My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 9

Pinkie Apple Pie

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 11, 2014 on The Hub

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  • From Equestria and beyond

    This episode was really great. Pinkie and Applejack played off of each other really well. The song was catchy and I could sing its chorus if I wanted to. It was exciting.
  • Apples!

    Pinkie Pie joins the Apple Family on a journey across Equestria. Here is many fan shoutouts. Notice the Apples dressed up as McDonald' smascots, Dusty Katt reference and on. A more light slice of life episode like Rarity Takes Manehattan. Something for everypony with thrills, hearts and a Country song that might get a hit at this Summer's Cons. S4 is still not having any major WInter drama like Derpy and Alicorn Twilight, but S4 is still young and fresh. 10/10
  • ahhhhhhh

    when does this come out on this site because i dont have cable!
  • One of the best

    I honestly thought this episode wasn't going to be great at all. I really do not care for Applejack, but Pinkie Pie is one of my favorites. This episode started out strong making me laugh especially when Pinkie breaks the laws of physics, that always gets me. The song in the episode I really didn't mind, catchy, but not interesting enough to make it one of my favorites. The rest of the episode was great with Pinkie's antics never getting old. I loved the ending especially. not finding out whether she was truly an Apple or not was the best way to end it without hurting both sides.

    I really have nothing to complain about. Solid writing and an above average song made this episode great, it was worth waiting a week to see. Now on to next week for Rainbow Falls.
  • Apples to the Core!

    Here's another episode I'm sure all of us been waiting for since the song release, Pinkie Apple Pie. I myself was interested in it for it would explore whether or not Pinkie and Applejack are friends, or cousins. We have a new writer to the show this time, Natasha Levinger. So can our new writer be just as successful in writing their first episode as Ed Valentine was when he wrote Flight to the Finish? Let's take a look.

    The story begins with Twilight and Spike both organizing the library when Pinkie suddenly pops out of a bookshelf and asks what her friends are doing. Twilight tells her that they're organizing books for geneology, which Spike explains to Pinkie as the study of finding out where ponies came from and who their familes are. Pinkie decides to take a look at one of the scrolls and finds out that she's related to Applejack.

    The entire Apple family is told the news, which they surprisingly take very easily with no questions asked at all. When asked how it's possible she's related, Pinkie shows on the scroll she found that it says there's a fourth cousin of the Pie family twice removed from the Apple Family(I could be wrong on that, so I apologize if I got it wrong), but the scroll at the bottom is smudged. Granny Smith then says to go to Goldie Delicious' house since she knows more about the Apple Family than anypony else. While Pinkie is gone, Applejack tells her family to be on their best behavior for Pinkie and show what a good family they are.

    After a song by the entire Apple Family and Pinkie, the wagon used to transport them breaks down. Applejack is about to blame Big Mac since he overloaded the wagon, but remembers her promise and keeps her cool. Pinkie then says to use the river to get them to their destination. After the raft is launched and Pinkie shows everypony a scrapbook of the family she took while they were singing, a fork in the road, or in this case river, comes up. Apple Bloom gets the map, but she sings a little and causes it to be lost to a fish who then gets eaten by an eagle. Apple Bloom is scolded a little, but Applejack keeps her cool and tries to find out what to do next. Granny Smith takes the helm and directs them to a cave which actually turns out to be the most dangerous cave in all of Equestria, with Pinkie even getting some pictures of how scared everypony is.

    Applejack decides to take control again, but everypony loses their cool and start arguing with each other. This results in the wheel used to steer the raft to be broken and once again, be snatched away. The raft then goes over the river and, after Pinkie lands on it, falls apart. The family gets their stuff together and trudge along to Goldie's house. While Pinkie gets more paper for her scrapbook, the Apple Family realizes how rotten they were being to each other. Pinkie though says that they're still together like one big unit and she still loves them.

    Goldie then shows up and it seems that instead of apples, she takes care of cats. Guess we got our first crazy cat lady in Equestria then. She does show the family and Pinkie about the relationship status, but, much like the scroll, the page confirming the truth is smudged, so there's no clear answer. Applejack reassures Pinkie though by saying that even though she may not be an Apple Family member, after everything she's done, she's an Apple to the Core.

    Back at Sweet Apple Acres, Pinkie and Applejack are prepared to write in the journal about this experience about how a family shouldn't be perfect and that it's about getting through the rough patches together. And so our episode ends with the Apple Family arguing over who gets to write in the journal, including Pinkie and her

    So what did I think of this episode? To me, this is possibly the best episode for both Applejack and Pinkie Pie. It's a big step up from Bats! and for Pinkie, this is her best one since A Friend in Deed. This is also a contender for best episode in the season. It hits every high note to me and I really enjoyed this episode a lot.

    The comedy is really well done. Seeing Pinkie be so random and that camera thing was hilarious, especially at the cave and waterfall. Natasha really did an excellent job in writing Pinkie Pie in this episode. The Apple Family members also got some laughs out of me as well with some of their antics, but Pinkie was the one who stole the comedy again.

    The song, oh man the song. It's a HUGE improvement over the one in Bats! and Rarity Takes Manehatten. It's upbeat, catchy, and the lyrics are well done. We even got to hear Granny Smith do a little singing! I was not expecting that! This is the best song of the season for me so far. This song was handled perfectly.

    Some may say the whole, "There's no answer about Pinkie being an Apple or not", is a cop out, but I see it differently. I think we're supposed to make our own conclusion to this. Do we think Pinkie is an Apple, or not? It's up to the fans to make their own conclusions to this. Me personally? I don't think she is really. I never exactly saw her as an Apple because of how zany she is. I think she's more along the lines of an honorary member than anything else.

    That bit aside, I think this episode got it all right. Everything is well handled in this episode. The characters stay within character, the song is really well done, it's very funny, and I love the interactions between Pinkie and the Apple Family. This episode was truly a delight to me and I can't say anything bad about this episode at all. This is easily one of my favorite episodes in the series now and I can say easily, this is the first episode this season that gets a perfect score from me. A must see for all Applejack and Pinkie fans everywhere.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10

    So, what did you think of this episode?
  • Solid

    I thought this episode would suck, but it turned out good enough. Also, gripes against this episode is that the animation is very different. Everyone looks far more anime-esque. Applejack is the most peculiar with this. My other gripe is that the apple family fighting was extremely annoying. One final gripe of mine is that Pinkie Pie was too. fucking. ANNOYING!!! But besides that I like it. 7/10
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