My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 13

Magical Mystery Cure

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 16, 2013 on The Hub

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  • This episode was a joke to me.

    This episode was a joke to me. I can't believe this episode. I love MLP:FiM, but this episode, I was FURIOUS after seeing this.

    The only reason why it's not a tie with Keep Calm And Flutter On because it wasn't so annoying, But this is the #4 worst episode for me. The third worst episode is the christmas play one, and the second one was the one with the dragon. But it still is as bad, as it still gets a 0/10.

    I might not get much like for this, but this episode was very bad. A piss stain and disgrace to bronies. I can't believe Twilight became an alicorn. This episode was no good. I really dislike this episode. It's a joke to me. A flat out joke. But I still love MLP:FiM, but this was very bad. 0/10.
  • Oh my god, this is horrible.

    This doesn't need to exist, please don't make a season 4, all the other seasons wasn't great. Please cancel this show.
  • maria09974

    I think that the fourth season of mlp will be amazing I'm also mega pegasister series each chapter I was his name and it happens in each
  • can be better

    overall the music was good but could have been better. the episode wasnt well planed enough. it leaves out so much stuff like,how did twilight become a princess. they should have made this a 3 or mabe a two part finaly to clarify every thing they left out.
  • Great Season 3 Finale But It's Definitely NOT Perfect

    Even though I am an MLP: FIM fan, I must admit that this season finale was a little overrated in my opinion though but I'm glad that not all of the reviews got a perfect 10 and the people that rated this season finale like a 5 or 6.5 I can understand more on why they rated it that low than the users that rated it a 10. The episode was very enjoyable without a doubt and it's a great episode nonetheless. Comparing it to the Season 1 finale and the 2-Part Season 2 finale though, this is probably the weakest season finale in the series. The problems with this episode, though, were the pacing. The pacing in this episode felt rushed and it's like 80% of the episode was rushed and the season finale actually went by fast. The pacing was definitely one of the flaws with this season finale. Another thing was how it felt nothing like the other MLP: FIM episodes... the direction for this episode was a whole lot different and the direction felt different and how they just introduced the whole thing to the episode already fell out of place as soon as it started but I guess I enjoyed this episode as much as I could possibly can is because I tried to go with the flow as much as I can. If I didn't do it, the rating for this episode would've been lower for me honestly. The episode was also very low on humor. I'm not kidding you, there is like 0% humor added in this episode. I think one part out of this whole entire episode made me laugh and that was when the bear hugged Fluttershy from when Fluttershy got her element of harmony back. Last flaw I had with this episode was Twilight being an alicorn and while it sounds like it could be the greatest thing in the whole wide kinda cool I guess but it has you wondering how Season 4 will be... will the show change from there? or will it still the same My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that we all know and care about. :) I know it sounds like all I'm doing is pointing out the negatives of the episode and it has many problems for me as you can see and I should've probably lowered this episode to a 6.5 or 6 for having that many issues but like I said, the score is great because I went with the flow and enjoyed as much as I can. If I did NOT go with the whole flow, the rating from me probably would've been a 6 out of 10 at best. The positives for this episode was that the storyline was interesting despite it being rushed with the poor pacing, Twilight looking all of the flashbacks of her accomplishments to her time as an alicorn and Princess Twilight was very cool to see, the ending was very nice, the episode also has a lot of singing so if you're NOT a musical person then stay away from this episode because the music is pretty much non-stop so it's a musical too. I enjoyed most of the musical numbers in this episode while one musical number felt a little repetitive and unnecessary for me, and it's cool to see the ponies get their elements of harmony back. So despite the extremely rushed pacing, extreme lack of humor, weak introduction, kinda weak conclusion, a repetitive musical number, Twilight being a alicorn might changing up the show or even make it all about here instead of the other ponies, and a different direction than any other MLP: FIM episodes.... (holy crap!!! that's a lot of flaws xD haha). This was a GREAT season finale nonetheless but it doesn't live up to the amazing Season 1 finale and amazing 2-Part Season 2 finale. It's a great episode with many many many flaws but I went with the flow of the episode and that's why my score is very good and it's what helped my score be great so overall a great season 3 finale and since Season 3 was a short season... I'm actually hoping the HUB will be generous and make Season 4 come out this summer. Please let MLP: FIM come out in the summertime... if they make us wait til September or November (this season) then I'll be angry. My advice for you readers... go with the flow like me you'll enjoy this episode for what it was because otherwise you will be disappointed in this finale and like I said I understand more towards the users who rated it a 5 or 6.5 or even a 1 out of 10 than the users who gave it a perfect 10 out of 10... let Season 4 begin and thanks for reading my reviews. 8.5/10
  • Update Season 3 goodbye

