My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 4

One Bad Apple

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 24, 2012 on The Hub

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  • teaches a good lesson

    this ep shows a great lesson when it comes to bullying. overall it was pretty good and alot of people can relate to it
  • Heavy Hooved

    The idea behind this episode went right along with the theme of the series, but the delivery was so swayed toward telling over showing that I felt as though I was being beaten over the head with the message. And this new season seems to be all about the singing. I caught myself wondering why I was watching a really lame music video in the middle of viewing this episode. I also really wanted to see Babs stick around for a couple episodes, but I suppose with how (un)often the Cutie Mark Crusaders show up, that wouldn't really be possible. An alright episode overall, but lets get back to the subtlety that makes this series shine, shall we?
  • Worst Friendship Report I've Ever Heard

    We get another Cutie Mark Crusaders episode and I mostly enjoy these kind of episodes. I just always hate how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have to make an appearance almost every time which ruins my enjoyment for these kinds. However, this didn't feel like an episode for a brony like me. I felt like I was watching The Powerpuff Girls at times. I enjoyed this episode for the most part but there are problems I had. I hated how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon treated the Cutie Mark Crusaders as always. I hated how Babs treated the Cutie Mark Crusaders and even if she was getting bullied, that was NO FREAKIN' reason for her to treat them like that. Also, this animated series has officially brought out the WORST Friendship Report that I ever heard. Usually, they are true to life and can be helpful but this one was just awful and couldn't stand it at all. YES, go tell someone you're being bullied but don't all of a sudden make friends with someone for being bullying you even though they have been bullied. Bullying someone else just because you're bullied is not the solution and the way they just handled that moral was terrible. I was watching this episode on my laptop because I was riding on a bus on my back home after visiting a family for Thanksgiving and got frustrated but didn't want to do it in front of everyone else. I did enjoy the musical number sung by the Cutie Mark Crusaders even though the lyrics as well as backgrounds got a bit repetitive, the Cutie Mark Crusaders setting up the booby trap for Babs to get payback, Pinkie Pie's cameo appearance was absolutely HILARIOUS and adorable too, and some more. Compared to the previous few episodes of Season 3 I've just seen, this episode DEFINITELY was not the best but it's pretty enjoyable for what it was I guess. The next CMC episode better be much better though and not feel like an episode of The Powerpuff Girls too. Really not that much humor too which disappoints me.
  • One Bad Apple

    Best S3 epsiode.

    Babs Seed comes for a visit at Sweet Apple Acres.

    But Babs Seed is a bully from Manehattan who hangs around with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.

    A lot of details to look out for in this episode.
  • An episode that tackles a well-known subject thoughtfully


    What we enjoy about Friendship is Magic is how Faust and her team put effort in each episode. They deliver creativity, emotion, and humor all at once.

    With the epidemic of bullying nowadays, it makes sense that a TV show about friendship would tackle this kind of topic. However, it succeeds through subtlety rather than preaching to the choir.

    Applebloom and the other Crusaders welcome a visiting cousin named Babs Seed into Ponyville. They offer her to be a Crusader, as well, seeing that she doesn't have her cutie mark. However, Babs decides to associate with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. From then on, Babs is hellbent on making the Crusaders' life miserable.

    Fed up, the Crusaders refuse to alert any adult ponies and instead try to extract revenge on Babs Seed. They rig their parade float and let Babs ride in. However, Applejack informs them something about Babs' homelife: she was bullied for being a "blank flank", and the Crusaders realize that they've become bullies, as well.

    This episode carries all normal MLP: FiM traits: it's well-animated, well-written, and features a catchy song number. However, it deals with its subject matter thoughtfully. The writers don't outright vilify Babs for wanting to fit in. In fact, they leave a few hints about her secret, such as her always hiding her flank with her tail. It also raises the question of the victims becoming bullies, too, something that media doesn't want to talk about often. Instead of choosing sides, Faust explores the cause of bullying through introducing another colorful character.

    This is my favorite episode of Season 3, so far. I'm excited for the next CMC episode!
  • A solid episode for the CMC.

    After the last CMC episode, Ponyville Confidential, ended on a low note, I was hoping for a better one for these three fillies. Well I was surprised to hear that not only was this episode a new CMC episode, but the possibility of a new member of the CMC sounded good as well. The question though is, is it better than Ponyville Confidential? Let's take a look. our episode begins with Applebloom getting dressed to go meet her cousin from Manehattan, Babs Seed. Applebloom along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are psyched to become friends with Babs since she too doesn't have her cutie mark. The CMC show Babs around their clubhouse and their float for a parade. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon suddenly show up and question whether Babs is really part of the CMC or not. In a twist of fate for the CMC, Babs actually destroys their float for the parade. Babs warns the CMC not to tell on Applejack unless they want to be snitches and decide not to say anything. We then get a montage of Babs, Diamond, and Silver bullying the CMC while the CMC sing another musical number. The CMC then decide enough is enough and plan to get back at Babs by turning their new float into a trap. They successfully get Babs to take their new float and think they're getting revenge. Applejack though tells the CMC that Babs was bullied a lot because of having no cutie mark and never said anything because she didn't want to feel singled out and came to the barn to get away from the bullying. The CMC, now realizing their error, decide to save Babs. By the time they rescue her, the trap has been sprung and the CMC end up being the ones taking the prank. Babs is amazed by what the CMC did and they confess that they did it because they wanted to get back at her and had no idea that she was bullied and apologize for their actions. Babs, in turn apologizes for her actions as well and decides to start things anew. Applejack tells the CMC and Babs that this could've been avoided if they told her about what was happening and the fillies, except Sweetie since she wanted to tell the truth, learn about their error. Just before leaving Ponyville, Babs is named the newest member of the CMC and decides to start a new branch in Manehatten. Diamond and Silver come by one last time, but Babs this time decides to turn against them and forces them off a ledge and into a mud pit. The episode ends with the CMC and Applejack saying farewell to their new friend and crusader. In a way, this episode was an improvement over Ponyville Confidential. I loved the musical number involving the CMC. The jokes were great, especially Pinkie Pie and her lettuce float and all the puns. The moral was really handled well in this episode since it shows bullying can be infectious and can make victims of bullying into bullies themselves. My biggest complaint though is that once again, Diamond and Silver don't get into trouble and not a real punishment. Granted it's not as bad as Diamond's "punishment" in Ponyville Confidential where she just gets booted off as editor, but I think both her and Silver should've gotten a little more of a punishment. At least Karma came back and bit them in the end. Aside from that issue, this episode was very solid. While not my all time favorite CMC episode, I still think this was a really good episode all around and worth a look at for how the moral is handled.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
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