My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 1 Episode 24

Owl's Well That Ends Well

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 22, 2011 on The Hub
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Episode Summary

Twilight becomes friends with an owl who starts helping her with some of her tasks. But Spike soon becomes jealous of the owl and starts to believe that it is trying to replace him as Twilight's assistant.

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  • Kinda Cliche but still pretty good

    I Really liked this episode but it was cliche because I seen the same plot in almost every show, Character gets jealous of newcomer and they run away but at the end they learned no one will take their place. Ovarall, I Really liked this episode and I give it a 9 out of 10 score
  • A very bad episode for Spike

    Spike has always been one of my favorite characters of FiM and was unappreciated. An episode centering around him had potential and promise, but it falls short in practically every way and is easily one of my least favorite episodes of the season. It begins with Spike and Twilight Sparkle getting ready to go see some shooting stars and Twilight asking Spike to get a book. Spike accidentally burns it though and lies about it. At the shooting stars Spike is praised for his hard work and given a ribbon by Rarity. On the way home Twilight meets and owl and names him Owlowiscious. Spike sees the owl and at first is okay with it, but overtime sees him as a threat to his job. He sees the other ponies praise the owl and Rarity gives him a ribbon like Spike had. The others think Spike is jealous, but Twilight doesn't believe that. When a quill is needed Spike goes to get one, but the owl uses one of his feathers to give a quill. The next morning Twilight finds out about the book and is disappointed in Spike for lying. Spike decides to set up the owl, but Twilight catches him and scolds him Believing he is no longer loved or needed, Spike runs away into the Everfree Forest and finds a cave of gems. Spike then encounters a dragon who attacks him and is forced to run for his life. Just as all is lost, the owl comes to distract the dragon and Twilight leads him away. Twilight, Spike, and the owl run off and get away from the dragon. at the entrance of the forest, Spike explains he ran away believing he was no longer loved or needed by Twilight. Twilight assures him he is still her friend and no one can replace him. Spike apologizes for his behavior and Twilight apologizes for how insensitive she was acting. The three head back and Spike learns that love can be shared around others, but just as he is about to send the letter, he falls asleep. The episode ends with the owl giving a wink to the audience. This episode was just not a good episode for Spike at all. Not only is he constantly pushed aside by that stupid owl, he's treated very badly in this episode. The episode starts out fine and all, but up until that owl appeared, it all went downhill. I hated how Twilight and the others gave more love and appreciation to the owl than him. That owl only did ONE DAY OF WORK and he gets more praise than Spike. Twilight was also very cold and heartless in this episode. Not only was she contradicting herself in the episode, but she seems to show no real remorse for her actions. Even with her apology at the end, she doesn't truly sound sorry for what she did to Spike. She was just a jerk throughout the episode. The owl himself is a useless character and I hated how he stole the episode AND saved the day ultimately. It really irritated me that the owl was the hero and not Spike ultimately. Spike got sidelined in his very own episode by that dumb owl. There are some good jokes like Pinkie with her quiche and all, but that's not really saying much. Overall, for Spike's first episode, it was a complete flop. Spike didn't deserve an episode like this and he certainly didn't need an episode this poorly done. And aside from Fluttershy being the only one being sensitive towards Spike's feelings, every other pony didn't care at all. They should've all appeared at the end to apologize for not realizing Spike's jealousy, but we don't even see them. If you love Spike, you'll hate it for how he's treated and sidelined. If you love Twilight and her friends, then you'll hate it too with how they act. I would watch it once and only once.

    FINAL SCORE: 4/10moreless
  • Well... it's not the Spike episode that I've had in mind but it was still enjoyable

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". It wasn't my favorite episode and it isn't the Spike episode that I've had in mind but it was still enjoyable. The two things that made my score a little low was that Spike's jealousy of that owl was getting a little annoying and I didn't like how Twilight was getting mad at Spike. Twilight really shouldn't take Spike for granted. However, Spike's jealousy is funny in some parts such as when Spike got the ketchup and pillow and made some dead bird to blame it on Owlicious (that's the owl's name)and then Twilight caught him. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity's short roles in this episode was also good as well. Spike running away into a cave of gems was pretty good and funny. Twilight and Owlicious saving Spike from that dragon with his spikes from the bottom of his tail was good and kinda action-packed if you ask me. Twilight apologizing to Spike at the end of the episode was good as well. Twilight also using Owl to her assistant at nighttime so Spike can get his sleep was also nice as well. Overall, this was a superb episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" but it wasn't my favorite episode and it could have been a little better. 9/10moreless

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    • Rainbow Dash: Wow Twilight, you're lucky to have such a rad assistant. I wish I had someone to do whatever I told them.
      Scootaloo: Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I'll do whatever you want, Rainbow Dash.
      Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah, pipsqueak? How about taking out the trash? (Tosses Scootaloo a apple core)
      Scootaloo: Yes, ma'am.

    • Twilight: You've let your jealousy get the better of you Spike. I am most dissapointed in you. This is not the Spike I know and love.
      Spike: (In tears) She...she doesn't love me anymore.

    • Spike: (about Owlowiscious) That bird is after my job! He wants to be #1. I'll prove to Twilight that I deserve to be #1; not Freaky Feathers over there!

    • Spike: You set me up! Well, two can play at that game!
      Owlowiscious: Who?
      Spike: Not who, two! (groans)

    • Spike: But the store is called "Quills and Sofas"! You only sell two things!
      Davenport: Sorry, junior. All outta quils 'till Monday. Need a sofa?

    • Spike: Uhh, hi there. I'm Spike. I'm sure Twilight has told you all about me.

      Owlowiscious: Who?

      Spike: Uhh, Spike. You know, assistant number one?

      Owlowiscious: Who?

      Spike: I'm Spike! And who are you? What are you?

      Owlowiscious: Who?

      Spike: Who?

      Owlowiscious: Who!

      Spike: I thought your name was Owlowiscious?

      Owlowiscious: Who?

      Spike: Okay, Who, Owlowiscious, whatever! I'm Spike, okay?

    • (Spike is seen asleep in a punch bowl)
      Rarity: Oh, poor little thing.
      Twilight: He's worked himself to the bone.
      Pinkie Pie: And now the punch has been...Spiked!

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