    Happy anniversary to MLP that been around since 1983, Don't listen to the neighsayers under this controversial episode. I gave a one minute long standing applause after wathching this feel good episode that had been the best animated musical I seen beside Charlotte's Web. The episode was not going to be called Ponyville Goodbye as gussed on the Wiki. Instead it's Magical Mystery Cure. There is a shoutout to the other episodes like Party of One. And look at how the show had grown since episodes just like Party of One since three years ago. In this episode the six ponies changes destiny. Now it's up to Twilight again to save Equestria. Bring on S4 and the movie. 10/10
  • A wonderful season finale

    So here we are, the last episode of season 3. It's been one interesting ride this season with many twists and turns, but now we are onto the last episode of the season. The story this time centers around Twilight casting a spell that changes the cutie marks of each of her friends. This episode was also supposed to be the one where Twilight becomes an alicorn to fulfill her destiny. So how does this final episode hold up? It all starts with Twilight singing a little musical number as she walks around town, but is suddenly cut off by some rain pouring on her. She believes Rainbow is responsible for doing the deed, but discovers it's Rarity and she has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. She, along with Spike, decide to go around town to see her other friends since she's shocked to see what happened, but all of her friends have different cutie marks as well. Rainbow has Fluttershy's, Fluttershy has Pinkie's, Pinkie has Applejack's, and Applejack has Rarity's. Twilight heads home and tells Spike about what caused their friends to act this way. She says that a book Princess Celestia gave her had a spell that had no counter spell and wanted her to find one. Twilight says the words and nothing happens, but she now realizes the Elements of Harmony changed along with her friends' destinies. Spike comforts Twilight and tells her that there will be a way to make the others remember who they really are. Twilight suddenly gets an idea on how to fix everything and takes Spike along with the Elements of Harmony. She first gets Fluttershy to come to Rainbow's place so she can help with the animals. At first Fluttershy is hesitant, but she soon comes around and realizes her true destiny. Twilight puts her Element on her neck and Fluttershy remembers all her memories and gets her cutie mark back. Twilight then goes around along with the others to help them remember their true destinies until everything is back to normal. Twilight then realizes what the counter spell really is and writes it down. All of a sudden, the Elements of Harmony activate and send Twilight to an unknown area where she meets Princess Celestia. The princess tells her that she's proud of Twilight for what she did and says she's finally fulfilled her true destiny. All of a sudden, Twilight is transformed and brought back to Ponyville. It's revealed that Twilight has been turned into an alicorn and is now a princess. All of her friends and Princess Celestia are proud of her and they all have a princess coronation. At the coronation, Twilight says she's proud to have her friends and couldn't have done anything without them. The episode ends with one last musical number before Twilight takes off into the sky and flies into the audience. I have to honestly say that this episode wrapped up the season very well. It had a lot and I mean a lot of musical numbers throughout the episode. Even Celestia herself got in on a musical number of her own. Seriously, it felt like this entire episode was a musical. Normally I hate musicals, but I can live with this since all the songs were really good and some of them were touching as well. The storyline is pretty interesting and I have to say that it was kind of interesting to see the Mane 6 retain their personalities, but still try to act with what their cutie marks were supposed to be. The humor was kind of toned down in this episode, but there were still a couple of funny moments like Spike wearing those glasses and dancing around and Pinkie swinging on a trapeze and calling for an alicorn party. There were a lot of nice touching moments that were sweet and kind of sad and I have to say it was interesting to hear Starswirl the Bearded couldn't finish a particular spell. I also have to say that for a 30 minute episode, the writers did a pretty good job in terms of the pacing in the episode. There were times where it felt rushed a little, but I think they still handled the pacing in this episode pretty well. So now onto Alicorn Twilight herself. I know a lot out there are still angry and not happy with this, but this concept opens the door for new possibilities. I personally think Twilight being an alicorn is kind of cool and I don't know why everypony is being so harsh to her about it. I think seeing Princess Twilight is going to be very interesting and make the next season worth watching even more. Overall, some great musical numbers, a lot of touching moments, and seeing Twilight fulfilling her destiny really made this episode a blast. It's a great way to end the season and now all we can do is wait for the next season.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10
  • Should Have Been a Two-Parter

    In this episode, Twilight Sparkle accidentally casts a spell that switches the cutie marks and destinies of her friends. However, she quickly figures out a cure, and, then Princess Celestia comes in and makes her an alicorn princess.


