My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 13

Magical Mystery Cure

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 16, 2013 on The Hub

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  • A wonderful season finale

    So here we are, the last episode of season 3. It's been one interesting ride this season with many twists and turns, but now we are onto the last episode of the season. The story this time centers around Twilight casting a spell that changes the cutie marks of each of her friends. This episode was also supposed to be the one where Twilight becomes an alicorn to fulfill her destiny. So how does this final episode hold up? It all starts with Twilight singing a little musical number as she walks around town, but is suddenly cut off by some rain pouring on her. She believes Rainbow is responsible for doing the deed, but discovers it's Rarity and she has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. She, along with Spike, decide to go around town to see her other friends since she's shocked to see what happened, but all of her friends have different cutie marks as well. Rainbow has Fluttershy's, Fluttershy has Pinkie's, Pinkie has Applejack's, and Applejack has Rarity's. Twilight heads home and tells Spike about what caused their friends to act this way. She says that a book Princess Celestia gave her had a spell that had no counter spell and wanted her to find one. Twilight says the words and nothing happens, but she now realizes the Elements of Harmony changed along with her friends' destinies. Spike comforts Twilight and tells her that there will be a way to make the others remember who they really are. Twilight suddenly gets an idea on how to fix everything and takes Spike along with the Elements of Harmony. She first gets Fluttershy to come to Rainbow's place so she can help with the animals. At first Fluttershy is hesitant, but she soon comes around and realizes her true destiny. Twilight puts her Element on her neck and Fluttershy remembers all her memories and gets her cutie mark back. Twilight then goes around along with the others to help them remember their true destinies until everything is back to normal. Twilight then realizes what the counter spell really is and writes it down. All of a sudden, the Elements of Harmony activate and send Twilight to an unknown area where she meets Princess Celestia. The princess tells her that she's proud of Twilight for what she did and says she's finally fulfilled her true destiny. All of a sudden, Twilight is transformed and brought back to Ponyville. It's revealed that Twilight has been turned into an alicorn and is now a princess. All of her friends and Princess Celestia are proud of her and they all have a princess coronation. At the coronation, Twilight says she's proud to have her friends and couldn't have done anything without them. The episode ends with one last musical number before Twilight takes off into the sky and flies into the audience. I have to honestly say that this episode wrapped up the season very well. It had a lot and I mean a lot of musical numbers throughout the episode. Even Celestia herself got in on a musical number of her own. Seriously, it felt like this entire episode was a musical. Normally I hate musicals, but I can live with this since all the songs were really good and some of them were touching as well. The storyline is pretty interesting and I have to say that it was kind of interesting to see the Mane 6 retain their personalities, but still try to act with what their cutie marks were supposed to be. The humor was kind of toned down in this episode, but there were still a couple of funny moments like Spike wearing those glasses and dancing around and Pinkie swinging on a trapeze and calling for an alicorn party. There were a lot of nice touching moments that were sweet and kind of sad and I have to say it was interesting to hear Starswirl the Bearded couldn't finish a particular spell. I also have to say that for a 30 minute episode, the writers did a pretty good job in terms of the pacing in the episode. There were times where it felt rushed a little, but I think they still handled the pacing in this episode pretty well. So now onto Alicorn Twilight herself. I know a lot out there are still angry and not happy with this, but this concept opens the door for new possibilities. I personally think Twilight being an alicorn is kind of cool and I don't know why everypony is being so harsh to her about it. I think seeing Princess Twilight is going to be very interesting and make the next season worth watching even more. Overall, some great musical numbers, a lot of touching moments, and seeing Twilight fulfilling her destiny really made this episode a blast. It's a great way to end the season and now all we can do is wait for the next season.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10