My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 3 Episode 4

One Bad Apple

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 24, 2012 on The Hub

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  • A solid episode for the CMC.

    After the last CMC episode, Ponyville Confidential, ended on a low note, I was hoping for a better one for these three fillies. Well I was surprised to hear that not only was this episode a new CMC episode, but the possibility of a new member of the CMC sounded good as well. The question though is, is it better than Ponyville Confidential? Let's take a look. our episode begins with Applebloom getting dressed to go meet her cousin from Manehattan, Babs Seed. Applebloom along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are psyched to become friends with Babs since she too doesn't have her cutie mark. The CMC show Babs around their clubhouse and their float for a parade. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon suddenly show up and question whether Babs is really part of the CMC or not. In a twist of fate for the CMC, Babs actually destroys their float for the parade. Babs warns the CMC not to tell on Applejack unless they want to be snitches and decide not to say anything. We then get a montage of Babs, Diamond, and Silver bullying the CMC while the CMC sing another musical number. The CMC then decide enough is enough and plan to get back at Babs by turning their new float into a trap. They successfully get Babs to take their new float and think they're getting revenge. Applejack though tells the CMC that Babs was bullied a lot because of having no cutie mark and never said anything because she didn't want to feel singled out and came to the barn to get away from the bullying. The CMC, now realizing their error, decide to save Babs. By the time they rescue her, the trap has been sprung and the CMC end up being the ones taking the prank. Babs is amazed by what the CMC did and they confess that they did it because they wanted to get back at her and had no idea that she was bullied and apologize for their actions. Babs, in turn apologizes for her actions as well and decides to start things anew. Applejack tells the CMC and Babs that this could've been avoided if they told her about what was happening and the fillies, except Sweetie since she wanted to tell the truth, learn about their error. Just before leaving Ponyville, Babs is named the newest member of the CMC and decides to start a new branch in Manehatten. Diamond and Silver come by one last time, but Babs this time decides to turn against them and forces them off a ledge and into a mud pit. The episode ends with the CMC and Applejack saying farewell to their new friend and crusader. In a way, this episode was an improvement over Ponyville Confidential. I loved the musical number involving the CMC. The jokes were great, especially Pinkie Pie and her lettuce float and all the puns. The moral was really handled well in this episode since it shows bullying can be infectious and can make victims of bullying into bullies themselves. My biggest complaint though is that once again, Diamond and Silver don't get into trouble and not a real punishment. Granted it's not as bad as Diamond's "punishment" in Ponyville Confidential where she just gets booted off as editor, but I think both her and Silver should've gotten a little more of a punishment. At least Karma came back and bit them in the end. Aside from that issue, this episode was very solid. While not my all time favorite CMC episode, I still think this was a really good episode all around and worth a look at for how the moral is handled.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10