My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 18

Maud Pie

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 15, 2014 on The Hub

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  • Boulder Dash

    Belated Happy Pie day! This time the episode are about Pinkie Pie having visit by Maud Pie that are seen as a filly in the portrait in the Pinkie Pride episode as a filly. So look out after other hints about future episodes. Maud Pie is the oppostie version of Pinkie Pie and she had her pet rock Boulder. Here are some light fun with the return of a Pinkie Family member, and also one of the best S4 episodes. Next week Children of the Night seems to become canon.

  • Let's Rock!

    For a while now, Pinkie's character has taken quite a beating. Since the events of Filli Vanilli, she hasn't exactly been seen in a good light. Even with the minor appearances here and there wasn't enough to really redeem herself, despite some of her antics being funny. Well we got another Pinkie episode now that focuses on her, and her sister, Maud Pie. Maud, if you remember, was the other sister seen in Pinkie's family photo in Pinkie Pride. I'm actually glad the writers are already addressing about this other sister in the same season, rather than wait for the next one.

    Our writer this time around is Noelle Benvenuti, who seems to have no other writing experience. McCarthy did say that she "Nailed it" on her Twitter account. So how does Benvenuti's first episode hold up, and can Pinkie be redeemed after her actions?

    The episode starts off with the Mane 6 going to Sugarcube Corner because Pinkie wanted to see them. Twilight knocks on the door and Pinkie answers it, ushering them inside. Well, except for Rainbow who gets the door slammed in her face. It's pretty funny if you ask me. Once they're all inside, Pinkie shows all of them huge heaps of rock candy for her visiting sister, Maud Pie.

    We then see the others are groaning in pain as they've been forced to try so many flavors of rock candy. Pinkie wants them to continue, but Applejack protests that there's more than enough for her. Twilight asks about the rock candy, to which Pinkie responds that Maud taught her the secret Pie Family recipe for Rock Candy. We're told they're made of secret rocks, which we are never told or explained what they are. You better get used to the lack of explanation in this episode here. She goes on to say that Maud taught her how to sew the rocks together into a necklace and they'd trade with one another. Pinkie tells them that Maud is a nice pony who's a bookworm like Twilight, honest like Applejack, loves critters like Fluttershy, adores fashion like Rarity, and enjoys games like Rainbow. Pinkie is then reminded to go to the train station to meet her, which she goes off to do.

    Cut to a field, where the others, and all the pets(Which makes me wonder how Owlowiscious can be awake during the day since he's nocturnal. Don't owls have to be asleep during the day?), and they're all waiting for Maud and Pinkie to come by. Rarity comes by wearing a hat covered completely in rocks, which makes me think she found Tom again and broke him into little rocks for it. Pinkie then comes by with Maud, who is walking very slowly.

    When we finally see her, Maud reminds me a lot of Raven from Teen Titans with her purple dress and expressionless face. The others try to bond with her, but she speaks to them in a monotone voice and makes the others uncomfortable. Fluttershy asks about her pet, which turns out to be a pet rock named Boulder. Hey! We finally see Tom the Rock's younger brother! Eventually, the others play a game that Maud like to play called camouflage, which involves finding Boulder in a field of rocks. Once it's revealed that the rock was in Maud's pocket the whole time, Fluttershy notices the creatures are tired and that it's time to go home since it's so late. Late? The sky is still blue and the sun isn't setting yet.

    The others express their disappointment in Maud since they feel she's really off. Twilight believes that she acted this way because she was really shy to meet all of them at once, so she thinks that each pony should spend time with her individually. Rarity is seen trying to get Maud into fashion, but she just takes a dish towel and uses it as a scarf. Fluttershy takes her on a walk, but Maud is only interested in rocks. Twilight tries to show her some poetry, but she recites rock poetry instead. Applejack tries to show Maud how to make cider(So they can make cider whenever they want now?), but she crushes an apple. Finally, Rainbow plays a game of throwing a rock to see which goes further. Rainbow gets hers to go across the lake, and Maude, in a rather funny moment, gets her rock thrown over a hill, cause an explosion, and make the lake turn into a tsunami. When asked about how she did it, she responds that she just threw it. No other explanation then that.

