My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 21

Over a Barrel

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 25, 2011 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

The ponies arrive at a western town where they try to stop a war between the townspeople and a buffalo tribe over who the land belongs to.

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  • One of the best I've seen

    I personally love this episode a lot and I consider it one of the best episodes I've seen. It starts off on a train headed for a place called Appleoosa where Applejack and her friends plan to plant her tree, Bloomberg, at the apple orchards. At night Spike gets annoyed from the ponies talking while he's trying to sleep and moves to the cart where Bloomberg is located. The next morning a herd of buffalo attack the train. Rainbow Dash goes on the top of the train when an intruder is heard and attempts to stop her, but doesn't. The buffalo take the cart holding Bloomberg and Spike in it. Rainbow gives chase while the others go to town. At Appleoosa, the ponies tell of what has happened to Applejack's cousin, Braeburn, and they get ready to go off. Rainbow on the other hand makes her way towards the buffalo, but Pinkie Pie then shows up causing both of them to be caught by the buffalo. At the camp of the buffalo, Rainbow and Pinkie find Spike is fine and that the buffalo treat him like a guest. Spike introduces a buffalo girl named Little Strongheart and Rainbow recognizes her as the one who was on the train. Strongheart apologizes for what happened and explains that the apple orchards in Appleoosa is the site of a buffalo stampeading ground while the towns ponies say they had it first and have been in a constant fight for it. In an attempt to bring peace, the Appleoosans and buffalo meet together and Pinkie does a song about sharing and caring. The groups agree that song was horrible and prepare to fight. the next day at high noon all seems like it's going to end peacefully, but Pinkie messes up by doing her song again that causes the groups to start fighting. Eventually the Chief of the Buffaloes is hit with an apple pie and the fighting stops to honor the fallen chief. The chief though tastes the pie and finds it so good that he allows the apple orchard to stay as long as they can have access to the pies. Twilight learns that the worst of enemies can become the best of friends as well. The episode ends with Applejack, Little Strongheart, and Rainbow Dash running into the sunset. This was a very excellent episode for all to enjoy. I loved Pinkie's musical number as well as her breaking the fourth wall at the end. I also loved how Braeburn acted and the buffalo were great. This is a really great episode overall and one that anyone can enjoy.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10moreless
  • An episode with a western based plot... now that's my kind of plot. :D LOL

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". I loved that the writers made a western based plot for this episode and I thought that the whole thing seemed to be creative, original, and just well executed. It couldn't have been any better, it was just perfect of how things were handled. A western based plot seemed to be my kind of plot and that's why I really enjoyed this episode. The only thing that could have been better was that the writers could have given Fluttershy more lines. The other ponies seemed to get the right amount of lines but Fluttershy didn't get that many lines in this episode which is sorta disappointing since she is my favorite character. Out of the entire episode, I would say that she only had like 3 lines and that's it. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike going to a western town where Applejack's cousin lives was a great idea. Spike becoming fast friends with the oxes was very funny. I also thought the western ponies having a war against the oxes by throwing the pies at them was so funny. I also loved Applejacks reading a bedtime story to her apple tree in the very beginning of the episode. So yeah, everything in this episode was perfect except for Fluttershy not getting a lot of lines. Overall, this was definitely an excellent episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 10/10moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Cheif Thunderhooves

Guest Star

Erin Matthews

Erin Matthews

Little Strongheart

Guest Star

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis


Guest Star

Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent

Pinkie Pie (Singing)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Chief Thunderhooves said the battle between his team and the Appleloosans began at noon but when the battle begins, the clock tower above them reads 10 AM not 12 noon

    • The name of the pony town the ponies visit this episode, Appleloosa, is a portmanteau of the words apple and the spotted breed of horse, Appaloosa. Appleloosa may also be a play on the name of the Alabama city, Tuscaloosa.

    • The "buffalo" featured in this episode more closely resemble bison.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Twilight: Dear Princess Celestia. Friendship is a wondrous and powerful thing. Even the worst of enemies can become friends. You need understanding and compromise. You've got to share. You've got to care.
      Pinkie Pie: Hey! That's what I said!

    • Chief Thunderhooves: We have a long and winding stampeding trail, that we have run upon for many generations. My father stampeded upon these grounds. And his father before him. And his father before him. And his father before him. And his father before him. And–
      Little Strongheart: I think they get the idea, Chief.

    • Rainbow Dash: When we get to Appleoosa, you think we'll have to carry that heavy tree all the way from the train to the orchard?
      Pinkie Pie: What tree? You mean Bloomberg?
      Rainbow Dash: (sarcastically) No, Fluttershy.
      Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy's not a tree, silly!
      Twilight Sparkle: What's going on?
      Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash thinks Fluttershy's a tree!
      Rainbow Dash: I do not think she's a tree! I was just-
      Twilight Sparkle: Saying she's a tree?
      Rainbow Dash: No! Well, yes, but not exactly-
      Twilight Sparkle: You know she's not a tree, right?
      Pinkie Pie: She's not a tree, Dashy!
      Fluttershy: I'd like to be a tree...

    • (Spike has just stormed out of the room)
      Twilight: Well that was kinda huffy.
      Fluttershy: Huffy the magic dragon.

  • NOTES (3)