My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Season 4 Episode 12

Pinkie Pride

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 01, 2014 on The Hub

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  • So far so good

    It has great animation movement and other since season one but a few mistakes best animTed show
  • Finally

    I had been waiting for two years for this episode because Weird Al had been mentioned to be in FiM. And it was worth it. This episode were like the fan episode the musical. It looked like the Lucky Luke cartoons blend with Dali. Pinkie Pie will throw the party of the decade for Rainbow Dash, but Cheese Sandwich comes along and makes a Western party duel. This episode had so many highlights. Like flashbacks of fillies, lots of songs, Pinkie Pie popping a bunch of balloons the Jackass way with the unfinished building from Mare Do well, Derpy, Derpy filly and more. Here are a big splash of emotions, a rainbow colored party on. If this were the Season Finale already this would had been so awesome. 10/10
  • Clash of the Parties

    Ah yes, here's an episode of FiM that I know a lot of fans have been waiting for. I daresay this is the most anticipated episode this season since Power Ponies and Pinkie Apple Pie combined together. It's no secret when it was announced Weird Al Yankovic was in this episode, this episode was really hyped up and so many fans wanted to see it. The day has finally come though and the episode has finally aired. Amy Keating Rogers is the writer this time. She writes Pinkie pretty well as far as I'm concerned, so already I feel like I'm in good hooves. So with Weird Al playing some party pony and the episode centering around Pinkie, it was bound to be something really extraordinary.

    The episode starts out with a strange pony overlooking a town. I'm assuming this is Appleloosa since I see both ponies and buffalo together, not to mention Chief Thunderhoofves, Little Strongheart, and Braeburn. I'm happy that we get to see the buffalo again since we haven't seen them since the first season. The pony is leaving town while a party is going on, but something causes him to shake wildly and say the next party is in Ponyville.

    We cut to Ponyville, where we see party decorations up and everypony is getting ready for something. It's here we get our first of many songs, with the first one being sung by Pinkie Pie. One thing I was surprised is that we got to hear some side ponies actually sing like Mr. and Mrs. Cake and even Diamond Tiara of all ponies. I got to say, I wasn't expecting anything like that. Not to mention that Diamond has a pretty good singing voice. We learn it's Rainbow Dash's party and not only that, it's the anniversary of when she moved to Ponyville. Pinkie is doing her best to make sure it's the best party for her friend.

    All of a sudden, the strange pony from the intro shows up and he says that he's a premier party planner as well. We get another song sung by this pony, who's name is Cheese Sandwich, who sings about how much bigger his parties are from throwing parties as a colt to his fruit punch lake he uses for parties. Everypony, including Pinkie's friends, are swept by Cheese's ways and decide to help him plan out the ultimate party for Rainbow. Pinkie hears from Rainbow about while her parties are great, she wants this want to be epic. Rainbow asks if Pinkie is okay with this, which she gives a hesitant okay to and sulks home. It's moments like this that make me wonder what ever happened to Rainbow Dash being loyal to her friends since she WAS the Element of Loyalty. I digress though.

    All of Ponyville is doing their part in preparing Rainbow's Birthaversary while Pinkie is left alone and is feeling blue. Twilight stops by to ask why Pinkie isn't helping, to which she replies she knows Cheese has got this all under control. We then get another song by Pinkie who is going around town and finding new jobs to do since she feels her position as Ponyville's party planner has been taken. As she looks over pictures of her past parties such as the one she threw for her family to the Royal Wedding one, she gets a second win and is now determined to take back her position. One interesting thing to note about is that in the picture of Pinkie throwing her first party is that we see her parents, Limestone and Marble Pie, the official name of Pinkie's sisters. However, there's a third sister in there. Who is this pony and why has she never been mentioned before? It's possible foreshadowing of her appearing in a new episode in the future.

    Pinkie confronts Cheese and challenges him to a goof-off, with the winner headlining Rainbow Dash's party and the loser doesn't. Cheese agrees to it and Pinkie schedules it for 3:10. Possible 3:10 to Yuma reference from the way this all sounds? You make the call. Twilight explains the rules about the goof-off that Pinkie and Cheese can use any means of singing, dancing, etc. until the judge, Rainbow Dash, chooses who the winner is. So the goof-off begins and both party ponies pull out the big guns. At one point during the competition, Cheese evens sings Pinkie's song, Smile. I got to say, that was a very nice touch. When things go too far though and Pinkie realizes Rainbow isn't having any fun, she calls off the goof-off and forfeits the competition, allowing Cheese to headline the party.

