audience when Twilight is doing her performance at the end of the episode.

    • At the end of the episode, Trixie leaves Ponyville by dropping a smoke bomb and then running off. This also how she left at the end of the other episode she was in, "Boast Busters."

    • When Trixie shows an image of herself at a rock farm, Pinkie Pie's father (last seen in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles") appears.

    • During the magic duel, Twilight makes a Parasprite, from the episode "Swarm of the Century," appear.

    • Spike mentions the time Twilight once crushed him and Applejack with a giant snowball, which took place in the episode, "Winter Wrap-Up."

  • Quotes

    • Applejack : That's enough, Trixie!
      Rarity: You proved your point, but you can't possibly expect Twilight to leave Ponyville.
      Trixie: You fools. (Lifts Twilight up with her magic and pushes her out of town) She's already gone.

    • Snails: (About Trixie) Why is she so mean to us?
      Snips: Yeah. I miss the days when she was just a fraud.

    • Trixie : But what about the pony with the ten instruments?
      Twilight: That's not magic. That was just Pinkie Pie.

    • Shop Owner : (About the Alicorn Amulet) I'm afraid this is far too dangerous. (Trixie drops a huge bag of coins in front of him) Would you like that gift wrapped?

    • Fluttershy : I need to be brave and find Twilight (A bird says something to her) Oh, you found her? She's in the Everfree forest? (She hides in a log and the birds pull her out and fly her towards the forest) This is me being brave. I want to be brave at home, locked in my closet, with my teddy bear!

    • Applejack : What do ya say, Fluttershy? Can you handle the mission?
      Fluttershy: No! I'll crack under the pressure! I'll snap like a twig!
      Rainbow Dash : Perfect!

    • Applejack: (About Trixie) She wants me to grow apples with no peels. Now how the hay am I suppose to do that?

    • Trixie: I even had to take a job on a rock farm just to earn a living! A ROCK FARM!
      Pinkie Pie: Hey! You're lucky a rock farm would take the likes of you!

    • Fluttershy : (To her animals) Don't be scared, little friends. Twilight is wonderful with magic. (To Twilight, in a sinister tone) Anything happens to them, Twilight, so help me...

  • Notes

    • M.A. Larson, the writer for this episode, posted on Twitter that there was a scene in the original script that took place after Trixie zaps Rainbow Dash with a magic beam that was supposed to have her "wither in agony," but instead just tickles her. After this happens, Trixie tries her beam on the Mayor, twice, but nothing happens and the Mayor just tells her to stop.

    • According to Meghan McCarthy, the show's head writer, this episode was finished in January, 2011 and was originally going to air in season two.

    • Friendship Report: Twilight learned that the power of friendship will always win and never fail.

    • This episode revolves around Twilight.

  • Allusions

    • The store that Trixie enters to buy the Allicorn Amulet is similar to the store where the Mogwai is bought from in the movie Gremlins.

    • The training scene with Twilight and Zecora is very similar to the scene in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is being trained by Yoda.

    • Twilight's line, "Let's duel!" is a reference to the anime show, Yu-Gi-Oh, which revolves around people fighting using cards and every time they are about to fight, one of them shouts out this line before they begin.