    First of all, it was so rushed to the point where it was confusing. Twilight figures out how to solve the problem way too quickly and easily. Then Celestia makes Twilight a princess exactly? The fact that that even happened was just really unneeded, random, and a pathetic attempt by Hasbro to sell more toys. And, my peanuts, there were way too many songs. Two or three are fine, but I counted freaking seven. Those were also unneeded and randomly and they took away from the practically nonexistant plotline.

    And, this is kind of a stupid thing to complain about, but I hate how Twilight could fly perfectly at the end when she had absolutely no training whatsoever. Because It highlighted her sueish personality and It eliminates the possibility of a season 4 episode in which Rainbow Dash teaches her how to fly, which would have been amazing.

    The only reason I didn't give a 1 is because I liked how they made the term "alicorn" canon.
  • Failed Musical

    That should have been a two-parter at the very least. There should have been a lot more build-up to Twilight fulfilling her destiny. What's the point of her being what she is now? How was that a possible destiny when she wasn't born into it? Where is she going to rule? There's far too many questions and just a general sense of confusion over this episode. She's already treating/speaking to her friends different. They didn't even really do anything in this episode. Also, songs everywhere - overpowered the story that could have unfolded. Also, what does that tell the younger audience watching this, that they can become royalty just by having good friendships? The world doesn't work that way; it's giving them unrealistic expectations. This was just a sloppy episode overall - it feels like that was supposed to be a series finale and I wouldn't be surprised if it were.
  • Admittedly rushed, but enjoyable nonetheless

    I don't care what anybody says, this is a considerably decent season 3 finale.

    Long story short, Twilight had accidentally switched her friends' cutie marks at some point and eventually figures out how to fix this mess. Towards the end, she finds where her friendship has led her and she becomes an alicorn princess!

    Now to the point here. Yes, I agree that the pacing was pretty much rushed, but it really didn't prevent me from enjoying this episode. Plus, I really liked the songs, and I personally consider Twilight becoming a princess to be a sign of new hope for season 4. Y'all can complain all you want, but I just don't feel the way this episode was rushed was really all that bad. In fact, I find it to be executed fairly well. I know some fans out there think this episode would have prevailed better as a two-or-three-parter, but oh, well, nothing's perfect. We might as well just take what we can get.

    In conclusion, though, this season finale is worth a look, despite its flaws.

    . I'm sure they had intended this episode to be a one-parter to begin with. Just a theory.
  • Marey Sue-parkle's unapologetic apotheosis

    A promising start, where Twilight Sparkle accidentally causes her best friends to swap cutie marks and avocations. An entertaining situation which would've been fun to explore a lot more, if it had been given a full episode. But hijinks do not ensue for long, unfortunately.

    Disappointingly, we never see Twilight tell them she mixed their lives up, nor apologize. (Of course they would forgive her, but she still should have fessed up and said she was sorry first .) But the crisis rushes to a quick resolution, so that the second half could be devoted to her ascension, which might seem more deserved if she had admitted her responsibility for the havoc she just caused. The longer she went without apologizing, the more annoyed I got with all Equestria fawning over her in the "Everybody loves Twilight" show.

    So in summary:

    1) Twilight messes with powerful magic, accidentally screwing up her friends lives and causing chaos in Ponyville.

    2) Twilight never tells her friends she was responsible nor apologizes, which makes her seem less deserving of:

    3) After fixing a problem of her own creation, like an over-the-top wish-fulfillment Mary Sue fanfic, she gets:

    * congratulated for completing a spell the greatest wizards in pony history could not do,

    * raised into the sky and transformed into a super special hybrid of pegasus and unicorn with the advantages of both,

    * told by Celestia she possesses the Elements of Harmony qualities of all her friends wrapped into one pony,

    * told by all and sundry how much they love and admire her,

    * crowned a pony princess before all the land with parades and songs hailing "Behold! Behold! Princess Twilight!".

    I hope this isn't representative of next season's writing.

    The first half had most of the ingredients of a good episode. But I'll deduct an extra half point for officially endorsing Piers Anthony's misuse of "alicorn" to mean a winged unicorn instead of its original meaning of unicorn horn.
  • A lot of detail shoved into a 25 minute episode.

    Ok, the title sums up my feelings for this episode.

    There is a lot of things that the writers have discussed to put into this episode, but for some reason they've decided to waste time by putting so many different songs into the episode also. They seem to want Twilight Sparkle to magically turn into a Disney princess or something; writers, look, if I wanted to watch a Disney movie I would, but I turned on My Little Pony not The Little Mermaid.