    Pinkie decides it's time to leave Ponyville, but her friends catch up to her before she takes off. Rainbow and the others apologize for the way they got swept up by Cheese, but Pinkie admits she let her pride get in the way of Rainbow's party and nearly ruined it for her. Rainbow talks to Pinkie about how Cheese is a great party planner, but nopony can replace Pinkie at all. Cheese himself then shows up and says that he didn't mean to take Pinkie's position, but just show how good of a party planner he is to her. When Pinkie asks why her, Cheese explains, through a short song, that he lied about his foalhood. It turns out he was really shy and decided to leave his hometown. He came across Ponyville and saw a big party, with ponies smiling and having fun, which made him feel good. What really inspired him to make others happy was that he saw Pinkie throwing the party and decided to bring joy to other pony's lives as well. Pinkie is really surprised and excited about this and celebrates with Cheese, but Rainbow shoves in and tells them to stop with the sappy stuff and to throw her party. Rainbow, I know it's your birthaversary, but there's no excuse for the way you acted there.

    Pinkie and Cheese return to Ponyville and finish preparing the party for Rainbow. We get one last song about wishing Rainbow a happy birthday before we cut to Cheese standing alone. Rainbow thanks Cheese for all the help, but he decides it's time to take off and plan another party. We go back to Pinkie, who is writing in the journal. While we don't hear about what she writes in there, it's most likely implied she learned not to let her pride get in the way of something for her friends. Cheese stops by one last time and gives Pinkie his prized rubber chicken, Boneless. Interesting enough, the chicken glows a rainbow color much like the rainbow string Rarity got from Coco and the badge Rainbow got from Spitfire. Seems like we're getting closer to getting this box mystery. So the episode ends with Cheese leaving, but Pinkie never learned his name until her friends tell her.

    Do I even need to say anything else? This episode was really worth the hype in every way. It takes a concept that sounded pretty good, but makes it even better with the twists and new things in there. I loved the fact that we got to see past references to other episodes involving Pinkie throwing parties. Not to mention that it was a really good twist to see that Cheese was inspired by Pinkie's parties.

    The humor is really wacky and insane. The whole base of the jokes here was pure randomness, which I believed pull it out right. Seeing Cheese and Pinkie go all out and bring out a lot of over the top stuff for a party was hilarious. Not to mention the small interactions between Cheese and his rubber chicken, Boneless. I also liked the outfit Pinkie wore when she went to confront Cheese, it reminds me of the suit she wore in Dragonshy. The randomness here was well pulled off in my opinion and will make you laugh all the way through the episode.

    The songs, oh man did we get a lot of songs in this episode. Naturally, this would be like a musical since Weird Al is in it and you can't just tell him not to sing. The first four songs we heard really really, really good. The lyrics were great, the beat was excellent, and they're very catchy. It's hard for me to choose which singer was better since both Pinkie and Cheese sing really well. However, I can't say the same for the final two songs. Don't get me wrong, the beat and tempo was good, but they weren't as good as the others. The fifth one, where Cheese is singing about his real foalhood, to me, felt unnecessarily tacked on. I felt this song wasn't needed at all and Cheese's foalhood didn't need to be told through song. The last one at the end wasn't any better at all. Again, the beat and tempo was good, but the lyrics were really repetitive and the overall song was just short. They're not bad songs, I just felt they were kind of unneeded.

    The only other issue is that everypony was so quick to jump on Cheese's party methods. Now I guess you can fairly argue the town was swept up by Cheese's methods, but Pinkie's friends? Really? None of them were the least bit concerned about Pinkie and quickly abandoned her. Now granted, they did realize what they did was wrong and apologize, but I always have to shake my head at something like that. It reminds me of the episode, Bats!, where Fluttershy is ignored completely and her friends don't listen to her about the benefits of Vampire Fruit Bats. It wasn't good then and it wasn't good here.

    However, those issues shouldn't dissuade you from watching this episode. Whether you like Weird Al or not, this is a fantastic episode overall. It has a lot of great songs, the jokes are really well done, the story is handled well, and it's an overall blast. Fans of the show and Weird Al should not pass up an episode like this.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10
  • One of the best episodes of the show!!!!!

    I'm not a fan of musicals, and I'm not that big of a fan of Pinkie Pie. But this episode made me love both. The pacing was even, the humor was hilarious, the songs were sweet and really good to listen to, and it was very enjoyable from beginning to end. Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich is the perfect pick, and the songs make the episode even better, as they're catchy and hilarious and even heart-wrenching.

    I loved this episode in every aspect. I hope most people do as well.