    Later on, we see the others gather outside Sugarcube Corner, and look sad. Pinkie shows up and asks about what colors they'd like on their rock candy necklaces. All of them respond that they haven't been able to bond with Maud since she's so different and that they can't just make the necklaces. Pinkie is saddened to hear this, causing her mane to slightly deflate and to go inside to figure out what to do with the candy. Also, seriously? Why didn't we see Pinkie turn into her flat mane self like in Party of One? What a wasted opportunity there.

    We cut back to the library, where the others feel bad about breaking the news to Pinkie, but Rainbow says that there was no way they could bond with Maud. Suddenly, Pinkie shows up and tells them that she's come up with a way to get them to bond with Maud. They're all taken to an obstacle course with each one being suited for each pony. She goes on to demonstrate the course, which also includes a rock slide made of rocks, but she gets stuck in it and the big boulder at the top rolls down towards her. The others wonder what to do(Twilight, why don't you use your magic to stop the boulder?), but Maud, in a really, really, really weird turn of events somehow goes super fast and is able to break the rock apart using her bare hooves. So is Maud really Supermare or something? After she saves Pinkie, Maud comes to the conclusion that while she appreciates her sister trying to make her bond with her friends, she thinks that won't ever happen and decides to leave early. The others feel awful about what happened and making Pinkie sad, but Twilight figures out the one common thing that they and Maud have in common and comes up with a plan.

    On the train back to the rock farm, Pinkie apologizes for putting so much pressure on Maud, but she shrugs it off and says she doesn't mind it. Back at the farm, where we don't see any other member of the Pie Family for some reason, Pinkie and Maud are walking around, but the latter stops her sister when she sees the other Mane 6 in the field with bags of rock candy. Twilight apologizes on behalf of everypony for hurting Pinkie's feelings and to Maud for cutting her visit so short, and says that the one thing they all have in common is Pinkie's happiness. Maud accepts this and even though she doesn't show happiness, Pinkie says this is the happiest Maud has ever been. She says that she is happy, but doesn't show her emotions as much like Pinkie, which the others accept.

    Cut to . . . Bedrock Train Station from The Flintstones? The gang is there to say farewell to Maud and each pony gives her a candy rock necklace of their own design, with one of them being a huge cutie mark of Rainbow's. How she made that, I don't know. Maud is given one by Pinkie and vise versa, but puts it in a chest containing the other necklaces made by her sister. With that, the episode ends with Maud saying she may not like candy, but loves Pinkie.

    If you couldn't tell by the review here, you should know I did have some issues. Now this episode isn't horrible, nor is it bad, it just has some things that should've been done better. Now first, the good things I like about this episode. Well I do like how Pinkie is well in character in this episode and it develops her as well overall. She's well written in this episode and shines pretty well in this episode overall. Some of the jokes were good like Maud's stoic nature and how she's so nonchalant about almost everything.

    It's also really good to see more family members of the Mane 6 appear, but I was really hoping we could've seen the other Pie Family members back at the farm. It was pretty wasted opportunity if you asked me. I also have to give the story credit for taking the old "person is really unhappy and thinks having friends sucks, but later learns friendship is awesome and becomes super Instead, Maud, while accepting the Mane 6's friendship, doesn't turn all happy sappy or anything predictable. It was a pretty nice twist and I'm glad it wasn't a basic "paint by the numbers" plot line.

    Where the episode ultimately falls apart is how so many things are left unexplained and never resolved. This is probably worse than Filli Vanilli's plot holes. I could let the secret rocks ingredient thing go because it is a secret and maybe in the future, we'll find out in another episode. But some things like Maud's abilities are left unexplained. I know she's a sibling of Pinkie and she could have her own crazy powers, but a little explanation would've helped here.

    Maud herself is another issue I have with this episode. She's not a horrible character, but she's given next to no background. All we know is that she's the sister of Pinkie, but nothing else really. We're never told what she does for a living, what her talent is, and, of course, how she does all those stunts like running very fast, throw a rock so far, and punch that rock to bits. She's just there for the sake of plot and I wished they'd develop her character more in this episode.

    Ultimately, I'm torn on this episode for the most part. It has some solid moments like Pinkie's character being developed, some good jokes, and some over the top awesomeness from Maud, but the plot holes here and the lack of back story or development of Maud hurts the episode. It's a step down from the excellence of Pinkie Pride and I felt it could've been done better. But to me, this was a good episode with some sweet moments and is a step up from how Pinkie's been acting lately.

    Next week, Dave Polsky takes on Sweetie Belle when she ruins one of Rarity's dresses.

    FINAL SCORE: 7/10
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