    The episode was obviously suppose to be of great importance to the story. So why did they rush it? Why didn't the writers plan this over two episodes so they can include every bit of detail that they wanted to include? What is so important that they can make a decision to rush such an important event? It completely downplays the whole ceremony because I was pissed off with all the songs to like any of the actual story in the episode.

    This is seriously one of the most poorly written episodes to ever come from those writers of the series. This should've been the best episode, this should've been a double episode because of it's important, and because of the writers this important occasion has been made trivial.

    Yes, I am very miffed right now. Just sat through this episode, the only thing it made me feel was anger at the writers for screwing up this momentous occasion for one of the characters!
  • good episode(possible spoilers)

    well let me start by saying the hub ruined the episode for me doing their touting about the NEW PRINCESS!!! the music was used a bit too much. I had been theorizing since the crystal empire(though i knew she was something special from the start DUH) that she was a In Training) however even though it broke the tradition this episode is good and solid on the interactions and growth of twilight and her destiny if you ask me a PERFECT series finale but as a season finale it is good and solid but not perfect.
  • I love this episode!

    I love it! I love the end when Twilight Sparkle transformed into an alicorn and was named Princess Twilight Sparkle the newest princess of Equestria.
  • Awesome and shocking season finale

    This episode's end surprised my brother and I. We didn't expect Twilight to be princess and sprout wings. My brother couldn't believe what was happening. The songs were all great and it was something to see when all of Twilight's friends were trying to do the wrong jobs because of their cutie marks all mixed up. This episode was a great end to the season, but thankfully, not the entire series. With how it ended, it's a mystery to how season four will turn out.
  • gr8 but is this last episode :-(

    Is this the last episode :-(

    :-( :-( :-( I wish it isnt but it was SO AWESOME I JUST CAN'T WAIT TILL SEASON 4
  • A New Beginning

    Well, that was quite a shocker. After a spell goes awry, we finally learn what Twilight's destiny is. It'll be interesting to see where the character goes from here.

    As for the episode itelf, it was pretty good. Seeing five of the mane six with mixed-up cutie marks and destinies was something else, and the songs were just fantastic. I liked all the continuity nods; Looks like they used clips from pretty much every episode. The moment where Twilight transformed was just incredible, and the final scene, with the new princess standing with her peers, was awesome. I can't wait to see what happens in season four.
  • Is This The End?

    I sure hope not! I've enjoyed watching this show, and my feelings for this show has changed. Hating it, and giving it a try, has made me what i am now: A Brony. But now, if this ends, All us bronies will have nothing, but the past episodes. Though it was touching, this episode, I want Twilight to be what she just is- A unicorn. I dont want her to be a alicorn! It's just.... too strange. Seeing her as a unicorn for all these seasons, made me used to it. But her as a ALICORN!? Its just going to be too hard to get used to.
  • Twilight an alicorn?! Holy plot twist!

    This was an awesome episode! First of all, I love the songs particularly "A True, True Friend" that song has been stuck in my head since I've heard it this morning. Second, it was funny to see Twilight's friends trying to do tasks their new Cutie Marks said they did. Like Rainbow Dash trying to care for animals (and not doing a good job of it) and Rarity handling the weather instead of Rainbow Dash. It was both funny and (in Pinkie Pie's case) sad.

    Twlight then finds that she cast an unfinished spell by an ancient magician and ends up switching the cutie marks of their friends. But she realizes that she has to help her friends help the others do the tasks of their true selves. That's when the "True, True, Friend" number comes in, as Twilight (with help from Spike and the Elements of Harmony) turns things around.

    But just as things return to normal, Twilight is called by Princess Celestia who tells her that by completing a long unfinished spell, Twilight has fulfilled her destiny and becomes an alicorn (winged unicorn). She then returns to her friends who are thrilled with her new look. I loved Rainbow Dash's reaction, "Wow, a new flying buddy!"

    Finally, Celestia returns to Ponyville and tells the Mane 6 that Twilight is now the Princess of Magic! We then see Twilight's coronation as she thanks the people of Equestria and says that without her friends she would not have learned of Friendship and "earned her wings". I loved the parade scene where Twilight jumps out of her carriage and walks in the parade alongside her friends. I found that encouraging that despite her new title and wings, Twi is still the same lovable egghead.

    So, summing up, this was a great episode! Alicorn Twilight will take some getting used to, but I am confident that the writers will not change Twilight too much. We will, of course, find out if I'm right when Season 4 starts this coming Summer. In the meantime, we have reruns, YouTube videos and the MLP comic (which is awesome) to tide us over.